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The treatment of eczema folk remedies

  • People's ointment. Take three glasses of the same size. In the first glass you need to break a raw egg into another glass to pour water and a vinegar (or Apple table). Thus it is necessary that all three glasses have the same amount of content. Then pour it all into a jar with a volume of two hundred and fifty milliliters, close the lid and shake strongly until, until you get a creamy mass of the composition. Every day for the night to grease with a thin layer of the whole foot, top should wear cotton socks until morning to sleep. And in the morning do not rinse, put on clean socks. In the evening you need to wash your feet without soap and wiped dry, and again to lubricate the affected area with ointment. First, the old skin flakes off, in its place will be a new, pink skin.

  • Prevention

    As preventive measures for patients with weeping eczema should avoid contact with water, detergents, detergents. Hands wet as little as possible, RUB the alcohol solution of calendula. Water can trigger the occurrence of new lesions.

    Clothing and linen of patients wash hypoallergenic powder, you can use washing powder Amway - the regular powder the body also can react with a worsening of the disease.

    okolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor-naturopath, herbalist