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Treatment of atherosclerosis folk remedies

Phytotherapy as a method of treatment, according to doctors, can be effective in atherosclerosis. Herbs are often used as auxiliary means to enhance the action of pharmaceutical drugs, and also as the main method of treatment of the disease. It is considered a misconception of many patients about the need to make the herbal remedies, which includes only one plant. If we consider the mechanism of occurrence and development of atherosclerosis, for elimination of the disease will need a few plants with medicinal properties.

According to the recommendations of experts, the list of herbs which help to cope with the disease, should include plants that are:

  • Improve lipid metabolism:

  • Contribute to the increase of the lumen of blood vessels;
  • Reduce the likelihood of developing vasospasm;
  • Reduce the possibility of occurrence and development of hypoxia;
  • Have a blood thinning effect;
  • Increase the tone of heart muscle;
  • Have a mild sedative effect;
  • Contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body of the patient.

Based on the above, effective treatment of atherosclerosis is only possible using multicomponent herbal fees, which include at least 3-4 plants.

Note: 3 grams collection = 1 teaspoon

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Herbal formulas for the treatment of initial stage of atherosclerosis

The early stage of atherosclerosis is determined not so much on the symptomatic picture of how the results of laboratory tests.

At this stage, doctors recommend that you take the following herbal formulas, which include a small amount of herbs:

  • 6 gramsof a mixture of equal weight parts of dandelion root, stems, leaves and roots of strawberry timber, nettle leaves and lemon balm pour 300 ml of hot water and infuse for one hour. The prepared infusion drink during the day.
  • One part burdock root mixed with an equal weight parts of the leaves and stems of dill, horsetail, and betony. A full tablespoon of the collection pour a half cups boiling water, to insist hour. To drink infusion during the day in equal portions.
  • To connect the 2 parts of the inflorescence of hawthorn and the same number of leaves and inflorescences of yarrow with birch leaves, and mother-and-stepmother (to get them one part). Two dessert spoon collection pour two cups of boiling water and leave for three hours in a warm place. Morning and afternoon drink 100 ml of infusion, and in the evening – 200 ml.
  • Ripe rose hips, leaves of wild strawberry and peppermint combine with oat straw. All plants take in equal weight parts. Prepare a decoction of 1 tbsp. l. collection and 400 ml of water. Take it during the day before eating, 100 ml at a time.
  • Prepare a decoction of 1 tbsp rhizomes of elecampane with leaves of BlackBerry, shepherd's purse and oregano and 300 ml of water. To take 4 times a day before meals of equal volume portions.

  • Prepare the broth the same way as in the previous recipe of a mixture of clover blossoms and calendula, corn silk and fruit of mountain ash ordinary in equal parts. Take 100 ml three times a day before meals.

  • Two parts by weight of hawthorn berries combine with Helichrysum inflorescences, shoots wild raspberries (not a garden!) and leaves of bilberry, taken 1 part by weight. A tea spoon collection brewed Cup of boiling water and leave for one hour. Drink the infusion in 4 divided doses per day.
  • According to the previous recipe, you can prepare an infusion of two parts of a mixture of the leaves of red bilberry and birch with one part dandelion root and hawthorn fruit. Take a quarter Cup 3-4 times a day.

The above decoctions and infusions must be taken all year round, every 2 months replacing one another, so that the body does not have any addictive. After one year you can go to exchange the intake of these herbs.

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Additional funds from atherosclerosis based on herbs

In addition to these expertsrecommend additional therapy of atherosclerosis is more complex in composition and preparation charges, treatment which is carried out solely two-month courses twice a year.

These tools include the following fees for the preparation of drug infusions:

  • Rose hips and Rowan to connect with oat straw and peppermint leaves, strawberries and lady's mantle in equal weight proportions.
  • A mixture of hawthorn fruit, herbs of peppermint and cranberries, corn stigmas, roots of elecampane and blossoms of clover in equal proportions.
  • Inflorescences of Arnica, common Rowan and buckwheat, herb dill, sundew, shepherd's purse and calendula mixed in equal parts by volume.
  • The mixture of the aerial parts mother and stepmother, mistletoe, yarrow, lemon balm and oregano, fennel fruit, inflorescences immortelle, roots sorrel in equal parts.

These fees are used for preparing aqueous infusion. Eight grams of the herb mixture pour 2 cups boiling water, heated the mixture for 15 minutes on slow fire, after which the container wrap and leave for an hour. To take during the day, 0.5 cups after eating.

Based on observations of patients, experts point to a gradual improvement of all body functions that are somehow connected with the appearance of atherosclerosis. Infusions are advised to take courses that last for at least 1 month, 3-4 times a year.

Herbal teas to restore lipid metabolism

Normalization of lipid metabolism plays almost the main role in the treatment of atherosclerosis. To speed up the breakdown and excretion of fat and also prevent their deposition in the blood vessels. These properties are the blossoms of immortelle, rose, calendula, dandelion roots, Yam, elecampane, burdock, and ground parts (leaves and stems) of oats, nettle, mistletoe and other herbs. In addition, often in compounding of fees can be found the fruits of horse chestnut, wild rose, garden of Apple, fennel and hawthorn.

Often to troubleshoot problems with lipid metabolism apply the following fees from medicinal plants:

  • The roots of the Yam and dandelion blossoms rose and immortelle, rose hips and stems with leaves of oats, yarrow and nettle in equal amounts;
  • The roots and rhizomes of elecampane and dandelion, fruits of dill, Rowan and Apple trees garden, florets of calendula, the herb shepherd's purse and oregano in equal parts;
  • Rhizomes elecampane,shoots of wild raspberries and horsetail, rose flowers and calendula, the fruits of chestnut and ash, corn silk, in equal weight parts;
  • Birch leaves, strawberry, Jakarta, mother and stepmother, and Melissa, the fruits of chestnut and hawthorn, kidney tea shoots and the Prairie clovers – all to take in equal amounts.

According to the proposed recipe herbalists, to prepare medicinal compositions against atherosclerosis need of a full tablespoon of pre-cooked mixtures of plants (always in dried form) and 0.4 l of hot water. Future therapeutic agent must be heated on a slow fire, and even better – in a water bath for 10 minutes, then tightly cover the pot and leave to infuse for 1 hour. Make cooked this recipe broths should be three times a day 100 ml, immediately after a meal or after 30-40 minutes after eating.

To treat atherosclerosis drug charges, listed above, need course method: each part is made within 2 months. Between courses, an interval of three weeks, during which patients are recommended to drink herbal teas, the recipes of which are set out in the previous section of the article.

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Drug charges for patients with obesity

The presence of overweight evidence of the violation of metabolism, in particular lipid. To restore it and return the weight to normal levels, herbalists recommend for 8 months drink special charges, improving peristalsis and displays the body of excess lipids. Alternate the different fees you need every 2 months to avoid habituation.

In order to restore weight and improve laboratory values for lipids, you will need the following sets of herbs:

  • Rose hips, mountain ash and Aronia, leaves of dill, yarrow, birch, strawberry, peppermint, betony and shepherd's purse blossoms of the Sophora and liquorice, the roots and rhizomes of elecampane;

  • The leaves mother and stepmother, Melissa and oregano, strawberries and field horsetail, and nettle cowberry, kidney tea shoots, rose hips and fennel blossoms marigold and Rowan, burdock root;
  • The fruits of hawthorn, dog rose and horse chestnut leaves, cranberries, raspberries and black nightshade, balm, sundew and oregano, dandelion roots andsorrel, buckwheat blossoms and roses, corn silk;
  • Straw oat aerial part (leaves with stems) Jakarta, peppermint, Rue, betony and BlackBerry, Apple peel, rhizome of Dioscorea and chicory, hawthorn and wild rose blossoms of immortelle.

Prepare medicinal decoctions according to the classic recipe: one tablespoon of raw material is taken to be 350 ml of hot water. components are mixed and slowly heated in a water bath for no more than 10-15 minutes. After this time the broth is left in a warm place for an hour, then strain and allow to cool for later use.

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Drug charges to improve cerebral circulation

If atherosclerosis has struck mainly the blood vessels of the brain, experts recommend taking decoctions of the plants that it have a positive effect on cerebral blood flow. To the list referred to above components dobavlyayutsya white, marsh Ledum, motherwort, ground, clover, celandine, and cottonweed.

Fees are as follows:

  • The leaves of Jakarta, peppermint, mother-and-stepmother, and rosemary combined with white willow bark, corn silk, hawthorn and fennel, buds of the mountain ash ordinary and roots of the dandelion;
  • Rose flowers and immortelle, the shoots of oats and raspberries, grass motherwort and wild strawberry combine with the skins of apples and rose hips;
  • Shoots of mistletoe, kidney tea, blossoms of clover and buckwheat combined with a herb dill, cudweed, clover and BlackBerry, and hawthorn;
  • Grass celandine, marjoram, shepherd's purse connect with the inflorescences of buckwheat and mountain ash, leaves goutweed, birch and strawberry, white willow bark and rhizomes of couch grass.

Prepared broth should be taken cold, half a Cup three times a day, preferably after meals.

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Teas for the prevention of atherosclerosis

Hot drinks, or so-called herbal tea is not only useful, but tasty.

At high risk of atherosclerosis, doctors recommend to add to the usual tea leaves the following mixture of herbs:

  • Dandelion roots, elecampane and chicory.

  • Rose hips crushed,the leaves of raspberry and strawberry.
  • Oat straw, rose hips, nettle, peppermint and birch leaf.
  • The fruits of mountain ash, the ground of wild strawberry (whole), lemon balm, rose petals.

Three grams of the mixture (1 teaspoon) into the teapot to transform the taste of the drink and fill it with nutrients. Brew these drinks have little longer than normal tea, about 15 minutes. So it is not too strong, should reduce the amount of welding.

In atherosclerosis, it is important to pay attention to the comprehensive treatment one herbal medicine to cope with disease is unlikely. Nevertheless, herbs will contribute to a more complete restoration of normal functioning of the organs and systems.

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2 folk remedy for atherosclerosis

  • Alcohol tincture of the flowers of clover. It is prepared in the following way: two tablespoons of dried flowers pour 0.5 liters of 40% alcohol (vodka), insist 10 days, after the infusion is filtered and they can the patient drink a tablespoon two or three times a day for three months. Then you need to take a break for 6 months and again all repeat.

  • Sophora japonica from tinnitus. Pour 0.5-1 tea spoon dried Sophora japonica Cup boiling water, insist half an hour. Drink 1/3 Cup 3 times a day.in the next three months.

okolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor-naturopath, herbalist