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Treatment of TMJ folk remedies

Folk treatment of TMJ

Take five hundred grams of walnuts and chop them, add to them six ounces of sesame oil and two hundred and fifty grams of sugar.

Also you will need four lemons, which must be cut into four pieces and fill them with one liter of boiling water, get a thick mixture. This mixture of lemons pour the mixture prepared earlier, stir.

Use this folk remedy one tablespoon three times a day half an hour before meals. Course national treatment of bradycardia should continue until recovery. Also for an easier flow of bradycardia it is necessary to take bee pollen and Royal jelly, milk, fish oil, flax oil, olive oil, seaweed.

Treatment of TMJ yarrow

With bradycardia reduced the pace of the heart. If the pulse is below forty or so, you could face great danger. You can use the following folk remedy for treatment. This yarrow, you can buy from the pharmacy, or, if possible, to pick at his dacha.

Take fifteen grams of yarrow herb (it should be dry) and pour a glass of water. Boil for fifteen minutes and then allow to stand for one hour.

Take tincture need one tablespoon three times a day until recovery, better courses. This method will improve heart function, and bradycardia you will rack less.

Treatment of TMJ wine

In this disease well helps the next popular method of treatment of bradycardia. Take a pint of red wine (e.g., wine), boil it for ten minutes on low heat in an enamel pot. Pour into it fifty grams of ground fennel seeds and the next ten minutes continue to boil the composition on a slow fire. Then allow the medication to infuse until cool and pour into jars. Strain is not necessary.

This tool is stored in the refrigerator, but take it roomtemperature three times a day one tablespoon half an hour before meals. Treatment of bradycardia is 2 weeks, and then take a break for ten days and again repeat the course of treatment.

Lemon and garlic

Take ten lemons, fill with boiling water and let they will lie down for a minute. Then squeeze the juice of each lemon. Take garlic to ten heads, grind to a mushy state. Garlic is better than crushed, if you add a little lemon juice. You will also need one liter of honey of good quality. Mix all the ingredients and place them in a glass jar. Put the composition to be stored in a cool place where you can't get sun, but not in the refrigerator. Should insist for ten days. The banks need every day to shake.

Then to take the medicine, just slowly cast the composition in a jar and smaller each time before using the Bank shake. Use four teaspoons once a day for half an hour before eating, thoroughly dissolving. Can be taken on an empty stomach in the morning. When you take the medicine, dissolve first a spoon for one minute, and the rest with a break of one minute. Treatment of bradycardia according to folk remedy is three months, exactly as designed in this portion. Repeat the treatment after a year.