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Treatment of ascites folk remedies

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The medical term "ascites" is a plain abdominal dropsy. This nasty disease can develop in humans with hypertension, heart failure, diseased kidneys, or malignant tumor in the retroperitoneal space. Ascites is a serious symptom, and its development is a reason for an immediate visit to the doctor.

But folk medicine has something to offer the patient in this situation. Sometimes proven tools to be more effective and safe for your health. How to beat ascites with the help of traditional medicine?

Effective recipe from a reader

This recipe was shared by a website visitor. When using the recommended tools from the ascites fluid from the peritoneal cavity of cancer patients with liver metastases already out on day 2.

The sequence of preparation:

  • Bring to boil half a liter of milk and leave it to simmer on very low heat.
  • Cut a large bunch of parsley in increments of 2-3 cm and pour in the milk.
  • Simmer a mixture of parsley with milk 2.5 hours on very low heat.
  • Strain, cool to remain around the glass.

The resulting broth to drink every hour for 2 tablespoons.

Birch will save from dropsy

It birch leaves and buds have long been considered traditional healers as the best remedy for fluid retention. To get them not a problem, because white birch is native to our country. Let's start our story with the amazing properties of birch leaves.

Dry birch bath

This procedure should be carried out in late spring or summer. Type as many fresh, young leaves of white birch and put them in the tub, but even better in a real wooden tub, like those which had bathed in the villages. Thoroughly tamp the leaves and cover it with plastic wrap, then leave in the sun for a few hours. When the leaves turn soprut, completely submerge them in a patient with ascites, and let itbe there at least an hour. By the end of the procedure, you may receive a slight feeling of numbness of the skin, this is normal. Do a "dry" baths two or three times a week until marked improvement.

Baths with birch broth

These baths can be taken any time of the year. For they fit not only fresh, but also dry the leaves of white birch. One a bucket of boiling water you need to take fifty grams of dried leaves or one hundred grams of fresh. Optimal method of preparation of medicinal baths in the regular flat – boil water in the bathtub full of water the boiler, then add the leaves, stir and wait until the water cools to a comfortable temperature. During this time birch leaves will give up their nutrients. To do otherwise is to boil several buckets of water, if possible. A bath with birch broth against ascites take no more than an hour.

Birch wraps

For this procedure you will need a hot birch decoction, prepared from the calculation of 50g leaves to one bucket of water. Soak in a bucket of normal cotton sheets, folded, and wrap the patient with dropsy, starting from armpits until the knee, but better ankles. Then as fast as you can wind on top of the second, dry sheets, and over – blanket. Put the patient to bed and cover with another blanket or quilt. Let him lie there for an hour and a half, and if sleep doesn't matter. When you Wake up remove the wrap, revealing the patient to the cold air not touching a hot body.

Birch drink from ascites

To prepare the broth needed dried birch leaves in the ratio of 1/10 compared to water, but not enough. The fact that the foliage contains betulapendula acid, which is very poorly soluble. To solve this problem, add the baking soda from the calculation of 2G per Cup. The decoction to drink for at least six hours. To take it half a Cup once you Wake up and evening before bedtime. The duration of therapy is two weeks.

Tincture of birch buds

In the kidneys the concentration of active substances is much higher than in the foliage. You can use them only to people who are not suffering from infectious diseases of the urinary system. Medicinal teas prepared from the calculation of a couple of teaspoons for one glass of water, and take a third Cup three times a day an hour before meals. But it is better to do an alcohol tincture. To do this, take half a bottle of birch buds and pour the brim with vodka, kept for at least thirty days, and then take 30-40 drops three times a day on an empty stomach.

In conclusion, we note that if the combination of external and internal methods of people's treatment of ascites withbirch, the positive effect usually occurs within a few hours. To strengthen, in a decoction of birch for baths and wraps, you can add one-third of the decoction of the bark of the elm.

Diuretics from ascites

Nature offers us many other means from the abdominal dropsy, so if birch does not suit you or does not help, try these recipes:

  • Vitamin diuretic fee. Take equal proportions of dried fruits rose hips, leaves of raspberry, cranberry and black currant. Three to four tablespoons of this aromatic mixture pour a quart of boiling water, cook twenty minutes on low heat, strain, cool and take morning and evening.

  • A decoction of the pods of beans. Take a dry husk with a couple of dozen pods beans, fill it with a liter of boiling water and boil for ten minutes. Let the broth stand for half an hour, then strain it and take in four doses within one day for half an hour before meals. You need to start early in the morning and be finished no later than eight in the evening. No other liquid during treatment can not drink.
  • Tea and bearberry gryzhnika. These herbs are well known for their diuretic action. Mix them in equal proportions, 4 tablespoons of dry mixture pour a quart of boiling water, then let the broth sauce to boil for 15-20 minutes. Strain it, cool and take it all at once, early in the morning, an hour before Breakfast.
  • Infusion of horsetail and birch leaves. Returning to the birch, we note that in combination with horsetail it works even more effectively. To prepare a folk remedy for ascites, mix of dried birch leaves with the herb horsetail in equal proportions, pour a couple of tablespoons in a Cup, add boiling water to the brim and leave for half an hour. Then strain and take everything at once. Do it better than at dawn, at 5-6 in the morning when the buds are most receptive and active.

  • Multicomponent diuretic decoction. In a bowl in equal proportions, mix of dried lime blossom, berries of elderberry, rose hips, horsetail grass and berries of juniper. In other dishes – peppery mint and nettle. Then it all connect together andmix thoroughly, then get the perfect balance of components. Half a liter of boiling water you will need half a Cup of this collection. Simmer over low heat for at least twenty minutes, then strain and drink one third of a Cup before Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. At night the kidneys to burden should not.

  • Apricots are rich in potassium. Good folk remedy for ascites – conventional apricotsthat are rich in potassium. You can eat them just so, and you can make a decoction of dried apricots: a Cup of dried apricots pour a liter of boiling water, boil forty minutes, cool and drink throughout the day instead of tea.

  • Fresh parsley vs ascites. To save from abdominal dropsy can ordinary fresh parsley. three hundred grams pour a liter of water and cook for half an hour. The resulting broth drink in the morning and before lunch, at equal intervals of time (an hour and a half) half a Cup.

  • Hot diaphoretic tea. Excess fluid in the ascites can be removed and the pores of the skin. For this you need a good sweat. Brew a strong tea of lime blossom and mother and stepmother at the rate of 4 tablespoons of the mixture into two cups of boiling water. Simmer for ten minutes, then put it in a thermos and drink hot four times a day. The total amount of fluid per day should not be more than one liter.

Treatment of dropsy of the testicles

Many ascites comes on suddenly, and many people are so sick relatives. Here I am no exception. I was very upset when my grandson diagnosed. And even worse – the surgery sent. But I will not hesitate refused and began to treat him herself. But the grandson is only 2.5 years.

That's what I treated him. You just need to lubricate the testicles with castor oil. So you need to do for two weeks morning and evening. Then a week of rest, then you can repeat the course of people's treatment of ascites, but then it's the 31st day of rest. To repeat again, and then rest for 93 days.

With all that you need to drink the following things at one teaspoon. Take one hundred grams of lemon and one hundred grams of horseradish root. Horseradish root should be grinded. Lemon squeeze fully into the fuck and give a little brew. This mixture should last you for a week, then you need to make this simple tincture again. As this infusion you'll keep in the fridge, I advise you: how to pick up a spoon to give her to warm herselfbut in any case do not heat it . As you probably guessed it – a baby that will not drink. So here is a bit more sophisticated and add, for example, sugar or a little honey, and drink this, you need to give him to eat grated Apple. Yes, and that your child can get sick with allergies, such as lemon, should not be forgotten. So make sure that this is nothing.

If you are going to treat, for example, a teenager or an adult, respectively, the dose of the tincture is increased by exactly one. That is, you should now take two tablespoons. And if the child you gave half an Apple, here have to eat the whole Apple.

You can help the tea of horsetail and knotweed. You should also not forget about the elementary caution, such as not to catch a cold, to be cold and much more. Plus we should not eat pickles, spicy dishes, smoked meats, and adults – alcohol. All you need is patience and time.

A proven popular recipe from ascites

You will need this grass, which grows almost everywhere. It is called Daisy, but you'll need it without reeds. Method of preparation of folk remedy for ascites the following. Daisy wash and mince, to pulverize. But before that, do not forget a little dry.

All you have to do is make lotions on the area of the ovaries this ground, normal grass. This should be done three times a day, morning and evening. It will take quite some time and you will see results. Also this disease can treat illnesses such as bruises and seal the skin tissue.

If the court of winter, no need to get upset. Buy at the pharmacy dried chamomile. Soak it in boiling water as long as the nutrients do not have time to go into the water. And also apply.

For more powerful recovery don't forget about diet in the ascites.

Treatment of ascites in boys

You should understand that such a disease as ascites may not arise by itself, especially in men. Most often it is the result of somecomprehensive disease. This disease in most cases is due to disease of the liver, stomach, kidneys and other organs responsible for water metabolism in the body. So if you want to recover from this disease, then your treatment should be generalized, but rather must be calculated on the organism as a whole. In the methods of folk medicine there are various herbs that can affect the whole body. And we present an example of such a popular recipe.

You will need leaves of a black currant, zheltushnik gray and Salvia officinalis, chamomile. All this take in the proportions 1:1:1, pre-chopped, for example in a coffee grinder. Then follows one teaspoon pour 200 grams of boiling water. Let stand, and then to pass through the mesh.

Consume a quarter Cup 4 times a day, that is, a glass a day. So it should be treated 31 days, after which the seven-day break.

Treatment of dropsy of the testicles

Everything here is written, is only for men. So how do we treat dropsy of the testicles. A very unpleasant disease.

1 recipe. Here are the recipes for the treatment of ascites herbs. You'll need grass mother and stepmother, and flowers of the Melilotus officinalis. It all should be crushed and take one teaspoon. Then pour two cups of boiling water and leave for half an hour. Take this medicine about five times a day to three teaspoons. So you should do to recover.

2 the recipe. Here is another folk remedy for ascites: a quarter of a litre to two teaspoons of bearberry. Allow it to stand for seven hours, frequently shaking. Then pass through the mesh, You will need to drink a little heated, a little out of the calculation, a liter a day.

Improved cream from dropsy of the testicles

Mix equal amounts of calendula and baby cream. Then should be lubricated with a mixture of eggs, top impose gauze. And after all that put on pants in the swimming trunks. In the sense that all is snug. Thus, nothing droops, and it helps a lot.

Will be held approximately thirty days, and you will be fine. We hope that you will help it like me.

And here is another folk remedy for treatment of ascites based on the bells and whistles. Half a litre of beer you take fifty gramspeas. Let stand one hour, after which it should boil briefly on low heat. Cooking will be a quarter of an hour. Then all that is necessary allow to cool and apply, wetting some cloth, it is better flax. And so – until you get well.

Source: Newspaper a healthy lifestyle, the all-Ukrainian newspaper-healer "Grandma"