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Centaury ordinary

Useful properties and application recipes centaury ordinary

The Botanical characteristics of the common centaury

This is an amazingly beautiful one - or biennial plant will not meet anywhere, as its flowering occurs only in places Sunny and bright. From the light and the taproot begins four-sided stems, growing up to 50 cm Leaves of plants can be of various shapes, arranged oppositely. Collected in inflorescence-umbrellas, flowers of centaury are white-pink in color. When hit by the rays of the sun on flowers, their petals bent so that become like a star. This plant blossoms in the period from July to August.

Common centaury is found in bright and Sunny glades, forest edges, meadows and open Sunny places. This plant needs special conditions of existence, therefore, grows only in some areas of Europe and Western Siberia.

The beneficial properties of centaury

Herb plant contains many alkaloids, acids, micro and macroelements, as well as in this plant was discovered essential oils, sulphur, tin, iron, mucus and resin. Tea made from this plant improves the appetite, restores the intestinal function. The centaury is the bitter, which when injected into the human body, namely, appearing in the oral mucosa, contributes to the necessary reflex. Also, this tea is a tonic that stimulates the gastro-intestinal tract.

Preparations of this medicinal plant have anti-inflammatory, choleretic and analgesic effect on the human body. In addition, these drugs stop the bleeding, so they are used to stop bleeding. The people are of the opinion that the centaury is a good laxative, and it is true!

The use of centaury and recipes based on it

This plant is very popular and widely used not only in national but also in traditional medicine. Preparations of centaury ordinary used for nervous exhaustion, fatigue, poor appetite, flatulence, and anemia.

Decoctions and infusions of centaury ordinary have a positive effect on the body whenmigraine, sinusitis, skin diseases, and certain gynecological diseases. Also this plant is used externally: for example, the preparations are very useful in eczema, rashes, Shin ulcers and wounds that take a long time to heal.

The collection, which includes centaury, used in the treatment of alcohol dependence. The juice of the plant is used in diseases of the ears, but only as the outer drops in the ear. Food allergies in children can be cured with a decoction of centaury. Centaury is used in folk medicine in the form of juice, teas, tinctures and infusions, decoctions and oils is as for internal use. And for external application of this plant make compresses and mortars for grinding.

A decoction anthelmintic. For its preparation take half a teaspoon of herb plants and mix with the same amount of wormwood. Next, take the mixture and pour a glass of boiling water. Put the composition on the fire for 20 minutes. Strain the decoction and take it. You need to use it early in the morning on an empty stomach. Full cups – 1 Cup of broth. The course of treatment is 1 week, you can receive medical treatment and one more day.

Centaury tincture on vodka. Take 1 tablespoon of powder of dried herbs and pour it with 200 ml vodka. Leave everything for 2 weeks to infuse, not forgetting to stir occasionally. As soon as the time for infusion, the drug is ready to drain. To take the infusion is recommended 20 drops half an hour before meals. This tincture stimulates the appetite, normalizes the secretion of the glands of the digestive system.

Infusion of centaury with heartburn or nausea. For preparing this medicine need to take 5 grams powder of dry grass plants and fill them with 25 ml of 40% ethanol, after which leave for 10 days to infuse and then strain. Use this medicine and constipation, and diabetes, and to improve appetite. Take 20 or 30 drops of tincture three times a day for a quarter of an hour before meals.

Herbal tea made from centaury. Take 1 teaspoon of herb plants, cut into pieces of small size, and pour 250 ml of cold water. Leave the composition for 10 hours to steep. Do not forget to stir it periodically. Strain the contents, it needs a bit of heat. The tea is ready, it is advisable to drink it without sugar or any sweeteners.

Contraindications to the use of centaury

This plant is very bitter, regardless of tea or tincture, so no one will dare to take it for a long time. People with hypersensitivity to this plant should not use itas medicine. People with ulcers of the stomach and does not use this plant.