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Useful properties and applications of herbs Echinops

Botanical characteristics of Echinops ordinary

Echinops ordinary is a herbaceous perennial plant that has a thick taproot and erect stem high. The leaves of this herb and another oblong, their length can reach 25 cm leaf Edge toothed. The stem, leaves and delicate wrapper baskets have glandular pubescence. The diameter of the inflorescence does not exceed 5 cm Fruit Echinops ordinary submitted by the achene, which is located inside the bracteoles with a Cup-shaped Pappus. This plant blooms in early summer, in June, and ripening occurs in early September.

The beneficial properties of Echinops

Echinops is an effective neuromuscular stimulator, it helps with paralysis, radiculitis, hypertension and multiple sclerosis. In addition, this plant contributes to the rapid elimination of negative consequences of radiation injury. The seeds of Echinops is a unique substance Echinopsis, with which you can restore nervous system function, to relieve headache, and also significantly improve health. Along with this Echinops enhances mental performance and improves mood. Fatty oil contained in this plant can be used as anti-inflammatory and styptic.

The use of Echinops

With medicinal purpose in folk medicine, often use the wonderful concoctions from seeds and tinctures of the fruits of Echinops. Achenes harvested at maturity and dried in the open air, and then is ground and purified. Due to the content of fatty oil in the fruits of Echinops are used as an external agent. In various skin diseases including those with psoriasis, tincture of Echinops in combination with chamomile and celandine has anti-inflammatory effect.

Seeds of Echinops

Obovate achenes contain alkaloids. The presence of echinopsine in the seeds is not less than 1 %. Echinopsis formed from the primary alkaloid characterized by the presence of hydroxyl and amine groups. In addition, the seeds found a large quantity of fatty oil, the percentage of which varies from 26% to 28%.

Extract of Echinops

Alcoholate of Echinops is used for exhaustion, muscular atrophy, neuritis, and also for sexual weakness. Belowto prepare this remedy you will need 1 teaspoon of crushed seeds and 100 grams of alcohol. This mixture is necessary to insist in a glass container, not less than 14 days, it must be regularly shaken. Ready tincture is used 10-15 drops before meals.

Echinops in multiple sclerosis

Experts in medicine have noted a marked effect in the treatment of multiple sclerosis Echinops. Echinopsis, which is in this unique plant that inhibits the development of the disease and to prevent the deterioration of the patient. But it should also be emphasized that for hypertensives and asthmatics, these drugs are not suitable due to the possible occurrence of seizures.


This perennial plant grows up to 3 m high, very high productivity of nectar, which over the years only increases. The flowers have an attractive fragrance for the bees. Despite the frequent vagaries of weather, nectar secreted constantly. Medoproduktivnost Echinops is about 300 kg per hectare.

Growing Echinops

To grow Echinops, you need seeds plants dry well and keep until spring. Planting is done in April with positive temperatures at a depth ranging from 1.5 to 3 cm Flowering of this plant occurs in the second year of life. As a rule, under favorable factors, the Echinops can bloom in about 45 days.

Flowers of Echinops

For harvesting tubular florets cut heads in late autumn in the wild thickets of the hand, after which they are dried outdoors in calm places.

Echinops ordinary

Unique Echinops ordinary can be used in optic nerve atrophy and muscle atrophy due to the content of echinopsine. In addition, in folk medicine the plant has long been used as an effective remedy for headaches, weakness and dizziness. After treatment, patients no longer complain of fatigue and low work capacity.

Echinops cue ball

Echinops cue ball is a large herbaceous plant that has spiny leaves and fusiform root. The stem of this herb does not exceed one meter in height. The upper leaves of Echinops cue ball is rough, and the lower narrowed into a long petiole. Large floralbaskets of the correct form are located at the top of the stem. The fruits-achenes are covered with hairs, and enclosed in a delicate bracteoles. Blooms of this species of Echinops in June and July. For medicinal purposes use the Mature fruits of Echinops, which are collected in September. In small doses this plant has a General tonic effect, and the Echinops is able to increase the pressure for hypotension.

Echinops "sea urchin"

Echinops "sea urchin" is a perennial erect plant height from 70 to 100 cm have Simple stems simple branching and covered with cobwebby pubescence white shade. Capitate inflorescences of bluish flowers in diameter reaches 5 cm, This variety of Echinops prefers warm and Sunny places. This plant is low maintenance and grows well in a variety of slightly moist soil.

Contraindications to the use of Echinops

Despite their indisputable merits, Echinops has proven toxic effect. The use of this plant for medicinal purposes, be sure to coordinate with your doctor. In pregnancy, the Echinops is absolutely contraindicated.