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Useful properties and applications of onion


Botanical characteristics of onion

Onion is a very common biennial plant that grows in many countries, and unites nearly 400 different species. Tubular leaves of onions have a waxy coating, and at the base slightly thickened. Juicy scales form bulbs. Greatly shortened stem called a crown, the lower part of which is called the heel.

Thanks heel bow protected from early regrowth of roots. The inner cone scales are closed and outer – open. Inflorescence and flower stems are formed from buds, their color may be different intensity, from white to dark purple, depending on plant variety.

Onion growing. Loose soil, removal of weeds and uniform moisture are essential conditions for the proper cultivation of onions. Onion seeds have the peculiarity of growth, which stem from the germ of the only buds, sementelli and spine, is submerged in a special nutrient tissue. If the seed be sown deep in the soil, it will not be able to emerge from the ground. As the most important requirements for growing onions can note the repeated loosening of the soil during the whole period of nurturing.

For growing onions are great areas with a fairly long summer. To get a good harvest, it is necessary to select a large calibrated seeds for one week before planting you should soak at least 20 hours. In the ground seeding is done in late April or early may. Seeds buried in soil, 1-2 cm (the lighter the soil, the deeper). To ensure good growth of the seed, it is recommended once in 10 days to loosen the ground.

Useful properties of onions

Today the sweet smells of this unique plant can use it with headphones cold. The greatest healing power can boast the base of the bulb. In addition, onions are known for their glucose-lowering properties, and regular consumption of onions in food can reduce the cholesterol in blood in humans.

The juice of onion. The juice of onion is considered an effective natural antibiotic, which protects the human body from infections and colds. This plant helps to activate the metabolism by cleansing the blood andstimulate digestive processes. The impact of onion is beneficial in the treatment of neurasthenia.

The use of the bow

To quickly get rid of nasal congestion folk medicine recommends to moisten small pieces of cotton wool in fresh onion juice and lay in each nasal passage. Inhaled volatile effective in the suppurative processes of the throat and lungs.

Onion is an excellent remedy for angina. To normalize lung function, you need to apply freshly prepared slurry of onion for inhalation. Along with this paste relieves the pain when it burns, greatly reducing skin irritation and also prevents the appearance of bubbles. Patients with diabetes should eat special soup baked onions. To mitigate the cough , it is recommended to include in your diet onions fried in butter.

Broth peel onions. It is no secret that rubbing onion pulp into your scalp helps to strengthen hair and promotes their rapid growth. In order to obtain this remedy, you need for five minutes to boil 5 tablespoons of crushed husk, and then to stand for broth at least 4 hours, drain it and wash their hair. After this procedure, hair will look shiny, and the dandruff will disappear.

Tincture of onion. In folk medicine, tincture of onion is often used for General weakness, hypertension, and also, to increase potency in men. It is also recommended to use a tincture of onion with hemorrhoids and gastritis. In addition, it is an excellent deworming agent.

Onion cough. In order to get rid of a nasty cough, you must clear bulb onion and grate it on a grater, then mixed with goose fat. This mixture is rubbed into the center of the chest and the neck, then you should close the chest and neck with a warm scarf. In addition, it is recommended to take this mixture orally for 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach every morning.

The types of onions

Red onion is an excellent preventive measure against colds. Of this kind also serves a variety of drugs, and use it in food, because it has a sweet taste and not too pungent smell. Its tender flesh can cure a variety of diseases. This natural antiseptic copes withall sorts of germs. Red onion has a disinfectant effect, strengthening the immune system of a person.

Onion bitter helps reduce sugar in the blood. This natural remedy, taken daily on an empty stomach, will help you to forget about diabetes. In addition, it is used to normalize the level of cholesterol.

Onions – a great biennial plant, useful properties of which in folk medicine used in the treatment of various ailments. The bitterness of this plant stimulates the appetite and restores the gastro-intestinal tract. The juice of onion will help to get rid of purulent tonsillitis. Such a preventive remedy against influenza will also reduce inflammation of the bronchi and throat. Large amount of mineral salts in the bulb onions, effectively as the normalization of water-salt exchange.

Leek is a wonderful cultivated plant that has an excellent reputation in many countries. This species has a small white bulb with a diameter of about 5 cm Diameter light green stem is from 2 to 5 cm Flat leaf blades from the stalk depart the fan, creating a sense opposite location. High flower hand appears in the second year of the life of the plant. Often in the inflorescence are formed unique aerial bulbs that are suitable for reproduction.

Is the oldest plant is the major cultural form in Europe and his homeland is the Mediterranean. This plant is cultivated without much difficulty. In the first year when sown are formed only about the stem and leaves. Due to thinning to get the first harvest in July.

Shallots – it's incredibly cold-hardy biennial culture, which many decades and is cultivated in Russia, and in the southern regions and the Caucasus. It has such features as excellent taste, high yield and precocity. Ripen the bulbs around the beginning of August. Most varieties of onions that do not produce the arrows, and when flowering the flowers appear grayish. The black seeds are very small.

Onion sets – picky view, it is taking root in suburban areas and gives a good harvest. Such a useful vegetable for eat contributes a constant fight against bacteria and pathogens. This variety is resistant to drought and cold weather. Even on poor soils onion sets feels good. It has a powerful root system, which leads to the suppression of weeds.

Contraindications to the use of the bow

Despite the many advantages, the onion has some contraindications. Those who have increased the acidity of the stomach, this vegetable is contraindicated. Uncontrolled consumption of fresh green onions provokes an attack of asthma and adversely affects the cardiovascular system.