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How to quickly and effectively get rid of a cold

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5 main rules to quickly get rid of a cold

HIV treatment should begin immediately after the first symptoms of the disease.

Following a few simple rules, you can quickly get rid of the disease, prevent its development:

  • It is strictly forbidden to go to work. Work during illness is a risk to not get a raise, but rather serious complications. So if there are signs of the ailment, is to approach the leadership and ask for leave to go home. It is important to go home and not to the clinic. We do not yet know that is very dangerous for health in long queues in the hospital with an infected it people or work in the cold.
  • At home you first need to measure the temperature. When the mark on the thermometer does not exceed 38 degrees, no drugs to take is not worth it. It is dangerous and harmful to low down body temperature. You should know that most tools are designed to urgently relieve the patient from the cold, contain a component aimed at lowering body temperature.
  • You need to take a loading dose of vitamin C. It will improve the immune power of the body. You can use the two lemons or oranges, or ascorbic acid.

  • It is important to provide the body with sufficient amounts of liquid. You can drink everything except alcohol beverages. Great assistants will be fruit drinks, teas, warm water and juice. However, you should refrain from drinking too hot drinks, contrary to popular belief, they do not benefit. Such drinks will only further irritate the already inflamed throat.
  • The final step will be the insulation. On feet you should put on warm socks and top cover with a blanket. In order to gain strength, need a good sleep. Most likely, these measures will allow the next day to Wake up healthy and full of energy, and starting from cold and sore throat will be memories.

An efficient method from a cold

So, travel topharmacy for cheap Furacilinum. For those who are not yet familiar with it, explains: these are the yellow pills, the composition is similar to sea water. The latest in our latitudes in its pure form is not easy to get, but if you're lucky, there is no guarantee that it will be suitable for use in medicinal purposes.

  1. For the treatment of uncomplicated rhinitis you will need a pair of packages of the specified drug. Grind 2-3 pills and mix the resulting mass with a glass of warm water solution for nasal lavage is ready! By the way, if you really really want to do without a pharmacy means, replace furatsilin one teaspoon of ordinary baking soda.

    There's also the pharmacy you can buy rubber tubing (it may still be called a nasal aspirator or baby "my"). Clean nose filled bag prepared solution and intense jet injected it into each nostril. Important: head-to-moment procedures should be bowed over the sink! Then carefully vysmarkivayutsya – along with a glove of liquid will move the mucus, which did not want to leave your nose. If the liquid drain through the other nostril, then made an even greater therapeutic effect – in addition to the outer parts of the nasal cavity still flushed and his internal passages.

    Repeat the procedure every hour, and then by the evening of the same day, you will feel significant relief or at least notice a positive trend.

  2. In parallel with frequent washings it is necessary to deploy the attack on the virus in other areas: drink plenty of warm fluids (better if it is freshly prepared cranberry juice or tea with lemon), in the absence of Allergy to consume honey (for effect, you can add it to the juice). If you combine these measures with restrictions in food (at least not harmful), then the result will not keep itself waiting long!

  3. Finally, a word of caution: in the treatment of runny nose do not use vasoconstrictor drugs. Of course, with a strong nasal congestion, they provide quick relief but do not eliminate its main sources of pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

As a result of such drops:

  • vessels dilate
  • the amount of mucus is significantly reduced

Folk remedies to quickly get rid of a cold

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  • Due to vitamin C, get rid of the virus will be easy. It strengthens the immunity, stimulates the body to fight against viruses. So, before you start treatment with medicines, you need to change your diet. It would need to include rose hips, black currants, citrus fruits, cranberries, apples. To get rid of the outbreak of colds is possible by drinking several glasses of warm tea or warm water, with addition of a drink of lemon juice. To drink a liquid, you need a glass every two hours. However, keep in mind about Allergy to citrus.

  • Copes with the viruses of ginger root. To combat colds should cut it into pieces and pour boiling water. To consume the drink can, after cooling, adding honey or sugar.
  • To combat disease you can also use aromatic oils. They just need to be applied to the wrist or enable existing aromatic lamp. To cope with the viruses and germs will help oil of lemon, cardamomand pine.

  • No less useful tea with cardamom. It allows you to get rid of a cold relieves the spasm in the throat, eliminates the first signs of pharyngitis. However, drinking this drink after the first, even minor cold symptoms. To prepare a healing tea, you will need to take 8 boxes of plants and 1.5 liters of water. It along with the cardamom should boil and leave on heat for another 5 minutes. When the drink cool, it can be drunk. To enhance the taste, you can add honey or milk.

  • Equally useful for getting rid of cold chamomile and Linden infusions. You can also use tea with raspberry and viburnum. They are especially useful when the temperature of the body. These drinks well, it is lower.

In that case, if the body temperature is raised, is to abandon the mustard and warm the feet on a couple. This will only exacerbate the signs of a cold.

To fix a runny nose without medicines, you can use the following recipes:

  • Rinse the nasal cavity with a solution of sea salt, it will wash out of the sinus bacteria to multiply in the mucus;
  • Take two eggs, boil them, and, wrapped in fabric, attach to the nasalsinuses;
  • Drip in a nose a drop of beet juice, previously it is necessary to plant the same amount of water.

There are also no less effective recipes to get rid of painful sensations in the throat:

  • Prepare the infusion in the pine buds. To do this, take 1 tablespoon of kidney, put it in a glass container and add two cups of boiling water. All this should stand for at least an hour. If possible, it is better to use a thermos. You need to drink a quarter Cup, no more often than three times a day.
  • Using beet juice you can not only get rid of rhinitis, but also to relieve pain in the throat. To do this it needs to drink, diluting exactly half carrot juice. If you add to the juice a spoonful of vinegar, it can gargle.

  • Radish juice combined with honey is a great remedy for cough. You can add squeezed from a root vegetable juice in the honey, and the honey can be spread in the middle of the radish. For this it is necessary to make a hole and wait until it gives juice. The number of such remedies should be divided into three times, the amount is 1 teaspoon.

  • The most effective action that allows to remove sore throat is the gargle. The interval between approaches should not be more than two hours. You can use herbal infusions, solution of soda and iodine. Not many people know that helps the white of an egg. For this purpose it is necessary to mix half a Cup of warm water, add also a teaspoon and soda, and salt. The amount to bring to a full Cup, This solution to gargle.

An important rule for all cases – you need to give access to fresh air. Therefore, to get rid of the disease, should as often as possible to ventilate the room. Clean air combined with folk remedies helps to get rid of any incipient SARS.

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okolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor-naturopath, herbalist