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Drugs to improve the brain

Many, if not all, at least once in life have noticed a clear manifestation of unpleasant symptoms that characterize the beginning of organic changes in the brain: causeless headaches, ringing and buzzing in the ears, memory problems, photopsias (a false sense of light in eyes), etc.

These symptoms are talking about ischemia of the brain or, more simply — violation of cerebral circulation.

Brain ischemia, usually secondary and is caused by some other disease. In 95% of cases this pathology is the atherosclerosis. The essence of the disease consists in the formation of fatty deposits (cholesterol complexes) on the walls of major blood vessels that supply blood to the brain and subsequent narrowing of the lumen.

Blockage (occlusion) of blood vessels leads to high blood pressure. As a result, the vessel from excessive load may simply crack. This damage of brain tissue is called a stroke.

However, not only atherosclerosis, but a number of other diseases and conditions lead to violations of the authority's work. Among them, the most frequent vegetative-vascular dystonia (VVD), migraine, traumatic brain injury, etc. the Essence of these processes are not in occlusion and narrowing (stenosis) of blood vessels as a result of spasm.

When these abnormalities of the brain neurons also receive less blood, rich in oxygen and nutrients. As a result, all grow brighter and more intense typical symptoms and die off of cells-neurons, which can lead to early onset dementia.

Thus, it is necessary to carefully monitor their health, and not to shy away from problems, hoping to "maybe".

Fortunately, circulatory insufficiency can be compensated by medication. Treatment of circulatory failure is successfully eliminated a complex of specialized drugs, some of which relieve spasm, improve the quality of other characteristics of the blood (viscosity, etc.), thereby reducing the risk of thrombosis.

The content of the article:

Drugs intended to expand the vessels

Calcium blockers (calcium antagonists)

Calcium channel blockers prevent the penetration of calcium ions in blood vessels, thereby reducing the tone of arteries. No harmful effect on the veins, the drugs do not have.

Calcium antagonists produce the strongest vasodilator effect. As a result, the vasospasm subsides, the circulation becomes normal, and the brain provides it with oxygen and nutrients.

Currently being developed this is the third generation of drugs in this group.

Blockers of the first generation developed in the 60-ies and include the following names:

  • Fenilalkilamin and its derivatives (verapamil, trade name ISO - and Phenoptin).
  • Dihydropyridine and its derivatives (nifedipine, trade names adalat, Cordipin, Corinfar, Fenigidin etc.).
  • Benzodiazepin and its derivatives (diltiazem, trade name identical or Diadem).

Drugs of the second generation was characterized by greater efficiency and fewer side effects and longer duration of action:

  • Amoldipine and other medications ending with the Postfix "dipin", except Cordipin.
  • Clentiazem.
  • Anipamil and other drugs, ending with the Postfix "Amil", except for verapamil.
  • Lomir (Isradipine).

Group of drugs-calcium antagonists has a lot of side effects from the majority of the body's systems, so to apply these drugs must be careful, in strict accordance with the dosage and be sure only to appoint a competent professional.

All the above preparations of General action. This means that they do not act selectively, and affect equally to all vessels.

Especially for effects on the blood vessels of the brain, there are drugs, acting purposefully, for example:Cinnarizine, Nimodipine and others.

Drugs based on plant alkaloids

Preparations on the basis of periwinkle

Significant therapeutic effect have drugs based on the extract contained in common plant — the boneyard (Barvinok). The active substance of this plant has a pronounced antispasmodic effect, expanding blood vessels. In addition, the alkaloid from the periwinkle plant improves blood properties, increases the circulation rate, thereby providing the brain cellsthe optimal amount of nutrition and oxygen.

Among drugs alkaloidal group common:

  • Cavinton (and Cavinton Forte, with prolonged effect).
  • Vinpocetine (or Vinceti).
  • Bradenton.
  • Vero-Vinpocetine.
  • Celectol.
  • Winzerin.

Products based on plant extract are widely advertised on television and well tolerated by patients. They have a minimum of contraindications and side effects, because in moderate doses may be an independent application.

However, any drug should be administered by a physician, and often only one Cavinton or other drugs of this group enough. Therefore self-treatment may be not only ineffective but also dangerous, since the patient spends precious time on empty troubles.

Alkaloide medicines are produced in tablet form and in the form of injections. The latter is much more effective, as are introduced directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the mucosal lining of the stomach and intestines. The optimal method of administration is determined by the physician.

Homeopathic medicines

Efficacy of homeopathic preparations is controversial, and likely based on Placebo effect. Despite the controversy, enough effective drugs, Cerebralis, EDAS. They worked well in combination with other drugs, although the therapeutic effect is not fully understood.

Drugs based on Gingkobiloba

Also widely publicized, but unlike many medicines of dubious quality, "laudatory odes" about this drug are sung quite fair.

Drugs based on this plant have a number of useful properties: they decrease tonicity of the arteries, increase the permeability of their walls, have a vasodilator effect, and furthermore have a marked antioxidant effect and prevent the oxidation of cellular structures (which is important for the prevention of cancer).

Drugs, containing extract of this plant besides relieve swelling and improve the metabolism of nerve tissue of the brain.

Persons suffering from nervous or cardiovascular diseases, most likely, well-known names of these drugs:

  • Tanakan

  • Ginkor

  • Gingium

  • Bilobil

Medicines of this type are dispensed without a prescription because to buy them and receive no obstacles. Some of them do not admit drugs, and are considered as biologically active additives (BAA). However, before they are receiving the best solution would be consultation withdoctor. Uncontrolled reception even safe at first glance, the substances can result in completely unexpected ways.

You should also know about the compatibility of the drugs. So, gingko-compounds do not combine with aspirin because they increase blood flow. Because of this, there is a risk of cerebral hemorrhage.

Nicotinic acid and its derivatives

Drugs, the main active ingredient of which is Niacin and its derivatives (i.e., those substances, which have similar acid-a chemical basis, however, the structure is 1 or more substituents) have a dual action:

  • First, they effectively eliminate excess "bad" cholesterol in the blood and thus purify large arteries from cholesterol plaques.
  • Secondly, nicotine drugs expand capillaries, improves microcirculation of blood in the small blood vessels. Veins and arteries, thus, is practically not affected, since the vasodilatory effects designed for small vessels, which are rich in all parts of the brain.

The drug is most often prescribed for atherosclerosis, due to its properties. The main form of administration — injection.

- Nicotine medications have very unpleasant side effects and cause severe burning feeling and heat and redness of the skin. These symptoms are just associated with the expansion of an extensive network of capillaries. In some cases, the doctor may consider it more appropriate oral ingestion of the drugs nicotine. Among the drugs in this group you can meet: Nikoshpan, Induration and others.

All nicotine medication available only by prescription, because their self-administration can lead to severe damage of the liver and the excretory system.

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Drugs that strengthen the walls of blood vessels

Many cardiovascular diseases, which are accompanied by changes in the brain significantly affect the vessels. Blood highways become brittle and lose their normal elasticity. Especially to increase the intensity of metabolic processes in the blood vessels, restoring their elasticity and permeability of the prescribers of a particular group.

As a rule, this group includes vitamins and also some minerals and trace elements:

  • Rutin (P-vitamin). The collective name of a group of active compounds, including flavonoids, anthocyanins, and others. Contributes to the normal synthesis of cell structures, therefore are necessary to maintain optimal vascular tone. The greatest effect of the substance is achieved in combination with vitamin C, which prevent the re-destruction of cells under the influence of oxidizing agents.

  • The trace minerals Potassium, Selenium and Silicon.A good help in the recovery of the vessels of the brain will be vitamin complexes containing these trace elements. In addition to vitamin complexes also recommended taking some dietary Supplements, food supplements, produced in a plant-based adaptogens.
  • Digidrokwertitin.Digidrokwertitin has the property to expand the blood vessels and maintain their stable tone.

Within the limits indicated in the annotations to these medications and vitamin complexes dosage allowed self-administration. Active substances useful not only for treatment but also for prevention of violations of the functioning of the brain.


Among the nootropic drugs described above (Piracetam, Aminalon, etc.) the most effective nootropic drug of the new generation Noopept.

Nootropic drugs aimed at stimulating the brain, improving memory and protecting the brain from adverse impacts. Pharmacological action of this group of drugs is based on improving the circulation of blood through the capillaries and large blood vessels, and increase in the intensity of metabolism in blood vessels.

Noopept is the nootropic group of drugs alone, because it has a prolonged action and has virtually no side effects. It is granted to persons with pronounced ischemic manifestations, resulting from injury, atherosclerotic changes, etc.

Yet, despite the effectiveness of the drug, manufacturers do not recommend it to be taken to persons under 18 years, pregnant or nursing, and those with disorders of the liver and the excretory system. The product is characterized by a low incidence of side effects. Still uncontrolled take Noopept should not be.

Drugs for migraine treatment

Migraine is a complex neurological pathology affecting the blood vessels. In the course of development it passesa series of stages, each of which vessels undergo certain changes.

  • Vascular tone is reduced.
  • In the area of branching of the carotid artery is in spasm.
  • The vessels of the head expand, but that are in spasm, making them vulnerable to stretching.
  • The vessel wall and surrounding tissue is swollen as the blood permeability of the highway is reduced.
  • Vascular tone is normalized, and the highway returns to its original state.

Because the vessels at the time of a migraine attack already in the expanded state, vasodilator drugs will not help.

It is most efficient to adopt the following range of drugs: analgesics, anti-inflammatory agents, antagonists of serotonin (to eliminate excessive vasodilatation). If the first two — I antagonists, serotonin include several medications: Amerge, Zomig etc.

Despite popular belief, a migraine is not so safe, and its treatment should be done strictly under medical supervision. Self-administration of drugs is unacceptable.

Food in violation of cerebral circulation

To reduce the risk of complications caused by the malfunction of the brain, it is important to adjust your diet.

Be sure to use the following products:

  • Grain products. Bran, fresh bread, porridge from cereals provide the brain with necessary vitamins of group B.
  • Nuts and seeds. Needed to replenish "inventory" of vitamin E.
  • Vegetables.
  • Eggs.
  • Berries (blueberries and blackcurrants). Help to improve memory.

  • Broccoli.

  • Fish. Rich in phosphorus.
  • Fresh fruit (especially apples). Prevent oxidative processes, increase brain activity. Besides, apples cleanse the blood vessels from harmful substances.

Thus, a cure of disorders of the brain does not exist. Depending on pathology is necessary to choose a specific treatment. Often the problem of violations of brain activity lies not in one but several factors. In this case, the treatment will be comprehensive. Anyway, without competent medical care to cope with the problem impossible.