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Treatment of insomnia

Treatment of insomnia folk remedies

Insomnia treatment honey

Difficult to find a more effective and harmless remedy for insomniathan honey. Therefore, the traditional, and traditional medicine agree that we should try to normalize the sleep honey.

You can take it in different ways- for example, in the form of a delicious and healthy syrup from a tablespoon of honey, tablespoon of mineral water "Borjomi" and half tablespoon of lemon cut in small pieces. To make such a tool should be in the morning.

Honey (2 tablespoons) can also be mixed with lemon juice (1 Cup) and chopped walnuts (2 tablespoons). Take this remedy just before bedtime.

Dilute the honey can also warm water or yogurt in a ratio of 1 tablespoon per Cup (250 ml). To adopt such means is in the evening. It will also be helpful before bed to lubricate temples with lavender oil.

The well-known folk recipe, which helps get rid of insomnia with the help of honey and Apple cider vinegar. On 200 g honey put 3 teaspoons of vinegar and mix well. Before going to bed to eat a pair teaspoons of this mixture – and literally within 30 minutes you will feel a pleasant slumber.

Insomnia treatment charges

Collection 1. Infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants will help you relax, calm the nerves and fight insomnia. Folk medicine recommends to brew in a water bath 10 g a mixture of herbs of motherwort, peppermint, rhizomes of Valerian and hops connected in a ratio of 3:3:2:2. Boil medicine need 15 minutes, then cool, filter and add boiled and cool water to restore the original volume of water (250 ml). Thrice a day this remedy you drink half a Cup. It will relieve nervous tension and eliminate insomnia.

Collection 2. Half an hour in a Cup of boiling water brew a tablespoon of mixture of herbs of bean trefoil, rhizomes of Valerian, hop cones and leaves of mint. All components take equally. Three times a day medication drink 100 ml. in the same way brewed and flowers of hawthorn, Valerian roots, mint leaves and mistletoe, but take ingredients 10g.

Collection 3. Mix marjoram (10 g): Valerian root (5 g ), pour 1/3 Cup of boiling water and boil on a slow fire for ten minutes. Then leave it for an hour to brew and drink the entire infusion before bedtime.

Collection 4. It is useful to brew the thyme, calendula flowers and grass Leonurus, United in equal proportions. Per Cup of boiling water add 10 g collection (1 teaspoon), and boil for ten minutes. Then leave for an hour, then mix with honey and drink just before bedtime.

5. Folk doctors recommend to mix peppermint leaves with chamomile flowers, fennel fruit, caraway and Valerian roots. All components take in equal amounts. You will need to fill 10 g collect 200 ml of boiling water for half an hour to evaporate the cure in a water bath. Then the broth is cooled slightly (within 10 minutes), tsedyat, press herbs and cool boiled water to bring the liquid volume up to the original. In the morning you must drink half a glass of medications, and in the evening a glass.

Collection 6. Infusion of leaves of lemon balm (20 g), Valerian root and herb Leonurus (for 30 g ) prepare two hours, brewing 300 ml of boiling water. After cooking the tail and drink in three doses for one day. The medicine helps with nervousness, will have a calming effect and eliminate insomnia.

Insomnia treatment baths

Water treatment – the best assistant in the fight against insomnia. You should know that the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. Taking a bath should be a couple of hours before bedtime. Optimally, if you eat 2 hours before taking bath. The bathing itself should not last more than 25 minutes. Make sure that the water does not cover the chest in the heart area (it may have a negative impact on blood circulation).

Baths with medicinal herbs will be for you effective medication. For example, you can add in a bath a decoction of fragrant hay, which is pre-brewed in a glass pot. Also healers suggest brewing cones and needles of pine. Boil them in two liters of cold water, then leave for another 12 hours. The color of the broth should be brown. It is added to a warm bathand stir. Optimal water temperature is 36 degrees. The procedure should last no longer than 15 minutes.

Take a bath and with the addition of Valerian. Its root (200 g ) pour 1 liter of water and boil for ten minutes, then leave for an hour, referring to himself and added to the bath. After ten or twelve baths sleep problems should disappear.

It is also recommended to brew in 2 l water 500 g Linden inflorescences. Bring the broth to a boil, cool, strain and pour into the tub.