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Anemia treatment folk remedies

Popular treatment of anemia

Often, the initial symptoms of anemia is just a weakness in the body. And, it was hands heavy to lift, everything is done with great severity. Almost as a rule, it in the beginning, people don't pay much attention, thinking that all this is only because of the weather or a temporary phenomenon.

However, the weather is different every day, then bad, then good, but the human condition still leaves much to be desired. Strong sense of weakness in the body is a major symptom of anemia, an urgent need to go to the doctor to take a blood test. If you find out that you have anemia, you should not be afraid, this disease can be successfully treated with old proven recipes. And that is to drink stewed carrot juice, black radish and beets.

Should take half a glass of juice to the above vegetables, pour into pots, and put in slightly warmed oven for one hour. Ready stewed vegetable juices should be drunk three times a day for two tablespoons, twenty minutes before meals, in the same way as conventional medicine. The duration of such course of treatment is two to three months.

Improvement during such treatment occurs within three weeks. And another tip: also used to treat anemia need to include in your diet apples, pomegranate juice, walnuts and buckwheat.

Cocktail from anemia

This popular method of treatment of anemia has been verified by many people. One of the readers, was in the hospital, and once discharged, could not recover. I read that you can drink a vitamin cocktail. Began to do and to drink. In the body normal hemoglobin levels in blood, improves the General condition of the body. Then she talked with other people who also confirmed that this recipe works and, most importantly, brings absolutely no harm to a sick person. Only benefits.

Take two hundred milliliters of pomegranate juice, one hundred ml of lemon juice, same amount of Apple and carrot. Also, take seventy grams of honey. Do not take artificial juice, you need only fresh. Mix all these ingredients, pour in the closed ware and store in the refrigerator.

You need to take this medicine three times a day for two tablespoons. Before use, heat the mass.

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Sandwich "Be healthy"

If you suffer from anemia, in addition to the main treatment, we suggest you also a folk prescription. One of these methods of treatment include the following. Slice six green apples large size. Mix with interior fat. Fat take four hundred grams. Put the lot in the oven. At this time wash twelve domestic chicken eggs. Break them, separate the yolks from the protein. Mash the yolks with one Cup of sugar and add four hundred grams of chocolate, pre-chopped him. Sieve the apples with bacon and the resulting composition mixed with the previous one.

Eat these sandwiches with hot milk, when you want. In a week possible weight gain half or one kilogram. Eat sandwiches as long as you do not cure the anemia and will not add weight to the desired condition. A month later, do a blood test.

Tincture of garlic clean blood vessels

In General, garlic is one of the best folk remedies for the treatment of anemia. But if you for some reason are unable to use it, then take the tincture on its basis: It is an ancient recipe that accidentally found the Tibetan lamas. Surprisingly, he clears the blood vessels and rejuvenates the body.

Need to clean and wash the garlic to three hundred grams. Then pour on a liter of alcohol and infuse for three weeks. Take this medicine three times a day one teaspoon. You can drink milk.