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Intoxication constipation

It is no coincidence that among the many serious violations in the work of important gastro-intestinal tract play a major role constipation. They poison the very life, both literally and figuratively. This is quite a delicate problem and should be solved immediately after its occurrence. In some cases, it is sufficient to change your daily diet by using a certain diet, to slightly adjust the usual daily routine to the bowel function was restored.

Such a pathological condition like constipation is primarily characterized by a dangerous delay of feces in the human body for more than two days. However, many people suffering from this disease may not even feel discomfort. And if you do not pay proper attention to any constipation for a long time, then it is possible intoxication, in other words, self-poisoning of the body's own waste of life.

It should be noted that with long locks all the decay processes that normally occur in the body is greatly increased, which contribute to a rather rapid wear of the mucous membranes of the human intestine. For the normal functioning of the intestinal microflora in humans require healthy mucous membranes. And at locks inevitably develop dangerous dysbacteriosis.

The longer the human body cannot get rid of accumulated harmful toxins, the more markedly internal poisoning. Normally, the intestines have to absorb various nutrients, and then send them in essential metabolic processes. If feces do not leave the intestines, then the blood can get into the toxins and begins a dangerous intoxication.

We have shown that many people suffering from this disease, have other problems - skin. Since the skin is the largest organ that performs an important excretory function. As you know, it is through the dermis of the human body and leave all waste substances. Intoxication skin can not cope with their duties and not toxins. As a result, patients reported numerous eruptions of different nature. The skin often becomes more porous and thick.

Modern dermatologists are huge attention to small rash on my temples and forehead. About the problems with the intestines also said and severe flaking of the skin when the body lacks fluid. To improve the clinical picture, specialists recommend to drink every adult no less than one and a half liters of pureof filtered water per day. In the summer the amount of water should be increased to two liters.

In addition to the skin the liver will carry out not less important function in the human body. Constipation dangerous for a person if the liver already has problems. Purification of blood do the kidneys. They remove toxins through urine, which the body doesn't need. A person suffering from constipation, the urine has a darker color and the smell it becomes more steep. Thus, the constipation hit on all fronts, self-induced intoxication.

How to prevent intoxication of the organism with constipation?

As in the first place, and constipation are the consequences of poor diet and widespread sedentary lifestyles, it is understandable that in order to prevent intoxication, simply to prevent constipation. Stress and depression cause pathological constipation. The person becomes irritable.

Many experts recommend to change in the daily diet, add to the life of activity and happy moments of joy. To cope with intoxication after constipation should enter into the diet of the everyday diet various dairy products, as well as mandatory fresh vegetables with fruit. At night, you must eat an Apple or drink a glass of yogurt. In the coarse fibers of vegetables and fruits contains high amount of fiber, which greatly increases intestinal peristalsis.

In sedentary work, it is recommended to do a short jog in the morning and evening or to go for walks, performed a quick step. A good alternative to walking and running is swimming. Enough two such classes per week that work the digestive tract quickly returned to normal. Can consider options such as yoga, therapeutic physical training and aerobics. Of course, different exercises you need after bowel cleansing, which is enough to make modern laxatives.

Do not forget that to lead an active lifestyle and eat right you should always. As soon as you return to your old habits, constipation will come back. Therefore, in order to keep fit, body beauty and good mood, always maintain the proper operation of your intestines.