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Humulus lupulus

Useful properties, application and cultivation of hops

Botanical characteristics of hops

Hops is a perennial plant with creeping rhizome long. The stem of a plant is twining on its edges there are sharp spikes in the form of hooks. On stems of hops that can reach 7 meters in length, are located in the opposite position of the leaves on long stalks. During flowering appear unisexual flowers, which are in the leaf axils. The fruit of hops, nut brown, inside which is the seed. Blossoms from mid-summer to late summer. The fruits ripen in late August – early September.

Hops are found throughout Russia, the Caucasus and Asia. Hops prefers wet fertile soil in the forest, between bushes and ravines.

Growing hops

Hops grows best in partial shade and in places that are protected from the North winds. The soil for growing hops, should be moist and fertile, loamy better. Fall for planting is to make holes into which poured the manure and earth in equal proportions. And in the spring can be planted in prepared pits the cuttings or seedlings of hops. The cuttings must be cut from old plants no less than three years. Seedlings of hops should be at a distance of a meter from each other.

To propagate hops in several ways: by seed, root suckers and by division of rhizomes.

Seeds are propagated only hops that grow one year. In this case, the seeds just sown in the spring in prepared ground.

The division of rhizomes is also carried out in spring at the time of the appearance of the first shoots. The division is performed with a shovel, but digging up a Bush is not necessary.

Cuttings of rhizomes are cut into pieces of 15 cm in length. Each cutting should be 2-3 pairs of buds. Already cut the cuttings of the rhizomes should be planted at an angle. If you can not immediately planted cuttings, they are covered with moss or damp sand until the day until they are planted into the soil.

Caring for the hops is simple. He needs constant weeding, watering and hoeing. And in the first years after planting is necessary to introduce fertilizers into the soil, because it promotes fast growth and development of plants. As you grow, you must look for the roots of hops, as they can crawl outside the landing.

The beneficial properties of hops

Hops contains resins, bitterness, essential oils and flavonoids, which cause a calming effect of hops on the human body. Has anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and anthelmintic properties. Hops – a plant that not only improves appetite but also normalizesthe process of digestion. Hops has analgesic and sedative properties. In addition, it is used as a good laxative and a sleep aid. No matter how strange, but the hops is a tool that reduces sexual arousal. In addition to this, the plant copes with depression.

The use of hops

Hops have long been used in folk medicine, and its main feature is a sedative and analgesic. Hops is recommended for the gastritis, diseases of the bladder and kidneys, fatigue and nervousness. From the flowers of hops is prepared a decoction, which is used for cancer of the stomach, lungs, and edema. And the infusion of hops helps in the treatment of colds, dropsy, malaria and blurred vision.

Infusion used externally in the form of compresses, which are applied to bruises, bald head, wrinkles on the face and wounds on the skin. From hop cones prepare an ointment that is applied for rheumatism, ulcers and neuralgia. A decoction of the cones is used externally in the form of baths for insomnia. Insomnia can help and a pillow filled with hop cones. Cones also help in the treatment of many other various diseases.

Oil of hops. To prepare the oil of hops, take a half-liter glass jar and fill it with cones of hops (which were crushed), and then fill them to the brim with olive oil. Leave the mixture for infusion, and when the mixture will settle, fill. Capacity with the composition put in a dark place for a week. Don't forget every day shake the jar. Strain the finished oil, leave it for 3 days to stand. The oil is ready for use. Most often it is used for grinding the female breast (for the development of the mammary glands).

A decoction of the cones from insomnia. To make it, take 1 teaspoon with the top of the hop cones and fill them with 100 ml of boiling water, then put the mixture for 15 minutes in a warm place. Take the prepared decoction twice a day for a calming effect or at night 1 hour before sleep for 200 ml.

Tincture of hop cones. Take 1 tablespoon of hop cones and place them in a glass jar, where you fill a glass of vodka or alcohol. Put a jar for 10 days to infuse. After infusion of the contents of the can filter. A tincture take 15 drops (10 drops) three times a day.

A decoction of hop cones used to give the hairof the pomp and ceremony, rinsing them after washing.

Contraindications to the use of hops

Hops safe for absolutely everyone, but if you use it in acceptable doses. Excessive doses of the adoption of hops will lead to poisoning, symptoms of which are vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain.