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Causes and symptoms of cellulitis

What is cellulitis?

Phlegmon is purulent inflammation of adipose tissue, which is characterized by acute course. The pathological process in a short period of time covers the tissues surrounding the area of inflammation, and applies to both cellular space and the tendons and muscles.

Causes of cellulitis

The localization of cellulitis may be subcutaneous, submucous, and axillary tissue, the thigh area, buttocks, lower back, crotch, the front wall of the peritoneum. The disease can occur when injected into the human body, staphylococcal, streptococcal infections, nevinnyh microorganisms. The way of contact with pathogens can be different: through the damaged mucous membranes, skin or blood.

Cellulitis can develop at the site of contact under the skin of irritating fluids, turpentine, kerosene, gasoline, etc.

If the abscess resulted from secondary infection, the reasons for the appearance of cellulitis can be attributed to some diseases of the skin: furuncle, carbuncle, osteomyelitis.

Symptoms and diagnosis of cellulitis

Among the main symptoms of the disease note painful swelling, rapid spread of the inflammatory process, considerable areas of redness of the skin. Body temperature can rise above 40 degrees Celsius. Patient severe pains; the part of the body on which is formed the abscess may cease to perform his functions, the disease is accompanied by severe thirst and General weakness.

Over time, the swelling of the inflamed area of the skin increases, the skin blush and Shine. Palpation can define clear boundaries of the seal, which is still very hot. Probing the affected area is painful for the patient.

Early in the development of cellulitis at the site of inflammation is observed with infiltration of tissues, a couple of days later, you receive detachable serous-purulent character, if the causative agent of the pathological process are Streptococcus, purulent with a staph infection, ihoroscope with putrid infections.

The appearance of the patient all of the above symptoms requires urgent hospitalization to confirm the diagnosis.

Timely diagnosis of abscesses and phlegmons is important to determine the character of pathologic process.

Cellulitis can wearneokonchennyi in nature, that is to occur due to the development in limfouzly inflammatory process. This includes the appearance of cellulitis as a result of the decay of hematoma, abscess some parts of the body: face, feet, etc.

Odontogenic phlegmon may appear in the region of the diseased tooth: maxillo-facial, submandibular cellulitis.

Allocate cellulitis, which is based on nonspecific and specific inflammation or erysipelas tissues.

In advanced cases, cellulitis can cause a number of complications: lymphadenitis, lymphangitis, erysipelas, thrombophlebitis, septic inflammation, etc. When distributing the pathological process in the surrounding tissue may begin as a purulent arthritis, tenosynovitis, and other inflammatory processes of internal organs.

Facial cellulitis threatens the development of thrombosis facial veins and meningitis. Cellulitis of the foot in severe cases can lead to disruption in the functioning of blood vessels, which may be cause for amputation of the limb.

Phlegmon of the face and neck can lead to involvement in the pathological process of the major venous and arterial vessels, this in turn leads to abscess of the brain and disruption of oxygen into the lungs and fatal. Another dangerous complication of cellulitis of the face and neck is the development of rapid angina Ludwig.

Treatment of cellulitis

Cellulitis treated in a hospital, where the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment is selected depending on the types of the cellulitis and severity of the pathological process. Treatment of cellulitis is complex.