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Treatment of bulimia

Treatment of bulimia with folk remedies

Treatment of bulimia with garlic

Besides pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy, the work of the body when bulimia will help to normalize some traditional medicines. These tools include garlic (3 cloves). It is cleaned and rubbed on a fine grater, top, pouring boiling pure water at a temperature of about 20 degrees. Infusion, leave for a day, then drink before bed. Dose is 1 tablespoon. This tool has a positive effect on the tone of the valve that connects the esophagus and stomach.

Used to treat bulimia and linseed oil. It can be purchased at the pharmacy. Before each meal should drink 20 ml of oil. Remember: it is better to eat more often but smaller portions.

Treatment of bulimia mint and parsley

The infusion of mint and parsley has a strong sedative and tonic effect. The plants need to dry and mix in equal amounts, then grind to a powder and pour a tablespoon of the mixture with boiling water (250 ml). After half an hour the infusion is already possible to drink. This tool can satisfy the hunger for a while (2 hours and more).

For treatment of the disease can be applied to an infusion of wormwood. A teaspoon of dry grass pour boiling water (1 Cup) and leave for half an hour. The medicine should drink half an hour before eating a tablespoon. A day you need to do at least three receptions.

Treatment of bulimia with decoctions

If bulimia is useful to drink a decoction of plums and figs. Fruit (500 g) cut and pour three liters of water. Cook the product until its volume is reduced to 500 ml. After that, drink a tasty and healthy decoction half a Cup four times a day.

A simple but effective way to get rid of bulimia is receiving the healing broth of celery. 20 g this plant pour clean boiled water (250 ml) and simmer for fifteen minutes. The medicine should then remove from heat and strain. This is the amount of broth to drink during the day in three reception. Take itbetter before meals.

Also struggle with bulimia nervosa can be guided by some simple tips. Hunger can be reduced through mineral water, green tea or kefir. It will also be helpful to drink as a tea decoction of maize stigmas. 200 ml of water take 10 g stigmas and evaporated in a water bath for twenty minutes. Before a meal medicine to drink one tablespoon.

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet will also help you in getting rid of bulimia. Give up coffee, cigarettes and alcohol, don't drink sugary sodas and don't eat sugar.

In the treatment of bulimia, you can apply various herbs: Basil, grape seed, Catnip, and so on. Will not harm well as therapeutic massage and exercise in the fresh air.