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Treatment of warts folk remedies

Popular treatment of warts

There is one recipe for traditional treatment of plantar warts, which is very easy to prepare at home. This tool has already tested a large number of people. It is necessary to take a little bit of vinegar and flour. Stir until thick dough.

At night put on the wart. Mass necessary to impose strictly only to the wart, otherwise healthy skin around will become corrode. Dry for a while, and then put on socks. This procedure should be done three times – and all the troubles will disappear.

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2 weeks up hands and warts no

At the age of twelve years at the hands of the daughter of one of the readers began to appear warts. Then the doctor told the girl's mother treatment of warts folk remedy, which really helped her. For this you first need to steam hands in a hot decoction of thyme. To prepare this broth to a glass of herbs pour two liters of boiling water and infuse for at least two hours, and then, if necessary, slightly warm.

In this infusion is needed to soar, and the water should be almost hot. Then the grass does not need to throw away, it is still useful for next time. This procedure takes about 50-60 minutes every day. New the broth to cook through the day. Very well done steaming hands after you just washed, or washed the dishes because my hands are already pre-respailles. In the case of a girl warts gone for ten days.

Propolis warts on fingers

For a very long time – for six years – one woman could not get rid of warts on finger. She tried to burn it with liquid nitrogen, but the wart continued to grow. She even went to the oncologist, as was beginning to think that it was a malignant tumor.

But in the hospital, her fears were not confirmed, and the doctor told her to take a piece of propolis size of the wart, put it in your mouth and soften with saliva. At this time in slightly warm water – clean, without any additives for 30 – 40 minutes to keep the finger with the wart, so that she too softened. Then you need to wipe your finger and apply to the wart propolis, which has just softened in my mouth.

It should fix itthe plaster on for three or four days. In the lunar calendar was written that to begin to remove warts is best during the full moon and continue until the new moon. A day before the new moon to remove all bandages and to the full moon, stop treatment, and the moon is full again. So folk treatment for warts and got rid of it painlessly from this unpleasant affliction. If you have warts smaller, it is possible that you get rid of warts in one treatment for the full moon to the new moon.

Miracle sulfate reduced warts from the face

Once many years ago one of our Citadella wart appeared near the temple, and when he was standing, constantly traumatised her. The result is a very strong skin irritation around the wart. I decided to try the juice of celandine. But, unfortunately, the wart just dried up and never came down. For a long time he was trying to cope with this nuisance, but even the healer who came to them in the city, couldn't help.

In one journal he read that may help 60% salicylic ointment, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. But it turned out that the remedy can only help with small young papillomas. Old warts also shrink, but not to the end, and if you stop the treatment, everything will return to its previous state.

And once again, his face a wart, just between the corner of the mouth and chin. And than he tried to fight them. But it was to no avail, on top and on the other side of the face began to appear small warts, and then on the fingers. Then the man had panicked. Read the article in the paper that the cause of warts may be a disease of the gastrointestinal tract. He had peptic ulcer disease, then gastritis, cholecystitis.

Then one article from the newspaper he stumbled upon the recipe against warts on the foot. But it is the popular treatment of warts was so simple that he didn't even give it much importance. The recipe is that you mix a tablespoon of copper sulphate and butter. He did not believe in success, but still decided to try this tool.

The man smeared the wart on 12-20 hours first 60% salicylic ointment, and the top – vitriol-oil. Copper sulphate causes mild but tolerable burning sensation. Fixing the bandage on the fingers, used cut from thin newsprint strip to ensure that the ointment is in contact only with the wart. And the face left open, so the ointment and went.

And a miracle happened. Two weeks later all the warts were gone from his face, and the largestleft a deepening of 1-2 mm. He thought he will remain a big scar, but with time all have passed and left no trace. Hand warts gone only a month and a half of active treatment. And, by the way, according to him, he noticed that copper sulfate is almost no effect on healthy tissue.

Celandine heals warts in a week

Somehow recently my husband is the reader suddenly began to appear warts from the hand to the elbow. At the hospital he was advised to smear them with the juice of celandine. At that moment we were going to go on holiday to Altai. There is just a lot of celandine. After the hands are well washed, you need to smear the wart overnight with the juice of this plant, which acts at the turn of the stem.

Three days my husband poked a blade in each wart, then it bothered him, and he just overpowered a bunch of celandine and heavily rubbed them a hand.

We've been on vacation for 10 days and back home the husband came back without the warts. Here is a wonderful traditional treatment of warts.

Rowan has cured the wart for 6 days

In order to get rid of warts, you should use a very good national recipe. To do this, buy or better tear from the tree of fresh berries of mountain ash, cut one of them, lay the mate to the wart and fasten something, for example, a band-aid. If you do so every day, then after a while, for about a week, the wart will disappear by itself. In its place may remain in the beginning of a small dimple, but it is the next day disappears.

Warts on the hands resolved

The son of one of our reader was only four years old, when his hands began to appear warts. There were so many that in kindergarten, the mother was asked not even to drive it there. And what they just did with this scourge! Doctors recommended to burn the warts off with acid. But the woman still decided to turn to folk remedies of treatment of warts.

Branch of thuja (palm-sized) cut into pieces with a length of 3-7 mm. to Put in a glass vial, e. g., hydrogen peroxide, pour the alcohol. Close the stopper and allow to stand for 12 days, shaking occasionally. 12 days to open and keep open bottle for 1-2 days. After this infusion is ready to drink.

You need to dip it in cotton wool on the match and lubricate the wart several times a day.It is recommended to lubricate up to six times a day. And after this treatment, finally the warts began to disappear from the skin of the boy completely. However, do not expect instant results. As the course of treatment the boy was long enough. And, by the way, the tincture has a long shelf life.

Garlic is not inferior to the celandine

Once in one newspaper reader read that warts helps celandine. But actually this is not always the way out of this situation. She experienced other means: when I was little, in her arms, and legs had a lot of warts. And then she take them garlic.

You need to steam the wart, then cut on the band-aid or tape a hole the size of the wart. Apply it to the wart so that the skin around it was closed. Crush a clove of garlic, apply to the wart and secure with a bandage. Since it will burn much, try to be patient and keep as you can. After you remove the bandage, wash the place to which you have applied the garlic.

After 5-7 days the skin with the wart should dry up and move herself from treatment with this folk remedy like garlic.

Popular method of treatment of warts

It was a long time ago, one woman with her husband then was still very young. They walked along the waterfront of the city, and my husband decided on the road to go to the barbershop for a haircut. The woman was standing in the hallway. It was cutting a young hairdresser. And then the woman hears him asks her husband how much he is suffering with the wart near the mouth. Then the Barber takes some string and ties her to a wart on the face of her husband. Said to her husband three days do not wash. During these days my husband didn't even notice and didn't feel the wart itself has disappeared.

Then, the wife with her husband came to thank the hairdresser and ask what he did, he said he knew about such a wonderful folk remedy for treatment of warts as a ponytail. He just wrapped the hairs of the horse's tail around the wart, and then tied three knot. Most importantly, instead of the horsehair, you can use any thread!