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Cleansing the body of toxins in the home

Currently it has become fashionable to be healthy. Therefore, people who are watching their health and tries to periodically cleanse the body of toxins and accumulated toxins. Many Supplements that promise quick and painless to cleanse the body at home. Although in medical terms such thing as a "detox"does not exist, it uses more precise and specific concepts. This begs the question:"do I need to cleanse the body? Would it do any good?".

What is body cleansing and why is it needed?

If you're already interested in this question, then maybe you have realized that to really clear the body of toxins is still needed. But let's try to understand why it is so necessary to cleanse the body?

The body needs to cope with the negative impacts of the external environment on a daily basis. Of course, the easier it is to do if he is free from toxins. If we want to live a long and full life, we need to create your body such conditions that he could cope with any adverse impacts.

Noticed that the medications less effective in the intoxicated organism. So it happens that the man is sick, and he did not help any medications. Also noticed that people who have cleaned your body, treatment is more successfully and productively. From this we can conclude, in order to overcome the disease, the necessary enabling conditions for recovery. In this case, without purification of the body can not do, and he needed as bed rest for recovery in the treatment of influenza.

Again, the cause of many diseases is the result of blockage of the human body poisons, slags, alien substances and products of decay. Results are clogging and kidney stones, and polyps in the intestine.

The types of body cleansing at home

Colon cleanse

the liver Cleansing
Cleaning joints
Cleansing the kidneys
Cleansing the lungs
The purification of vessels
Cleansing the blood
Cleansing of the brain
Cleansing the body in General
Cleansing pancreas
The cleansing of the stomach

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Requirements for the cleansing of the body

Before starting cleaning procedures, refer to the lunar calendar. Our body is cleansed in the full moon. Also important is the inner attitude. You must believe in the power of his body, the power of life that can overcome any ailment, to convince myself that everything will work out, you will be healthy, full of strength and energy. Of course, a purely mechanical procedures, will bring certain success, but if all this is done with positive attitude the result will please you very much.

Don't forget, in order to achieve success requires a planned and methodical. Also procedures done from case to case will come in handy. But for those who really cares about your health, you must know that it is not necessary to wait when the disease will occur, and then only to treat it. It is necessary to create such conditions that these diseases did not occur. For this it is worth sometimes to do what you like to do and don't need. To the future was great, take care of him right now.

Of enemas and a healthy diet

Any doctor laxatives are among quickly getting used means. Do the intestines quickly enough gets used to the laxative and stops himself to work, hoping for a cure.

More effective is a vital compound, has laxative effect. It includes figs, apricots, prunes, honey and glycerin, all in equal proportions. All the ingredients are ground, mixed and stored in the refrigerator. Take a dessert spoon on an empty stomach. Very useful for the intestinal flora - vegetables, fruits and cereals. Otherwise, say, food rich in fiber.

Before was openedantibiotics many diseases of the lung and bronchus was treated with normalization of bowel function, that is cleaned it. And indeed it helped. Every County doctor knew that TB is accompanied by a dysbacteriosis of the colon. Why enema well-shot bouts of tuberculosis or bronchial asthma. Modern medicine explains this "miracle" healing characteristics of blood circulation of a person.

It is not necessary to be an experienced doctor, to a person's appearance to determine how it works the intestines. Dark circles under the eyes, dull inflamed skin, immediately give the person suffering from constipation. To all this you can also add bad mood and irritability.

Any women regardless of nationality and religion, from the country of residence, studies the medical literature, or visiting doctors from a large number of funds recommended to normalize bowel function, choose the enema. But do not forget that constipation is only the consequence and the reason is improper diet. European and Russian doctors proved that a cleansing enema in the home is not worth doing more than once in 7-10 days.

Every day pour a large amount of liquid can cause many troubles to stretch the intestinal wall, changing the natural flora and acidic environment. In the end, the gut will only get worse, and the negative process will only intensify. The liquid used for enemas, it's better to add supplements. Very good to add lemon juice or decoctions of herbs: chamomile , calendula, celandine. Sea salt added to the water for the enema, a very beneficial effect on people prone to hypertension.

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