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Causes and symptoms of astigmatism

What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism is blurred vision that occurs quite often. When it in the eye is out of focus due to the irregular shape of the cornea. For the normal functioning of the eye surface of the cornea must be smooth and spherical. As a result, abnormalities the rays are refracted unequally, which leads to blurred vision.

The image in the eye of a person suffering from astigmatism, not projected on the retina, and behind or in front of her. The contours of objects are lubricated, the shape of the curves. For a person with this disease can look like a dash or an ellipse.

Experts distinguish two types of astigmatism – corneal and lenticular. The classification takes place, depending on what part of the eye has a defect. As a rule, lenticular astigmatism is less noticeable and does not drastically affect vision since refractive power of the lens smaller.

Causes of astigmatism

Even in the modern development medicine it is hard to understand the causes of astigmatism. Sometimes the cause of this disease can become eye injury or surgery. Astigmatism is diagnosed at an early age (already two years), and therefore most often considered to be congenital disease. Because of the possibility of hereditary transmission astigmatism, that the children of parents suffering from this disease, must necessarily pass the examination, without waiting for any visible symptoms of the disease. Do not forget that the patient is not able to diagnose astigmatism, he just feels discomfort from poor vision that can be the consequence of many other diseases.

The symptoms of astigmatism

The symptoms of astigmatism are not much different from the symptoms of most eye diseases. Early on it is almost invisible and is often taken by people simply for tired eyes, as it leads to slightly rostkoviana vision. But if it is not treated, it leads to a rapid loss of vision and brings the patient a lot of problems.

First the person loses the clarity of vision – the contours of objects appear fuzzy, jagged, distorted their shape. Very often my eyes hurt and sometimes blush and felt a burning sensation. At a high load (while reading or working on the computer) in humans,suffering from this disease can go blind, it becomes difficult to determine the distance to objects.

But blurred vision is not the only problem. Not only that, the astigmatism leads to fatigue the eye, it also causes frequent headaches.

The appearance of the above symptoms, contact your ophthalmologist. After the examination the doctor will be able to confirm or refute this diagnosis, and if you still find that it's really the astigmatism – run some tests to find out his view, stage, determine the meridians of the eye in which there is curvature, and will be able to appoint adequate treatment. Remember: it is very important to consult a specialist, as incorrect glasses or contact lenses can further impair vision.

The treatment of astigmatism

Today the main ways of dealing with astigmatism three surgery, glasses or contact lenses. It should be noted that the last two do not resolve the problem of the disease, but simply to correct vision, reducing discomfort. The treatment of this disease should be complex and often involves surgical intervention. It is possible to use methods of traditional medicine, but in this case they act as a Supplement to conventional treatment.

The best results in the suppression of astigmatism are achieved by beginning treatment in the early stages. Due to the fact that it is the lens and the cornea, and the latter, in turn, has a lot of options due to the fact that the curvature can be in any point of the cornea, the disease requires an individual approach in treating each patient. In this case, the percentage of recoveries is very large and there is a real opportunity to get rid of points.