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Benefits and harms of beets and beetroot juice


Useful properties of beet

About the useful properties of beet it is possible to speak always. The plant strengthens the walls of capillaries, has anti-sclerotic, soothing and vasodilator properties. The substances contained in the beet root, remove excess fluid from the body. Beet root normalizes the heart. Due to the content of pectins in the plant used as a great means of exposure to heavy and radioactive metals. Beet root is used in loss of strength, anemia, as a means of prevention of atherosclerosis.

Beet is a plant that is used by many people who want to shed excess pounds. With the help of beet it is possible to forget about hemorrhoids. The plant has tonic and diuretic properties. Fresh beet juice is used as cold remedies.

Use raw beetroot

Beets displays the body of radionuclides and heavy metal salts. She also opposes the development of cancer cells because it contains betacyanin is a pigment that offers rich color of this root.

In beets is betaine (a kind of vitamin), which is able to restore liver function and improve its work. Betaine balances the metabolic processes in the body, is a preventive tool in the fight against atherosclerosis, heart disease, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease. Beet strengthens blood vessels, improves the condition of capillaries, has a positive effect on the digestive system, helps to compensate for the deficiency of iodine and iron in the human body, and also helps to reduce blood pressure.

Tops of young beet contains a large quantity protein, mineral substances and vitamins (some were listed above). Among vegetables and root crops beet has no equal on the content of calcium ion (and the tops of beet ion of calcium several times more!).

Reason beets usespopular in the treatment of various diseases at home. For example:

  • A glass of beet juice mixed with a Cup of honey, helps with high blood pressure. To feel the relief you need every day to drink a tablespoon of this mixture before meals.
  • Good remedy of sore throats will be the next recipe. Grated beets mixed with a spoon of vinegar, then wait to let the juice. This juice should gargle until recovery.
  • In anemia mix one Cup applesauce and 1/4 Cup of beet juice. Drink this mixture on a daily basis.
  • Will help women to get rid of mastitis this recipe. Three servings of grated on a fine grater beets mixed with one portion of honey. The resulting mass is spread on a cabbage leaf and apply to the sore spot.
  • Fresh beet juice is recommended to consume during menopause and also during the menstrual cycle.

The calorie content of beets about 40 calories per 100 grams. The amount of carbohydrate is 12 %, protein 1.5 grams.

Contraindications to the use of raw beets. Because beets are rich in fiber, eat it should not be people who have stomach problems (especially in the acute stage). Before taking should consult with a gastroenterologist.

In diabetes, the use of beets should be restricted to a small number. This is because beets can increase the sugar level in the blood.

Use boiled beets

This root is boiled is also rich in vitamins. The stereotype that heat treatment kills all the nutrients, unfair beets. In cooked form it contains iron, iodine, phosphorus, sodium, etc. Beet is a leader among vegetables in content of many valuable minerals.

For example, beetroot has natural antioxidants that are necessary to sustain the organism. They help to cope successfully with stress, to combat the negative effects of the environment, to resist the germs and bacteria that enter the body.

Since olden times people know the valuable properties of the beet. During the menstrual cycle to improve the health of women helped and still helps this root vegetable. The reproductive system of men beets are also beneficial.

In the boiled beets contain fiber and vitamin U. They are necessary for the functioning of the intestines, positively influencing on process of digestion. Fiber producescleaning the whole body.

Cooked beetroot retains a lot of nutrients only when it is boiled in the skin. If the beets to digest, vitamin-saturated water. Since beetroot has a laxative effect, eating it , you can overcome the problem of constipation.

Newarena beets can irritate the stomach wall, therefore, in cooked form, it can bring even greater benefits to the body. People with stomach problems should be consumed strictly limited amount of this product.

Boiled beets contain quite a few calories - only 40-45 calories per 100 grams of product. Those who closely followed the figure, and therefore dieting, beets cooked can be consumed daily. Cooked beetroot has a lot of carbohydrates, a small amount of protein, fatty acids and folic acid that improves the metabolism of proteins in the body and promotes the formation of blood cells. It is rich in the following mineral elements: potassium, chlorine, magnesium and sodium. Each of them has a positive effect both on separate organs and body systems as a whole.

From boiled beets to make a variety of dishes such as salads. Pleasant to the taste consider adding to the beets, prunes and nuts. To fill these salads are sour cream, vegetable oil or citric acid. These salads are prepared daily and special occasions.

Eating every day, about 100 grams of beets, you thereby contribute to the maintenance of your body in excellent condition!

Other benefits of beets?

  • Beets perfectly affects sexual activity. It has a positive effect on the female body, especially during menstruation. Has a positive effect on the male reproductive system, increasing the activity of men.

  • Beets for pregnant women. Because the beets have folic acid is a vital vitamin, this root vegetable is especially useful for pregnant women. Folic acid can prevent the occurrence of fetal birth defects. Beetroot is recommended to use even for those women who are just thinking about pregnancy.
  • Beets for cores. Betaine, which is found in beets lowers levels of homocysteine, and the fiber reduces triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.
  • Beet fights against cancer. Due to the content of a pigment of betacyanin this vegetable is able to resist the development of cancer cells.
  • Beet is useful for breathing. Because it is rich in vitamin C, eating it can prevent the appearance of asthma. Beta-carotene in beets, is able to prevent lung cancer.

  • Beets good for the liver. The presence of betaine in beets provides the best performance of the liver.

  • Beet against cataract and supports fragile capillaries. Vitamin A, C and flavonoids in the beets, and strengthen capillary tissue, prevent diseases of the eye.
  • Beetroot is a source of energy. Rich in carbohydrates, it gives vitality to the body.
  • Beet against macular degeneration. To confront this disease beets may be due to the natural beta-carotene.
  • Beets hormonal imbalances. Due to the combination of boron beetroot stimulates the production of hormones in the body.
  • Beets in stroke. Because beets contain important to the body as potassium, regular consumption of root vegetables will reduce the risk of stroke.

  • The rest of use. Since antiquity, beetroot is used for eliminating heat and curing constipation. In the middle ages it was used for diseases of the digestive system. Fresh beet leaves helps to restore the surface tissues on the body.

  • Harm beets

    In this case it will be correct to say that the use of beets is due to certain restrictions related to human diseases.

    • You can not beet with urolithiasis. Beets is not recommended in this disease, as oxaluria due to the presence of oxalic acid (Oxaluria is increased urinary excretion and precipitation of crystals of calcium oxalate).

    • Beet is not recommended at gastritis with high acidity. Beets, even boiled increases the amount of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice. We should not think that if beets taste sweet, it does not affect the acidity of the stomach. It is forbidden to use it in large chunks for those people who suffer from gastritis withhigh acidity.

    • Diabetes beets is not recommended. In sugar beet, as mentioned above, a lot of sugar, which causes its sweet taste, but people with diabetes, this vegetable is contraindicated in the use.
    • Beets should not be consumed for people with chronic diarrhea, because it would only exacerbate laxative effect.

    Benefits of beet juice?

    The positive effect of beetroot juice on the human body is difficult to assess because it has a wide range of actions:

    • cleanses the body by eliminating toxins;
    • relieves inflammation of the throat, cure the common cold;

    • helps to improve kidney and liver;

    • removes stones from the kidneys (except oxaluria) and gall bladder

    • removes uric acid;
    • is a good preventive measure against the formation of clots, and anemia;
    • lowers blood pressure;
    • has a positive effect on women's diseases such as mastitis, menopause, helps with irregular menstrual cycle;

    • a positive effect on the heart, helps with thrombophilia;
    • helps to improve hearing;
    • struggling with sleep disorders.

    How to drink beet juice?

    Beet juice is recommended to combine with the simultaneous intake of carrot, pumpkin juice or celery juice. Use beet juice in its pure form is recommended only after it will stand at least two hours. Then it is necessary to drink several swallows at a time.

    Immediately after juicing beet juice has contraindications. For example, may be indigestion, there may be headaches, nausea. Since beetroot helps to reduce the pressure, purification of the body and is a natural laxative, improper use can lead to sudden emergence of negative symptoms.

    Correct use of beet juice – use in combination with other juices!

    Mostdelicious and healthy combination is the mixture of juices beet and carrot. The first step is to use a mixture of these two juices in a ratio of 1:10 (one serving of beet, carrot ten). Next, a portion of beet juice can be increased. Before use, the juice needs a few hours to settle, to become more useful. Carrot juice is better to use fresh. Such a mixture will be most useful to the body.

    Dosage. If the United juices are taken for medicinal purposes, you should drink one Cup of the mixture twice a day. You can gradually increase the concentration of beet juice, moving to clean beet juice. Juice directly from a beet shall be made within two weeks followed by two weeks break. Later, the course must be repeated. Didn't need to use beet juice in its pure form, if it causes unpleasant symptoms in the body.

    If you're starting from mixtures of juices, then gradually increase the amount of beet juice, and eventually go to pure beet juice, the positive results will be felt: the body is stronger, his stamina will increase, it will put a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

    Treatment with beet juice

    Beet juice in its pure form, or in combination with other juices, of course, very useful to the body.

    Recommend the use of the following mixtures:

    Beet, carrot and Apple juice in a ratio of 1:1 is the most useful mixture. Its use will be a preventive tool that will help to avoid such diseases as lung cancer, hypertension, heart attack, stomach ulcers, abnormalities of the pancreas. To prepare the juice, you need to peel the Apple, carrots, beets peeled, slice them, and then beat into a puree using a blender. The minimum course of treatment is three months.

    Beet, carrot, orange juices in a ratio of 0.5:1:2. This combination reveals the taste and useful properties of each of the ingredients. Vitamin C, which is orange, helps the body absorb iron, which is found in beets and carrots as an indispensable source of beta-carotene, a natural antioxidant. To prepare the juice, all the ingredients you need to chop, mix, blend adding a little water.

    Beet and cranberry juice or beet juice with honey. This mixture is especially good for cleaning of such organs as kidneys, liver. Also benefit from this drink will benefit the people suffering from highpressure, spasm of blood vessels. This mixture is weak. The juice carries a calming effect.

    To prepare the juice you need to mix two servings of beet juice and one of cranberry, the ratio of beet juice and honey should be the same.

    Mix beet and other useful juices:

    • For weight loss – you need to mix the following juices: beet, carrot, grapefruit, cucumber, plum, and celery juice.
    • To relieve hangover. In this case, you should mix the beetroot, Apple, orange and carrot juices.
    • To improve efficiency. To do this, prepare the following mix juices: beet, carrot, Apple, and then add the mixture of juices of dill and spinach.

    • To increase the level of iron in the blood need to make a mixture of beet and carrot juices.
    • To improve the functioning of the digestive tract is prepared a mixture of the following juices: beet, ginger, carrot and Apple.

    • To improve the functioning of the liver and its cleansing mix of beetroot, carrot, pineapple, lime juices. To improve the efficiency of the liver will help the juice from beets, carrots and radish.

    • To suppress heartburn juice made from celeryand beet, cucumber, banana, carrot and cabbage juices.

    • To cleanse the gallbladder mix the juices of beet, celery, radish, cucumber, cherries, carrots.

    Beet juice Cancer

    Betacyanin pigment that gives the beet is dark red, is a powerful antioxidant and helps to cope with tumors. A study by American scientists, conducted in 2011, showed that betacyanin slowed the growth of prostate cancer cells and breast cancer 12.5%.

    Daily using juices, be aware of possible contraindications, which could have a negative impact on health.

    The greatest benefit can bring mixtures of juices of vegetables. Dose is not normalized – it all depends on perceptual abilities of the juice by the body. It is advisable to consume at least a liter.

    A mixture of carrot and beet juices contain the maximum amount of beta-carotene,of potassium and phosphorus. This mixture will help make the vision sharper, improve the blood, strengthen the body as a whole.

    If the patient has cancer, he needs to listen to the needs of his body: to choose the right mix and to determine the amount of juice, which will go to drink. Some may not take the standard ratio of 1:1, then the number of beet juice can be reduced to the perceived body. Use juice should be courses, after which require a break. Will give strength to such juice from apples, carrots, beets and potatoes (sugar from potatoes completely absorbed by the body). If the digestive system and urinary tract are formed tumors, such patients is contraindicated bitter and acidic juices.

    You can also Apple and carrot juice add the juice of lemon and horseradish. For this mix the juice of two lemons and juice 100 grams of horseradish. Take this mixture 1 tsp. twice a day on an empty stomach and 40 minutes before dinner. Not recommended to use the juice for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys.

    The use of beets

    Due to the content in the roots of many medicinal substances, it is used for anemia, constipation, liver disease and high blood pressure. Beets have long been used in scurvy. Beet juice improves blood composition, promotes the formation of red balls in blood. Beet juice has a beneficial effect in the treatment of thrombophlebitis, hypertension and varicose veins. Beets contain betaine substance that breaks down and promotes the absorption of protein food. Older people are advised to use beetroot regularly. Roots are applied to tumours and ulcers.

    Beets from the cold. You need to take a fresh beet juice and mix with honey, honey must be exactly half of the juice. Ready drops instilled in each nostril no more than 5 drops 4 times a day.

    Beets with gallstones. Take the beet and grate. Then fill with water so that it covers the beets completely. Put on the heat until the broth will not be thick syrup. Strain the finished syrup, it take 100 ml three times a day 30 minutes before meals.

    Beets with honey at elevated pressure. Take 100 grams of beet juice and add to it 100 grams of honey. Mix and take 5 times a day 1 tablespoon in between meals. Treated this medicine should notmore than 1 month.

    Beets for cancer. You need to cook the beets and eat it in the amount of 200 grams per day in two doses. Along with this you need to drink beet juice (700 ml).

    Beets for weight loss. Variants of beet diets have a great many. Beets can be cooked and can be baked. Boiled beets grate, and roast – cut into pieces, season it with vegetable oil, mix well. During the beet diet, you should drink more green tea, mineral water without gas, fresh juices from vegetables. The day should drink about 2 liters of fluid. Two days of this diet and you can lose 1 kg.

    Beet juice with carrot juice is another excellent diet. After spending 10 days on this diet, you can lose about 4 pounds. The advantage of this diet is that in the presence of hemorrhoids it is also possible to get rid of.

    Beets with angina. Take root and wring out of him a glass of juice. This also added 1 tablespoon of vinegar. This medication rinse the throat, taking a SIP.

    Growing beets

    Beets – undemanding plant. It is easy to grow, for it is easy to maintain. Grow beets from seed. The plant prefers light, sandy, fertile soil. Beets do not grow well on clayey, wet and sandy soils. Beets every year to plant in different places, as if to put her on the same place, it will not bear fruit. The plant is heat-loving and photophilous, and therefore it should not be grown in a shaded place. Cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes and onions – it's the best predecessors for beets.

    The soil for growing the beets should be cleaned from predecessors, to dig and to make fertilizers (e.g., manure). Available the clods of earth do not want to split, because due to their presence all masonry pests will be destroyed contained inside the lumps of moisture winter precipitation.

    Before sowing seeds need to germinate, and they need to be put in damp cheesecloth for 3-4 days, keeping them at room temperature. When will single seedlings, seeds dried and sown in the ground.

    The seeds can be prepared and other method, which is called "vernalization". Take the seeds and put them in a glass jar, pour water up to 50% less than seeds. After a half day you need to pour as much again of water and mix well. Covering the seeds with wet towel, leave them for 4 days, after which they should be placed for a week in a cool place.

    Beets are planted in April – end of may, leavingthe distance between rows about 20 cm Seeds should not be repaired deep into the soil, enough to bury all 3 cm

    Care beets. The appearance of weeds you want to remove them regularly water the plant, but avoid waterlogged soil. The best method of watering beet irrigation. When the seedlings appear, the first 2 leaves, you need to do thinning. With the appearance of 5 leaflets again need to do the thinning. And the last time the plants were thinned in mid-August.

    Beet is responsive to mineral fertilizers applied to the soil in the period of intensive growth of plants. Below the root was sweet, need to make table salt. In the growth period it is impossible to add organic fertilizer.

    Salad "pickled beets Dining room" - video recipe

    Contraindications to the use of beets

    • We can immediately note that the beets watery bowel, especially beet juice is a all natural laxative.
    • Beets can not be used in excess, as it may cause spasm of the blood vessels.
    • It is not recommended to people suffering from high acidity of the stomach, as the beets will increase it even more.
    • Urolithiasis and especially when oxaluria beets should be consumed carefully (and beetroot juice is generally contraindicated!). Because it can cause movement of the stones (as well as any other herbal remedy that dissolves stones). Either you need to start with micro doses (half a teaspoon)

    • Don't forget that the root of quite a lot of sugar, so caution in diabetes.

    okolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor-naturopath, herbalist