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Treatment of lung abscess

Lung abscess

What is the lung abscess?

Lung abscess is also known as abscessed pneumonia. It is formed, if purulent inflammation destroys lung tissue. Most often the causative agent of this serious disease is Staphylococcus aureus, which is responsible for the majority of known now of purulent diseases. An abscess occurs when the bronchi in the lungs or fall foreign body, vomit or mucus. Threat factors is also decreased immunity, chronic blood disorders and endocrine system, long-term use of certain medications, especially cytostatics, glucocorticoids or immunosuppressants.

Causes of lung abscess

Common cause of lung abscess is transferred lobular pneumonia or aspirated into the lungs of any foreign bodies. due to the blockage of small bronchi part of the lung is deprived of oxygen, because of which it becomes airless (atelectatic) space, where there is a ulcer. Reduced body resistance, senile or child will usually be a predisposing factor for development of lung abscess. Sometimes the disease can be a complication of bronchiectasis. Also, germs from any purulent focus in the body can enter the lungs through the circulatory system.

Symptoms of lung abscess

A lung abscess is manifested in different ways, depending on the integrity of the abscess. While the abscess is not broke, the patient's condition is considered extremely serious. In light of the person accumulates purulent sputum, he feels a strong weakness, sweating. Characteristic also loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, a significant increase in body temperature.

When the abscess breaks, purulent sputum comes out, resulting in abating the fever, the General health is greatly improved, are difficulty in breathing, appetite and sleep return to normal. While sputum departs, the patient suffers from a strong cough.

The blood of a patient with a lung abscess shows elevated white cell count, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate also. With the help of x-ray examination to detect inflammatory foci. An abscess is a rounded cavity filled with purulent sputum. Herself sputumhas two layers, one of which is more liquid, and the second – a thick and greenish. When the pus cavity is empty, a scar is formed.