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Swelling of the vocal cords

Vocal cords is an important organ of voice. This is the main element of the middle part of the pharynx. They are located on both sides of the larynx are stretched from front to back. This elastic education, including soedinitelnotkannoj tissue. Between the vocal cords is the glottis. When air exits the lungs, creating pressure, promote rapprochement of ligaments. There is tension and jitter, there is a sound (voice).

One of the secondary, but also important functions of the vocal cords – the protection of the bronchi and the lungs from foreign bodies. Acute inflammation of the larynx engages in the process the vocal cords, which is complicated by the increasing size reduction of the glottis. Often, this pathological condition associated viral diseases, allergies, excessive stress of the voice.

Often the disease develops due to the inhalation of irritating substances. Always the sudden appearance of hoarseness should arouse suspicion, especially if it concerns children. Constant swelling of the mucous membrane in the region of the vocal cords leading to hoarseness and change the timbre of the voice requires immediate treatment to the audiologist.

In the acute phase of swelling ligaments treatment should be in hospital. Only a specialist can properly determine the cause of the disease and to prescribe medications, eliminating swelling of the vocal cords. Swelling of the ligaments occurs always when there are those or other diseases of the throat. To the function of the vocal cords remained they need to have sufficient tension, otherwise man difficult to pronounce the sound.

As a result of swelling of the ligaments lungs stop getting air, and the patient may suffocate. The regular strain or the inhalation of irritating factors (smoke, dust) causes chronic disease of the larynx, and often ends with the swelling of the mucosa. After that change, do hoarse tone of voice. Edema can provoke cancer. This is another reason to contact a specialist.

People whose activity is connected with intensive use of the vocal cords, should take methods of prevention of diseases of the throat. Laryngeal edema is often a manifestation of many pathological processes, but, as a rule, necessarily involves in this process the vocal cords. The larynx swells most often in young men under the age of 35 years, swelling can be detected in children and the elderly people.

Swelling of the larynx is inflammatory and not inflammatory in nature. One of the most frequent causes are injuries of the larynx that can be applied during any operation, such as moxibustion (galvanocaustic) in children during bronchoscopy or defeat throat hot food or corrosive solutions.

Inflammatory edema of the larynx, and, consequently, the vocal cords occur due to processes of purulent character on the tongue and in another area of the mouth. Sometimes swelling is obtained measles, scarlet fever, influenza, typhoid, tuberculosis, syphilis and other infectious diseases.

Non-inflammatory swelling of the larynx followed by diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver, happen when blood circulation veins and lymph vessels of the neck. In the swelling of the tissue becomes thickened.

Between connective tissue fibers there is a serous effusion. When the inflammatory process associated infection in the submucosal layer can be used to detect infiltration. Running swelling cause pain when swallowing, feeling of pressure, of presence of a foreign body, loss of voice. It is difficult to determine the cause of edema and to provide for further development of the inflammatory process.

Edema of the true vocal cords serous effusion in addition to the subepithelial layer, involves in the pathological process and intermuscular connective tissue layer. If there are bilateral changes, we can expect a narrowing of the glottis. The disease is impossible to predict, so timely treatment to the doctor will quickly eliminate the swelling, you can't wait until a critical state. Treatment swelling of ligaments can be quite varied, it is precisely to implement the recommendations.

In some cases, you may need the help of a surgeon. Usually surgery is needed in severe symptoms of asthma or when it is necessary to open the abscess formed in my throat. Therapy for the treatment of edema of the vocal cords is determined depending on the identified causes that triggered the problem. If edema caused by cardiovascular diseases, are assigned to cardiac drugs. In the case of edema due to kidney disease, you need to apply a diuretic and anti-inflammatory drugs.