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Treatment of herpes folk remedies

Those who have infectious diseases are often worth a raise at home Kalanchoe. This plant is undemanding and doesn't occupy much space in the apartment. Kalanchoe has an amazing ability to reproduce parts of the escape. A small piece of paper for a few days, let the water roots and can be planted in the ground. Stems of Kalanchoe strong, the leaves are thick and fleshy.

In the succulent tissues of the plant contains many useful substances. Flavonoids have a choleretic and antibacterial properties. Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect of tannins lend. To strengthen the immune system useful contained in the juice of Kalanchoe vitamins.

The plant is suitable for external use as an ointment for skin diseases, open wounds, ulcers, burns and internal damage of the mucous membranes of the internal organs. Treatment of Kalanchoe it rarely causes allergic reactions. As a result of experiments, the researchers concluded that the use of plants is safe and can be used in medicine. In contact with the mucous juice does not cause irritation.

Kalanchoe herpes

Effective, as with any other skin disease. Fully the disease runs a week. To apply to the herpes can cut the fresh leaves of Kalanchoe or cloth soaked in the juice. The active substance contained in the pulp of the plant, help to transfer the virus into an inactive form. Good juice overhears the herpes virus and promotes healing of the skin in its place. After the first application relieves pain and burning. The main advantage of such a tool in its accessibility. Lubricate the herpes can in 2-3 hours, while the juice will be fresh. Kalanchoe are easy to grow, but it is used in a variety of diseases and serves as an interior decoration.

White wormwood

The woman constantly in the winter, suffered from herpes. Sores are poured out her three or four times a season. She began to take tincture of Sophora japonica, but, unfortunately, the grass didn't help her. But just a week helped her to recover infusion of white sage. The exact proportions insisting she did not comply. Just need to brew a dry wormwood and drink instead of tea.

Since then, herpes has ceased to bother her and was not apparent for twelve years. But this year, she once again felt on his lips the characteristic itching and immediately began to brew and drink tea out of wormwood. Itching passed, and herpes sores never showed up.

Fir oil

For the treatment of herpes is possibleapply fir oil as a folk remedy. Fir oil should be lubricated herpes sores 3 times a day. To cure the rash, you can still apply the tea tree oil. And the third oil used in the treatment of herpes is camphor.

Just apply cotton wool soaked in this oil to blistered area a few times a day. If you constantly lubricate the sores with fir oil, then after a couple of days will pass.

On topic: the list of the best home remedies for herpes

Effective treatment of herpes

Gum resin is considered in folk medicine, effective remedy for treatment of herpes, which may reduce the frequency of the lesions and to reduce their duration. And if you use it at the beginning of the disease, herpes can be avoided.

To obtain the gum-resin, you need coated paper (high quality paper). Turn a blank sheet into a cone and place on a plate. As the cone will burn, preferably the plate itself to put on a big pot, or in a sink to ensure complete fire safety. Then ignite with a match or lighter to the top of the cone and wait until the fire goes out. The taper should burn at least half. When the fire goes out, throw the rest of the cone in the sink. On the bottom of the bowl and will gum resin, or call her gum balm. The balm is yellowish. This balm lubricate the affected area of the skin.

Egg with vodka herpes

This treatment differs from all other methods. However, this does not affect its effectiveness. On the contrary, the egg of vodka helps with herpes better than many of infusions and ointments. Importantly, this tool eliminates the disease permanently. The virus present in the body, does not develop again.

You should boil one egg hard boiled, clean it, put it in a glass, pour vodka to the egg was completely covered. Put in the refrigerator. Three days later, the egg to eat, vodka, in which lay the egg, drink. You can drink water or something to eat. Needs to be done so three times at intervals of ten days and the result will be positive. It should be noted that it is not a very pleasant taste. However, those who dare to try cooked so the egg will help to quickly cure herpes.

Egg vodka has no contraindications. But the remedy is not suitable for people who for health reasons can't drink spirits.

Celandine herpes

Celandineis widespread in Russia, the plant is used in folk and traditional medicine. It blooms yellow buds. The leaves of celandine green above, and underneath grey. Medicinally can be used as a whole escape, and flowers of the plant. But the greatest number of nutrients and vitamins in the juice of celandine. It's bright green color. Thanks to him, the celandine is difficult to confuse with other herbs. The taste of the juice is not too pleasant: it is very bitter. The smell of this plant specific.

Celandine is considered a hardy grass. It is found everywhere. The plant is not too important to the fertile soil and favorable climate. Collect it in the garden or at the cottage. If the house next to it does not grow, you should choose an environmentally friendly space. Only assembled away from the city and roads celandine retains all the beneficial properties, and they had a lot. To dry the grass to a well-ventilated room. Keep celandine can be up to 3 years. In dried form the herb is used to prepare tinctures. For the treatment of skin diseases it is recommended to procure in the summer fresh juice of celandine and store it in the fridge.

This plant has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to its ability to calm irritated skin it is used in the treatment of burns and pimples. Celandine helps in gastritis, liver and gallbladder. Dermatologists say its good qualities and even recommended for the treatment of skin cancer. Celandine copes not only with individual diseases, but also contributes to the strengthening of the whole body, good for the human immune system. Even in the absence of expressed health problems you can drink the infusion of herbs for prevention.

Herpes celandine also comes to the rescue. For the treatment used its juice, cooked in a special way. Shoots of celandine leaves grind in a meat grinder. From the resulting slurry separates juice. It should be left to infuse in a closed lid utensil for a week. There is accumulating gases be released. To do this, periodically open the lid. After 7 days the drug was ready. A cotton swab moistened with the juice and applied to the herpes on the lip. Carry out the procedure carefully, to ensure that the juice does not get on the mucous membrane of the mouth.

Because the celandine is a toxic plant that cancause poisoning of the body. However, the prescribed doses, these side effects are rare.

Aloe herpes

Aloe Vera – a home plant with fleshy succulent leaves. As Kalanchoe, it refers to the succulent. In medicine used aloe Vera juice or gel, which is obtained from grinding the fleshy part of the leaves. To grow aloe at home you to for making medicinal tinctures fresh raw materials.

Aloe is prepared infusions and cosmetic creams. In folk medicine commonly used fresh leaves of the plant. You can store them in the fridge, but not for long. It is better to grow aloe in a pot. It is undemanding in care. It is sufficient to transplant a aloe of times a year and provide abundant watering.

The juice of this plant contains many nutrients: vitamins, amino acids, keratin, enzymes. When the digestive disorders of the aloe – an effective tool, improves appetite, has a laxative and diuretic effect. It helps in diseases of the skin. Eczema, allergic rashes, dermatitis is only part of the problem, which helps to solve the aloe. In addition to bactericidal properties, the plant has anti-inflammatory effect and accelerates regeneration of damaged tissues.

It is convenient to use aloe leaves for the treatment of herpes. No need to make tinctures and wait until the vehicle is ready. Enough to take the fresh aloe leaf, cut it lengthwise and attach to the sore spot. Repeat the procedure a few hours until cold sores will not work. They can take a new sheet or a knife to refresh slice. To accelerate healing, aloe fix as a compress.

The juice of the plant is useful, but we must not forget that you need to use it carefully. Aloe in high doses can lead to digestive issues, and in some cases cause allergies.

Shilajit herpes

Shilajit– natural formations, dense and solid. The origin of this heterogeneous mass is still unclear. It is only known that in the formation of Shilajit involves a variety of microorganisms, plants, animals and rocks. This natural remedy has a specific odor. Buy Shilajit at the pharmacy. Before using for medical purposes, it undergoes special processing. Therefore, the raw material for medicinal products, presented for sale, dark in colour, soft and pliable. It is completelysoluble in water, has a bitter taste and spicy aroma.

However, noticed the healing properties of this natural formation. Shilajit contains various types of fatty acids, essential oils, resins and other trace elements and has the following useful properties:

  • analgesic;
  • fungicidal;
  • regenerative;
  • antibacterial;
  • antispasmodic;
  • cholagogue;
  • anti.

Antiviral effect allows the use of Shilajit to fight herpes. It can be used as a standalone tool, and in combination with other traditional methods or traditional medicine. For the treatment of herpes requires about 20 grams of Shilajit powder. They need to regularly powder my place of education of herpes. The most effective this tool is in the initial stages. Therefore, it is important not to miss the moment, when herpes had just formed, and cause Shilajit. However, even if the symptoms of infection on the lips is quite noticeable, this tool is also effective. Dusting does not look too aesthetically pleasing, but gives a quick result.

Herpes helps the egg film

The girl used to be constantly on his lips poured the herpes. Once advised her a wonderful tool. You need to remove the film from the inner side of the fresh chicken eggs and apply the sticky side to the sore. Soon the film will begin to dry and pucker, you can moisten the tip of his tongue and she straightened.

If you felt pain or twitching, do not be afraid, on the contrary, it means that the tool really works. Change tapes several times a day, depending on the condition of the old film. And at night, apply a new one.

2 easy ways

Effective treatment of herpes is the infusion of the birch buds. Rashes disappear before our eyes. To prepare buy at the pharmacy 25 grams of birch buds and fill their Cup of 70% alcohol. Put the infusion in a dark place and let it brew. After 2 weeks it will be ready, don't forget to strain. Infusion intended for rubbing!

Tip: If you need to get rid of cold sores, and you are not at home, use heart drug valocordin. The use of valocordin several times a day will cause cold sores to recede.

Garlic. Pretty good folk treatment for herpes is garlic. Take a garlic clove,clean it and cut it into 2 parts. Cut part RUB sore spots. I stress that we must not be lubricated, and grate. Need prolonged rubbing the juice of garlic is absorbed into the skin. It is best to do this procedure at night, as contact with water after rubbing is undesirable.

okolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor-naturopath, herbalist