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Causes and symptoms of beriberi

What is the vitamin deficiency?

Beriberi is a consequence malnutrition for a long time in the food accepted in this case, the vitamins are either lacking or are in insufficient quantities.

Causes of vitamin deficiency

In winter, consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is greatly reduced, are the same as those included in the diet, contain few vitamins. In the summer it is also difficult to obtain the necessary dose of vitamins, even if the consumption of a sufficiently large number of fruits. To fill daily requirements in vitamins and minerals a person need to eat at least 1.5-2 kilograms of fruits, vegetables and berries, so the cause of beriberi, with rare exception, becomes irrational, monotonous diet, unbalanced diet, low content of vitamins in food products.

In the strict sense of the word beriberi, familiar to most understanding, can not be attributed to serious disease, while the acute shortage of vitamins is considered severe pathology.

More than a hundred years ago, that the deficiency threatens the health of sailors and was the cause of scurvy and death of seafarers. To date, these sharp insufficiency of vitamins can be found very rarely. In most cases, for professionals to help treat patients with deficiencies caused by a low content of vitamins in the foods eaten. In addition to vitamins, a person may be missing, and minerals. According to statistics, women in our country are most in need of additional reception of iron, iodine and selenium.

The symptoms of beriberi

The symptoms of deficiency first appear on the skin. The skin becomes dry, pale, lethargic, prone to irritation. At the same time suffer hair, they look lifeless, dry, brittle and fall out. On the skin in the corners of the lips cracks may appear which does not disappear after the use of creams and lipsticks, gums patients bleeding patients concerned about frequent catarrhal diseases with a protracted recovery period. Patients almost always feel tired, they are annoyed, apathetic. In addition, lack of vitamins can trigger recurrences of chronic diseases - such as herpes, mycosis, etc.

Treatment of beriberi

When taken in therapeutic dosages complexes containing multivitamins, do not accumulate in the human body. Don't be afraid and synthetic drugs, which in contrast to the natural counterparts, do not cause allergic reactions and some complications.

Drugs of the last generation are chemical compounds balanced in its composition. They lack many of the side effects common natural dietary Supplement.

Today vitamin supplements are available in a variety of dosage forms. From the point of view of pharmacokinetics the most attractive of them is the capsule that allows to minimize the probability of mutual neutralization of vitamins. Passing through the gastrointestinal tract, the capsule gradually dissolves, thus, the vitamins enter into the lumen of the intestine and are absorbed consistently.

Make vitamins better in the morning because the human body at this time of the day adjusts to the daily activity. It should also be remembered that the majority of vitamins absorbed by the body only with food. At the same time, it is not recommended to drink milk, soda, coffee, not to interfere with the absorption of medicines. Encapsulated drugs to swallow entirely, to chew they do not need.

To remedy the lack of vitamins necessary for maintaining normal metabolic processes, updates cellular structure and Wellness. The need for vitamins increases during times of stress, in the cold season, with significant physical exertion, change of climatic zone, lifestyle, food. Patients at risk – sitting on a strict diet for a long period of time, smokers need vitamins throughout the year.

Intake of vitamin preparations should meet the daily needs of the person, and in any case not be accompanied by excesses, exceed the recommended dosages. An overdose of vitamins may cause violation of their absorbability and cause new diseases.

The easiest way to remedy the lack of vitamin C, despite the relatively high numbers of daily requirement is 100 mg. Vitamin C in large quantities contained in vegetables and fruit, if desired it can be obtained from the needles, and prepare from it the infusion.

When replenishment of vitamin a deficiency by ensuring a balanced diet should be aware of the thermal requirements of vitamins, photophobia. Vitamins also significantly reduced in the products that are stored for a long time.