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Use, indications and contraindications for halotherapy

For modern medicine is characterized by a confusion in the definition of artificial microclimate of salt caves. It is called a salt chamber, and the speleological chamber, or chamber of speleoclimate, there are also terms such as a system of "live air" or climate chamber.

The priority developments of Russian physiotherapy cameras are widely used in halotherapy and speleotherapy. Such treatment facilities in many health centers and urban health centres.

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What is halotherapy?

Halotherapy is a drug-free treatment which is based on the re-creation of an artificial microclimate as close as possible to the properties and conditions of salt caves.

Such hospitals have a special microclimate. There is a constant temperature, without fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, low humidity, and complete absence of bacteria. Such a climate is called hypoallergenic due to the properties of air containing salt spray.

At the initial stage of the procedure halotherapy, no matter this natural cave or artificially reproduced, in a tangible effect. Some patients noted the appearance of minor discomfort, others have a weakness and dizziness, and someone already the first session gives a burst of energy and strength. The body's response is purely individual character, but the cheerfulness and easiness experiencing an absolute majority after 2-3 sessions.

The salt cave is equipped with sun loungers and a mini-pavilions with tables. Of course, a salt cave and its natural prototype differ. Artificially created space has operators and a medical room.

Special attention is paid to visitors with bronchial asthmabecause they are prone to bouts of increasing cough in the first minutes of the procedure. Only 10 minutes to the body and adapted to come in its normal state.

The number of sessions of halotherapy depends on the characteristics and severity of the disease. Usually the range varies from 10 to 25 procedures. If necessary, repeat the course in six months.

Thandifferent halotherapy and speleotherapy?

Speleotherapy and halotherapy have a lot in common, especially the similarity manifests itself in physiotherapy technique.

Originally, the term "speleotherapy" described the healing process in vivo on the basis of salt mines or caves. They had the ability to circulate large volumes of air, thereby maintaining a year-round constant climate with a certain humidity and temperature conditions. The effectiveness of such treatment are undeniable, but to get to such places is problematic, so the idea arose about the possibility of recreate a similar microclimate – unique and useful.

For the air environment of speleokluby characterized by the reproduction of the properties of microclimate of underground salt caves in the potash mines. Thus arose the need to purchase salt material (halite and salinity blocks and slabs) required for cladding ceilings, walls and floors of medical cameras.

In the end, the speleological chamber became known as space, which air flow creates a unique climatic environment. It is amazing the mechanism of flow of the salt material, causing the break down products of natural destruction.

Salt aerosol is a complex of halite, sylvite and carnallite, constituting about 98% of the total volume of substances, that is its main minerals are potassium chloride, magnesium and sodium. Potassium chloride helps to restore the contractile function of the heart and strengthen the body's defenses.

The most important factor determining the healing properties of speleotherapy procedures is the almost complete absence of allergens in the air. Besides, the quiet environment, without excessive noise and sharp sounds in the chamber creates a special atmosphere. Air ions make the air fresh and intense, which has a positive effect on the respiratory system visitors gives cozy and comfortable feeling.

Salt cabins are used for modern ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Air masses pass over the entire length of the wall, covered with a layer of natural salt, whereby is obtained a finely dispersed aerosol. This substance is involved in the normalization of metabolism, reduce blood pressure, increase red blood cells and other biochemical reactions. It is enough just to breathe deeply during the procedure of speleotherapy.

Under the halo should be understood the method of using the climatic conditions of salt caves in the artificially createdthe situation with the use of sodium chloride, which is a spray of salt. What salt is the main and only component of such therapy.

Treatment salt therapy became popular in the 80-ies of XX century. The salt chamber is a room where floor and walls are covered with a thin layer of salt. It is applied by spray and is more of the value sets. The purpose of such processing is to provide the function of the buffer moisture: moisture that is in the process of therapy highlights the patient, is absorbed, thereby the optimum degree of humidity is maintained. The exhaust fan will remove accumulated moisture after the procedure.

In the halochamber decided to create a special interior that adjusts for maximum relaxation and eliminates the feeling of presence in a medical institution. The medical effect is reached due to indoor installation of special equipment - spray for dry aerosol, referred to as the halogen generator. It grinds the salt particles to aerosol and provides a metered inflow of the substance into the chamber. The only component of the salt aerosol in the salt chamber is sodium chloride. Salt aerosol fills the air only through the halogen generator.

Speleotherapy and halotherapy are methods of climatotherapy in the same treatment area. Both cases assume the use of salt. The difference is in the nature of medical education environment and its opportunities.

The main advantage of speleokluby appear to be a complex salt aerosol components that contribute to positive therapeutic effect.

According to the results of a study whose purpose was to evaluate the microclimate of salt chambers and speleochamber, found that the therapeutic indications of the climate of the salt cabins, recreated using blocks from natural potassium salts have a high and stable level of treatment. Salt chambers, covered with a coating of salt, have a low healing properties.

Speleological chamber in his work does not need halogenerator that needs to be overhauled at least once every five years.

A significant advantage of speleokluby before the salt chamber is the working chamber surface, which in the pen case used in full, and the second is only a decorative function.

The benefits of halotherapy

Modern medicine has information about only a beneficial effect on the human body salts, containing ions and sodium chloride.

The main merit of such treatment is to cleanse the organsof the respiratory system. A stay in the salt chamber helps to saturate the cells with useful ions, thereby recovering lung function and microflora of the respiratory tract is cleaned from dust and harmful bacteria.

During a session of halotherapy salt air increases the saturation of blood with oxygen, forms the body's defenses to fight infections and viruses. The salt cave is particularly helpful in the treatment of various ENT diseases: sinusitis, pharyngitis and bronchitis. Effective salt cave for children, often exposed to colds. They contribute to the strengthening of the immune system, as children and adults.

Salt therapy is considered an excellent remedy for the problems of cosmetic nature. Salt treatments rejuvenate the skin, promotes healing by exfoliating the stratum corneum of the skin and nourish it .

Visiting salt caves leads to a qualitative change of intensity of blood flow to skin cells, enhancing oxygen exchange at the micro level. An interesting fact is the faster healing of wounds and abrasions after a visit to the salt chambers. Due to this property, halotherapy is recommended for people who are suffering from acne, dermatitis of different origin, psoriasis, seborrheic lesions of the skin and other skin diseases. The particles of the salt caves are beneficial to the state of hair follicles and the appearance of hair in General.

The known benefits of salt caves in the fight against Smoking. Especially if a heavy smoker can not give up the pernicious habit. The inhalation of clean air allows a man to compare it with the tobacco smoke, and it becomes the first psychological moment on your way to a healthy lifestyle: lungs are cleared, reduced inflammation, and the craving for nicotine is gradually fading.

Salt caves are equipped with maximum comfort and atmosphere of forming psycho-emotional unloading. Thus, a session of halotherapy becomes not only therapeutic, but also relaxing effect.

Studies of the effectiveness of halotherapy







Sinusitis / inflammation of the paranasal sinuses




Allergies to pollen


Skin allergies






Fatigue syndrome


Testimony of halotherapy

Indications for halotherapy quite a lot. The main purpose of these sessions is the health of the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Recommended list of indications for procedures in salt caverns:

  • Preventive measures for the prevention of colds: the common cold virus and SARS, pneumonia, bronchitis of various degrees of severity, etc.;
  • Treatment of ENT diseases: chronic sinusitis and frontal sinusitis, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, chronic inflammatory processes;

  • Treatment of asthmatic manifestations: productmy syndrome "bronchitis smoker", recurrent tracheobronchitis, and, of course, bronchial asthma;
  • Reduction of possible complications in the initial stages of colds, such as false croup or bronchospasm. Halotherapy in these cases helps to reduce sputum viscosity, improves its separation and reduction of the swelling of the mucous membranes, thereby alleviating symptoms, reducing dyspnea and increasing the permeability of the bronchi;
  • Allergic reactions: allergies of various etiology, including allergic dermatitis and rhinitis;

  • Lesions of the skin, including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, ekzemnye and pustular manifestations on the skin, acne and Hyper-secretion of the sebaceous glands;

  • For improvement in the field of cosmetology sessions of halotherapy relieve inflammation;
  • In diseases of the cardiovascular system: ischemia, angina, Hypo- and hypertension. Effectively visit salt caves in the recovery period after a heart attack or stroke;

  • In the case of neurotic and neurosis-like States: phobic symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, unreasonable, disturbing thoughts and fears. Influencing the vegetative system of the person, the salt air contributes to its normalization in the emotional plan;

  • Prevention of diseases related to environmental pollution. Areas in which hazardous production or when the person has no stable work schedule, for example when you need to pull the night shift, salt caves will allow to cope with psycho-emotional stress, clean air, relieve fatigue and have a positive impact on the overloaded nervous system.

Contraindications of halotherapy

Contraindications for halotherapy a bit, but to consider them necessary because a visit to the salt caves in the presence of chronic or infectious diseases, especially in the period of exacerbation or relapse, will only aggravate the situation. In addition, it is important to know about the possible hypersensitive to salt spray.

Contraindications the main contraindications of halotherapy include:

  • The active stage of tuberculosis;

  • Malignant neoplasms;
  • Infection until the end of the insulation period;
  • Disease with complications in the form of serious suppuration;
  • The period of acute diseases of the blood;
  • Bleeding of any origin and localization;

  • The whole period of pregnancy;
  • The acute form of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Chronic dependency: alcoholism and drug addiction

  • Mental illnesses of varying severity.

Before beginning a course of halotherapy, you should consult with your doctor to clarify the indications and contraindications for this procedure.

Halotherapy at home

Dynamic modern world requires most of the time, so there is an option when salt therapy can be done at home without having to travel in specially equipped premises or in the natural conditions of salt caves.

Sessions of halotherapy house has several options, ranging from the acquisition of the only specialized lamps made from salt crystals, and finishing equipment for this purpose separate rooms. In the first case, of course, will not be able to achieve diverse effects on organs and systems, but to strengthenthe immune system is possible.

The cost of the salt room are quite affordable, and the effect of it will be quickly reflected in the reduction of doctor visits of all family members. The undeniable advantage of halotherapy at home is a reduction and even complete elimination, of medications for illnesses.

The arrangement of the halochamber at home starts with choosing the space. The room area is calculated according to "3 sqm per person or more," and the air should be warm and dry.

True the salt chamber is able to equip only a specialist who knows the peculiarities of such constructions. He will develop an individual plan in accordance with the provided conditions and opportunities.

In the following sessions can be performed at any convenient time. Regular breathing fresh salt air strengthens the body, protects it from harmful germs and dust, restores respiratory function.

Halotherapy was applied for another 2.5 thousand years ago in Greece. People have used salt caves of natural origin, and today this method is widespread due to the possibility of artificial reproduction of useful conditions, providing not less positive effect on the human body.