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Allergy treatment folk remedies

Currently, Allergy is one of the most common autoimmune diseases in the world that can meet as adults, and in children of any age. An Allergy is a hypersensitivity of the immune system, which may occur in cases of human contact with a particular allergen. The main allergens include:

  • pollen (pollen of certain plants, trees and grasses);
  • food (any food products);
  • epidermal (hair, fur, skin, saliva, feathers and many other components of animal origin);
  • household (to this species include house dust, and mites caused by the dust);
  • drugs (any drugs taken by the person or their metabolite);
  • chemical (various chemical substances);
  • bacterial and fungal.

Regardless of what type of allergen has triggered the development of allergies in humans, it is important to take timely measures to treatment, as protracted and progressive course of Allergy can cause a variety of serious illnesses and diseases.

To suppress the main symptoms of allergies and get her into remission, it is necessary to use not only medical treatment but also a variety of alternative methods of healing.

It is proved that the Allergy treatment folk remedies is not only highly efficient, but also more gentle to the body, as they are based on different natural ingredients that do not cause serious side effects and are not subjected to the load of kidneys and liver, unlike many anti-Allergy medicines.

Traditional medicine has many different recipes that help in the shortest possible time to eliminate any allergic reactions, however, the choice of specific folk remedies should be carried out taking into account individual tolerance of the person all involved ingredients. To use certain medicinal drugs, you need to know exactly the nature of the appearance of allergies and a list of specific allergens to exclude the possibility of exacerbation of the disease. For security purposes, before the actual use of any alternative means is recommended to consult a specialist and to agree on a scheme and course of his admission.

The article the treatment of allergies in children you can see recipes without alcohol. Recall that one of the keys to successful treatment of allergic folkfunds are defined as adherence to diet for allergies. Below are the contents of the recipes:


Plants and herbs for allergies

Recipe No. 1. Main components: duckweed (10 gr.), vodka (50 ml).

To prepare a medicinal tincture, you need to pour fresh, pre-washed grass, duckweed, vodka, and allow to stand for seven days. Prepared to take the drug four times a day (15 drops of tincture diluted in 0.5 glass of water) for one month.

Recipe №2. Main components: cocklebur (20 gr.), water (200 ml).

Dried flowers of cocklebur pour boiling water and infuse for one hour. The resulting infusion drink during the day for 1/3 of the total. The course of healing – at least six months.

Recipe No. 3. Main components: the crushed roots of burdock and dandelion (50 gr.), water (600 ml).

The roots of the plants need to pour water and leave to infuse for 10 hours. You then need to boil the tincture and leave it to cool. Be taken before meals on half of the glass. The course of healing – at least two months.

Recipe No. 4. Main ingredients: yarrow pharmacy (30 gr.), water (200 ml).

Dry grass, yarrow, you need to brew with boiling water. Insist broth for half an hour, then strain and drink 50 gr. four times per day.

Recipe №5. Main components: fruit of rosehip (50 gr.), pharmacy chamomile (25gr.), field horsetail (25 gr.), dandelion root (50 gr.), St. John's wort (50 gr.),centaury (75 gr.), water (600 ml).

All the above dried flowers of the plant pour one container and pour it with boiling water, and then put on fire and bring to boil. The resulting broth to cool, wrap in a thick cloth and leave to infuse for 5 hours. The drug is cooked, strain and take for 6 months daily one teaspoon per day.

Recipe No. 6. Main components: celandine (50 gr.), water (400 ml).

The grass should be pre-crushed, and then pour boiling water. Broth cover and give him time to steep (at least 5 hours). Make this broth every morning and evening at the quarters of one glass.

Recipe No. 7. Main components: calendula (10 g), water (100 ml).

For medicinal decoction, you need to gather the flowers of calendula, rinse them and pour boiling water. To insist 3 hours. welcome – every day a spoonful three times a day.

Recipe No. 8. Main ingredients: ephedra Dukascopy (20 gr.), water (3 cups).

The grass of the specified plants need to brew with boiling water, and then send in a water bath. Boil the broth until then, until there is only half of the initial total liquid volume. The resulting drug filter, take a teaspoon three times a day.

Recipe No. 9. Main components: field coroscant (100 g.), water (400 ml).

Initially, you need to fill the grass with boiling water and put on fire. Cook for 10 minutes, then cool and strain. To use medicinal teas recommended half a Cup four times a day.

Recipe No. 10. Main ingredients: Marin root (50 gr.), the root of peony (50 gr.), vodka (glass).

The roots of the plants chop and pour alcohol. Infuse for about a month. Make medical infusion three times a day 15 drops. Course of medicine – 1.5 months.

Recipe No. 11. Main ingredients: leaves of nettle (100 g.), water (300 ml).

The leaves of plants pour boiling water and leave to steep for three hours. Recommended to consume this decoction thrice a day half of the glass throughout the month.

Series from allergies.

Decoctions, infusions and tinctures of Bidens

Recipe No. 1. Main components: series pharmacy in the filter bags (2 PCs.), water (100 ml).

Dime bags should be placed in a bowl and cover them with boiling water, then cover with a tight lid and leave to infuse for half an hour. After a time the filter bags must be thoroughly overcome, and the resulting broth diluted with boiled water to the total volume turned out not less than 100 ml. the Course is a month. Infusion to drink after a meal of 50 grams.

Recipe №2. Main components: a series (50 gr.), vodka (400 ml).

Raw series grind and pour vodka, then leave in a dark place and infuse for at least two weeks. Prepared tincture taken three times a day 20 drops. The submission period is the month.

Recipe No. 3. Main components: a series (1 package), water (200 ml).

The series can be consumed as a tea, brew one sachet of the herb in boiling water and taken daily (three times). Drinking this tea is recommended for at least 3 months. Then a week break and then resume intake of herbal tea.

Baths series

Bath of the series is recommended for all Allergy sufferers different age categories. Better to take them three times a week before bed. Bath time is 10 minutes. The recovery course – 15 procedures.

Recipe No. 1. Main components: a series (50 gr.), water (250 ml).

The grass steamed with boiling water and infuse for half an hour using water bath. Next, you should cool and strain the resulting broth, and then add it to the water used for bathing.

Recipe №2. Main components: a series of drooping (75 gr.), water (300 ml).

Pour the herb with boiling water and infuse for 5 hours. The prepared infusion added to the bath.

Recipe No. 3. Main components: a series of loose (100 gr.), water (2 l).

The grass should be placed in gauze, and after brewing with boiling water. Cool the broth and squeeze the cheesecloth. The resulting liquid added to the bath.

Gadgets from the series

Recipe No. 1. Main components: a series (100 gr.), water (400 ml).

Dried flowers series to grind and brew in boiling water, then in a few minutes to boil the broth in a water bath. Warm broth make lotions to the affected allergic rash areas of the skin.

Recipe №2. Major components: series (150 gr.), water (500 ml).

Steamed grass with hot water and leave to infuse for one hour. The infusion is slightly warm using water bath and use for lotions.

Recipe No. 3. Main components: a series of drooping (100 gr.), water (250 ml).

To brew the herb in boiling water and infuse for twenty minutes. Gadgets to do with a clean gauze or cotton pads, which must be thoroughlymoisten prepared by infusion and apply on irritated skin.

Homemade ointment is a series of

Recipe No. 1. Major components: the infusion series (75 ml), lanolin (25 gr.), anhydrous petroleum jelly (25 grams).

To pasteurize a mixture of lanolin and petrolatum by means of a water bath for 20 minutes and then to the heated mass add the previously prepared infusion series. Stir thoroughly the prepared ointment and apply on skin areas most exposed to allergic rashes.

Recipe №2. Main components: a series (50 gr.), sunflower oil (1 Cup).

The series should be filled with oil and let it sit on low heat with water bath for 8 hours. Once the salve has cooled, apply it on the skin.

Recipe No. 3. Main components: a series of broth (100 ml), vodka (100 ml), any fat (thick mass).

In a succession of broth, add the vodka and leave to steep for weeks, and then the resulting liquid to dissolve any grease to a thick and viscous mass. Ointment to use daily for 3 weeks once a day.

Herbal ointment Allergy

Recipe No. 1. Main ingredients: vinegar (50 ml), egg (1 piece), drain. oil (100 gr.).

First you need to carefully mix the egg with vinegar, the resulting mixture is put in a cool place for a day, and then to it add melted butter. Fat blend again for a day put in the refrigerator.

Recipe №2. Main ingredients: rhizome of elecampane dried (handful), unsalted lard (5 tablespoons).

The above ingredients stir and boil on low heat for twenty minutes. Prepared the drug needs to strain hot. Warm ointment should be applied to itchy and inflamed skin in a thick layer.

Recipe No. 3. Main ingredients: birch tar (20 gr.), vaseline (20 g.).

Tar need to mix with the vaseline. The prepared ointment to use daily for two weeks.

Recipe No. 4. Main components: water (40 ml), ethanol (40 ml), benzocaine (1 CC), white clay (30 g.), diphenhydramine (5 g.), zinc oxide powder (30 gr.) or any baby powder.

First you need to dilute the alcohol with water, then add the benzocaine, diphenhydramine, clay and zinc oxide. Mix everything and shake well until a homogeneous viscousmass.

Medicated bath for allergies

Recipe No. 1. Main components: root of Valerian (20 gr.), celandine (20 gr.), dried flowers of chamomile (20 gr.), St. John's wort (20 gr.), sage (20 g.), water (1 l).

You must first mix all the above ingredients, then brew the mixture with boiling water. Prepared herbal decoction need to add in a water-filled tub. Recommended to take like the bath through one or two days during the month.

Recipe №2. Main ingredients: rhizome of calamus (75 gr.), water (800 ml).

Rhizomes should be dried, they must grind and brew in boiling water. This decoction should infuse for about half an hour, and then pour into the bath water. The course is not more than 15 baths per month.

Recipe No. 3. Main components: dry thyme (50 g.), water (800 ml).

The grass needs to boil on a slow fire five minutes, and then strain it and pour into a water-filled tub. Take these baths should before bed. Recommended course - 10 baths.

Recipe No. 4. Main components: dry and powdered leaves and roots of plantain (50 gr.), water (800 ml).

Dry the elements the plants need to be boiled for half an hour, and then strain the decoction and add to bath water. Course – 10 baths, each procedure in 3 days.

Zabrus from allergies

In about 1977 I was sick a very strong, debilitating allergies. I was constantly sneezing, started with 10 sneezes in the morning when he woke up. While many tears flowed from his nose and eyes. Had to carry a few handkerchiefs. From time to time constant sneezes brought to severe pain in the head and stomach, and all that, my allergies intensified the smells and the bright sun. Treated Allergy traditional medicine for seven years! Naturally, nothing helped: Allergy both was, and remained.

And then one day a woman advised me to buy zabrus, that is, to try the popular treatment of allergies. Zabrus – it caps from honeycombs, which bees cover the honey. I had no choice but to believe in her folk prescription treatment of allergies. Started using zabrus, adding itin tea and just chewing it like gum. Gradually, the Allergy really started to take place. The health improvements I felt after I had eaten around 2 kg of zabrus. After about 6-8 months I was able to cure the Allergy completely!

Allergy treatment Shilajit

This is one of the very strong folk remedies treatment of allergies. Before use, make sure that Shilajit high quality! Dissolve 1 gram Shilajit in one liter of water. Know that quality of Shilajit is dissolved in the water, the color of the solution becomes uniformly dark, opaque.

Take 100 ml in the morning, once a day with warm milk. Children at the age of 1-3 years take 50 ml age 4-7 years take 70 ml. above 8 years – 100 ml. the treatment is carried out twice a year in spring and autumn for 20 days.

Allergy treatment dandelion juice

Narva dandelions, cut off the roots. The roots are not required, they can throw out. The very grass, wash and mince. Wrap in a thick cloth and squeeze. The juice of half dilute with water and bring to boiling.

This juice take 3 scoops in the morning and afternoon for 20 minutes before eating. But since the dandelion is in some people allergen in the first 3 days recommend to drink a spoon of it in order to check whether your body is allergic to it. The course of treatment 1.5 months.

Allergy treatment with a decoction of dandelion and burdock

To make this decoction mash dandelion root and burdock root in a mortar, mix together. Take 3 cups of water, add 2 tablespoons of previously prepared mixture. Leave overnight. In the morning boil infusion for 10 minutes, let cool. Drink half a Cup before meals and at bedtime, ie 4-5 times a day.

Duckweed powder. To prepare the powder of duckweed little duckweed take dry and grind it into a powder. Add honey as much as you get powder, that is 1:1. Take 1 gram 3 times a day.

okolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor-naturopath, herbalist