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The treatment of hypertension and folk medicines

Arterial hypertension is a disease characterized by increased blood pressure, obstruction of blood flow due to the reduction of the lumen of blood vessels. More common among people aged 40 years, but recently, the hypertension is not uncommon for young people. The danger of the disease that in the early stages of it are asymptomatic – without accurate data on blood pressure hypertension suspect is almost impossible. At the stage when the increase in pressure associated with redness of the face and neck, headaches and other negative manifestations, hypertension requires medication.

The cause of hypertension is a hereditary predisposition, vascular disease, chronic stress, alcohol abuse, Smoking. Risk factors for the development of the disease – excessive salt intake, harmful habits, obesity, elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood, systemic diseases.

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Hypertension treatment folk remedies

Treatment pressure flax seed

Flax seeds in large quantities contain essential fatty acids of the omega-3 group. These substances the body can not synthesize itself, they must do it with food. However, in the diet of modern man is critically low in omega-3, nutritionists recommend to increase its supplythrough oily fish or take supplements – fish oil capsules. However, flax seeds are rarely included as a source of essential fatty acids, despite the fact that their content in flax seeds up to 25% of the weight.

There are my reasons: flax seeds are relatively inexpensive, unlike hyped supplements, so to promote them unprofitable from a commercial point of view. Omega-3 from flax seeds is not only equally effective, but often absorbed better, as the shell of the seed protects the fatty acids from breaking down under exposure to sunlight and oxygen.

Fatty acids omega-3 contribute to the increase in the level of high density lipoproteins in the blood, which is the prevention of the increase of cholesterol and formation of atherosclerotic deposits on the vessel walls. Thus, the lumen of the blood vessel narrows because of atherosclerosis, the blood flow is not disturbed and the blood pressure remains stable.

Used linen grain inside to three tablespoons per day, pre-chopped them in the food processor. You can add them to salads, use as a topping for sandwiches.

According to research conducted by scientists from America, supplementing your diet with flax seed, can increase life expectancy by an average of five years. Flax seeds reduce the risk of sudden deaths from heart diseases and blood vessels, prevent cancer tumors.

Among the useful properties of flax seed – normalization of lipid metabolism, strengthening of walls of blood vessels, prevention of fatty degeneration of the liver, lowering blood pressure. In addition, the fiber contained in the seed coat, has absorbent properties, enhances the removal of toxins, stimulates processes of self-purification of the bowel.

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Treatment of hypertension red pine cones

One of the most effective means to normalize blood pressure – tincture of red pine cones. It is used not only for treatment and prevention of hypertension, but also for the correction of post-stroke States with the aim of restoring cerebral blood circulation, normalization of motor function in partial paralysis.

Useful properties of red pine cones and therapeutic tools based on them:

  • On the third day of admission pine conesthere is a persistent reduction in blood pressure by 20 units, improves the subjective feeling of the patient;
  • Tincture of pine cones with regular use allows you to maintain the vascular wall tone, improves blood flow and prevents blood clots;
  • Bioflavonoids, tannins and other biologically active substances contained in the pine cones, promote the blood circulation and thinning the blood, preventing blood clots and blockage of arteries.
  • Increased permeability of blood vessels, strengthening the trophism of the tissues and capillary blood flow are among the effects of infusions of pine cones. In addition, this natural remedy restores the elasticity of blood vessels, preventing the thinning and deformation of the walls which gives good results in the treatment of pathologies of cerebral circulation.
  • Tincture of pine cones has neuroprotective properties, preventing them from damage under stress conditions, restores capillary blood flow and stimulates the cerebral circulation. As the result of motor and speech function of patients with stroke recover faster, reduces the rehabilitation period and prevent the recurrence of the disease, as proven by clinical studies.

To enhance the effect of the use of tincture of pine cones help other plant components – pollen flowers and pine. Integrated therapy these folk remedies allows not only to quickly restore the functionality of the organism in patients after a heart attack and stabilize blood pressure, but prevents oncogenic entities.

The recipe of tincture of pine cones: the plant material collected in summer (June-July), washed under running water, poured into a jar with a volume of 1 liter, then pour vodka or alcohol forty degrees and leave in a dark place. The steeping time is 2-3 weeks at room temperature. Before use, strain through cheesecloth, folded in half. Prepared according to the rules tincture should have a dark shade of red.

Method of application: three times a day 20-30 minutes before meal to drink a teaspoon to mix with water or warm tea.

Treatment hypertension garlic

Garlic is a folk remedy for the treatment of high blood pressure. Regular using garlic has krivorozhye effect, stimulates the flow of blood in the vessels and prevents the deposition on their walls productsoxidative degradation of lipids. The effects of other people's money against hypertension based on lowering the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Garlic prevents the oxidation of lipids and formation of free radicals, which not only can be deposited on the vascular wall, causing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques and narrowing of the lumen but also are dangerous carcinogens.

Krovanistaya properties of garlic in its ability to prevent the formation of blood clots – blood clots clogging blood vessels, which is the prevention of heart attack, stroke, lowers the risk of sudden deaths from cardiovascular pathologies. However, the use of garlic with regard to these properties should be carefully combined with the effect means and anticoagulants it can cause bleeding, which is especially dangerous during surgical operations.

The constant use of garlic for a few cloves a day helps to reduce blood pressure by 7-8%, these results are higher than after treatment with tincture of motherwort and hawthorn, which are often used for such purposes.

Universal recipe. For the treatment of hypertension use garlic infusion, which is prepared as follows: the two prongs of fresh garlic finely chopped and pour a glass of boiled water, leave for 12 hours to infuse. Morning garlic drink water and prepare a new infusion. Treatment of hypertension this method is a month, accepting a glass twice a day – morning and evening.

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Other folk remedy hypertension

  • Water. One day in the newspaper there was an article a doctor who carried out the treatment of hypertension with water, but he could not explain the nature of the effects of this prescription on your health. Put the night table a glass of water that you can drink. In the morning, massage your head with your fingers, stretch and stand. Raise a glass of water in his hand high above him. And pour this water into another empty glass held in the other hand. Do this thirty times. All that was left in the glass, drink in small SIPS. The treatment lasts about a month. The pressure is then reduced and headaches.
  • Raw sunflower seeds. Take enameled saucepan and pour in it sunflower seeds (or pumpkin) approximately in the amount of half-liter cans. Seeds should be untreated, raw and well washed. Add half a litre of cold water, and after the composition comes to a boil, simmer on low heat for two hours. Then the broth strain andcool. And then drink one glass throughout the day. The pressure quickly returns to normal, and the effect is quite persistent. It is recommended to try all who suffer from hypertension.

  • Lemon cranberries and honey. Grate the lemon and a tablespoon of the resulting composition, mix with a tablespoon of cranberries, also add half a tablespoon of crushed rose hips, but it has to be fresh. You can twist it in a meat grinder. And add to this mix a Cup of honey. Use morning and evening for one tablespoon.

  • Plantain. Blood pressure take four tablespoons plantain leaves, pre-shredded. Pour one Cup of vodka and allow the whole to steep for two weeks in a place, which did not penetrate the sun. Strain the composition and use tincture thirty drops three times a day.

Fresh juices from hypertension

The wealth of minerals and vitamins in fresh juices are widely known. But not everyone knows that among the active ingredients most seemingly trivial vegetables are substances that can cleanse the blood vessels and prevent the development of hypertension.

For cholesterol plaques and calcium deposits, there are substances-solvents, decomposing the harmful education. Some are able to thin the blood, others to expel sand from the gall bladder and kidneys.

To properly use modern knowledge about the beneficial properties of vegetables, let us consider in detail how to operate the active vegetable substances.

Beet juice

Vitamin composition tonic, helps neutralize free radicals and recover quickly. Supports the immune system, reduces the risk of developing cancer.

The main benefit of pectin is to maintain the normal activity of the intestine, they prevent putrefactive processes, bind heavy metals and radionuclides, preventing intoxication.

The amino acid betaine is a valuable element in the synthesis of choline. Choline does not allow fat to be deposited on the walls of blood vessels and internal organs, and its derivative acetylcholine plays an important role in conducting nerve impulses.

Organic acids break down all foreign structures that impede the flow of blood: cholesterol plaques, lime and small blood clots.

In connection with the above useful qualities natural fresh beet juice should be regularly consumed to patients with:

  • iron Deficiency anemia;
  • Hypertension;
  • Diseases of the liver and gallbladder;
  • Obesity and atherosclerosis.

Beet juice is quite heavy for the digestive system. So, to avoid such problems as nausea and abdominal pain, you should drink it in small portions or mixed with other juices.

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Carrot juice

Its bright orange color of carrots owe this class of substances, such as carotenoids. That is why this root vegetable is so popular in his homeland and abroad.

Flavonoids strengthen blood vessels, accelerate the synthesis of various enzymes and improve digestion. Our body can receive them only from raw plant foods.

Cucumber juice

Cucumber juice not to drink because of its watery, but if you concentrate on the beneficial for the body components, it is no less than any other juice.

Studies show that regular consumption of cucumber juice promotes compliance with the acid-alkaline balance in the body. The juice of fresh cucumbers has gently acting diuretic effect, without the leaching of calcium and potassium. A glass of cucumber juice adopted an empty stomach in the morning, helps to quickly deal with constipation. Although the biggest benefit from it is to cleanse the body of metabolic products, toxins.

The use of the juice of cucumber is most appropriate when:

  • Edema and fluid retention;
  • Hypertonic States;
  • Intoxication, allergies;
  • The problems with digestion.

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Juice celery, parsley and spinach

To remove of hard roots and greens juice pretty hard – this requires high-quality kitchen appliances and a lot of effort, but the result will pay for them many times.

  • Celery juice. This juice is rich in sodium and calcium, and the ratio of 4:1 prevents calcium from attaching to the walls of blood vessels, thereby transporting it to places where it is necessary, updated in the bones, teeth, joints. Among the minerals contained in celery also contains magnesium and iron that improves the quality of the blood.
  • Parsley juice. The concentration of useful components is one of the strongest juices, daily dose should not exceed 50 g (and starthis need to drink 0.5-1 teaspoon). The juice of parsley is able long to support the body dysfunction of the thyroid or adrenal glands. Also its regular use restores elasticity to fragile blood vessels and clears them of cholesterol. This juice helps with inflammatory reactions in the organs of the urogenital system.
  • The juice of spinach. Spinach is an excellent product, decisive the majority of problems with the intestines. It contains natural laxatives that gently apply and safely relieve chronic constipation. If you eat the flesh of spinach, valuable fiber will also help to solve problems with peristalsis and bad teeth. In addition, spinach juice helps in the treatment of hypertension and renal diseases.
  • The kiwi juice. This exotic fruit contains a small amount of calories, but ascorbic acid, magnesium, potassium, manganese and other nutrients there much more than in vegetables. Fruit acids, giving the kiwi such an unusual range of sour taste, clean out blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation. Just one glass of juice of kiwi fruit provides the body with the daily norm of ascorbic acid. The only drawback kiwi – it is better not to apply in the acidity of the stomach.

The juice of kiwi fruit is prepared without purification from the skin, which contains a considerable proportion of all nutrients.

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Why juice and not fresh vegetables?

In order to obtain all the useful vegetables in juice form, there are a few reasons:

  • Juice is a liquid concentrate of nutrients. The fruits of the plants are much heavier and most of their weight is fiber, which is a long time to digest. In fact, in the form of juice per day you can benefit from this amount of vegetables, which eat only a week.
  • Vegetables grown in industrial scale, contain chemical additives (nitrates, herbicides, insecticides, etc.) that can harm the body. Squeezing out the vegetables, the juice and leaving aside the cake, you're avoiding intoxication harmful chemicals and get all the necessary your body even from purchased fruit.

Treatment of hypertension drugs

Drug treatment of hypertension is necessary when the pressure reaches values above 160 90 mm RT. article, if hypertension develops on the background of systemic diseases, diabetes mellitus, cardiac and renal failure medications begin at values of 140 to 85.

With increased cardiac pressure and mild forms of hypertension treatment with a single drug, to take once every 12 or 24 hours.

Combination therapy of hypertension is carried out using multiple drugs. Thus, maximum effectiveness at low doses and decreases the likelihood of side effects.

Thiazide diuretics and sulfonamides

Drugs that enhance excretion of urine and its production in the kidney, are composed of sulphonamides and thiazide diuretics. The therapeutic effect is achieved by reducing swelling, thereby increasing the lumen of vessels and improves blood flow, and the pressure drops.

Tsiklometiazid, Hydrochlorothiazide, gidrokhlorisiazit treat thiazides, Indapamide, Chlorthalidone, combined Chlortalidone+Atenolol are included in the group of drugs-sulfonamides.


Drugs in this group are used for self-treatment of hypertension, and in combination with other medicines. Appointed in resistant forms of hypertension in patients with high risk of developing cardiovascular disease in post-infarction state, angina, heart failure, permanent atrial fibrillation.

The course of monotherapy with beta blockers is two to four weeks, after which they are combined with calcium channel blockers and diuretics.

To beta blockers include:

  • The carvedilol and its analogi - Acridilole, Dilatrend, Carvedilol, Cariol, Tram, Bagodra, Medicinal, Karvidil, Kurwenal, Cardivas, Culliton, Ricardian;
  • Bisoprolol .- Bisoprolol, Concor, Biol, Bidop, KOR, Bipol, Bisogamma, Cardinorm, Coronal, Noperten, Arial;
  • Atenolol 15-50 rubles;
  • Metoprolol and its analogues - Betalok, Bleeding. Egilok, Metsoc, Vasocardin, Metocard, Metoprolol;
  • Nebivolol and its analogues - Linalol, Nebivolol, Nebilet, Nebilong, Nabigator.
  • Betaxolol and its analogues – Locrin;

Metoprolol, carvedilol, bisoprolol, betaxolol and nebivalol used in long-term therapy of hypertensive disease, which reduces the probability of sudden death during one of her attacks. Betaxolol exceptin fact, often is prescribed for hypertension in women during menopause.

Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors

The narrowing of the vascular lumen under the action of angiotensin plays an important role in the mechanism of development of hypertension. This group of drugs block the conversion of renin into angiotensin, whereby normal pressure. Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors help to prevent thickening of the heart muscle and help to restore the function of the heart in hypertrophy of tissues.

The drugs in this group include:

  • ACE inhibitors with thiol group of captopril - Capoten, Captopril, Epsitron, Alkadil, Benazepril (Lotensin), Zofenopril (Socartes)
  • ACE inhibitors with carboxyl group – enalapril, berlipril, enalapril, Enap, Enam, Edith, Renitek, Ramipril, lisinopril, Diroton, lisinopril, Lisinoprilcheap, Lisoril, Irumed, Lisonorm, Sinopril Perindopril, Prestarium, Perinea, Paravel, Ramipril, Hartel, Tritace, Amprilan, Spirapril, Quadropril, trandolapril Grater Retard, Quinapril, Cilazapril.

Antihypertensive Central action

  • Clonidine – no longer prescribed for the treatment of hypertension, but is used by elderly patients who have developed tolerance to the drug and those who do not want to change treatment to a more modern and effective drugs;
  • Andipal tablets with low action, they could not remove the heavy attack of hypertension and for the treatment of hypertension this drug is not used. It can be recommended for dystonia;
  • Moxonidin – drug-imidazolin receptor agonist that shows good efficacy in metabolic syndrome and milder forms of hypertension.

Sartana (blockers of receptors of angiotensin II)

Modern drugs that are used with the 90-ies, reduce the pressure for 24 hours after a single reception in the morning or evening. Candesartan is the most powerful of the drugs in this group that stabilizes the pressure for 48 hours. After discontinuation of no withdrawal syndrome occurs, among the side effects is dry cough. The course of treatment – 4-6 weeks, during this time achieved a stable effect. Sartan relieve spasms of the walls of the renal vessels, allowing you to avoid renal hypertension. Used independently and in complex treatment of resistant hypertension.

The drugs in this group include:

  • Losartan (Losartan By Teva, Presartan, Lorista, Lozap, Kozar, Wattens, Blacktron,Losail)
  • Valsartan (Valz, Valsacor, Diovan)
  • Eprosartan (Teveten 800-1200 RUB.)
  • Candesartan (Atacand)
  • Telmisartan (Micardis, Twynsta)

Calcium channel blockers

These drugs are prescribed to elderly patients for the treatment of hypertension, in which there are violations of cardiac activity, arrhythmias, angina or pronounced cerebral atherosclerosis. Calcium channel blockers are taking in combination with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, which allows to remove from a course of diuretics.

Calcium channel blockers can be divided into:

  • Amlodipine (Amlodipine, Amlovasc, Amlotop, Tenoks, Calcic, Norvasc, Cardilopin)
  • Nifedipine (OSMO-adalat, Callguard, Cordaflex, Cordipin, Corinfar, Nifecard, Fenigidin)
  • Verapamil (Verapamil, Verogalid, Isoptin)
  • Diltiazem (Kargil, Diltiazem, Diazem, Diacordin)

Drugs used in hypertensive crisis

With unstable hypertension occur periodically surges in pressure, called hypertensive crises.

In a state of hypertensive emergency can be very long, but his situation is much worse due to such symptoms as:

  • Headache, often strong and sharp;
  • Blood pressure jumps to 150 on 95 mm RT. article;
  • Lost orientation in space, accompanied by nausea and blurred vision down to his temporary loss;
  • A pathological feeling of fear;
  • Sudden reddening of the face for the whole period of crisis.

Any hypertensive crisis requires medical treatment. Therapeutic intervention in the event of a crisis involves a combination of several pharmaceutical products and the provision of immediate assistance to the victim.

Antihypertensive medication may be taken only for the gradual relief of hypertensive crises are not accompanied by any complications.

Here are some drugs which can stop a hypertensive crisis:

  • Nifedipine – tablet dissolves under the tongue, the effect is observed after about 5 hours;
  • Beta-blockers – drugs such as atenolol, and esmololtaken if necessary in the artificial regulation of the sympathetic nervous system (when a hypertensive crisis occurs due to low heart rate);
  • Captopril is taken from 10 to 50 mg orally, medium effect last for about 5 hours;
  • Diuretics – furosemide in the treatment of hypertensive crises should be administered intravenously in dose 1 mg/kg of body weight. The drug has different efficacy depending on the individual reaction of the body, so the doctor may increase the dose up to 12 mg/kg of body weight;
  • The vasodilators, e.g. sodium nitroprusside is able to block nitric oxide in the vascular wall, due to which there is a relaxation of the arteries.

Magnesium is an essential mineral for hypertension

85% of hypertensive patients recorded a shortage of magnesium in the body. The conclusion about the existence of a relationship between development of hypertension and the level of this trace element suggests itself.

This idea confirms the fact that the severe hypertensive attacks can be stopped with injections of magnesia (magnesium sulphate). Instead of using magnesium as a means of one-time relief of hypertensive crisis, it is easier and more useful to ensure its constant supply in the diet.

To determine magnesium deficiency, pay attention to these symptoms:

  • Hypertension
  • Heart rhythm disorders;
  • Increased pain in women during menstruation because of the increased tone of the uterus;
  • Spasms and cramps;
  • Nervous tension, stress, anxiety accompanied by insomnia and bouts of unjustified fear.

The levels of magnesium and cardiovascular disease

Many studies have shown that magnesium deficiency is one of the most important reasons of cardiovascular diseases: coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, heart attack and various vascular pathologies. In addition, the lack of this trace element provokes disturbances in the nervous and digestive systems. This research shows blood 2 thousands of patients of Russian hospitals and long-term monitoring of changes in the serum of patients American.

Blood 130 people, hundreds of whom were diagnosed with dystonia demonstrate greatly reduced the concentrations of magnesium in patients with VSD compared to healthy people. Also discovered that the yield of magnesium in the urine of patients with problems of the cardiovascular system is extremely low. This means that the body tries to maintain this mineral to maintain balanceelectrolytes. Scientists have concluded that the lack of magnesium if it is not the main cause of VSD that belongs to the predisposing factors of this very common disease.

Magnesium and cholesterol levels in the blood

The results of another clinical trial involving patients with hypertension showed that magnesium contributes to the maintenance of a stable level of high-density lipoproteins (the so-called "good cholesterol"). After four months of taking magnesium chloride concentration in the blood of the subjects, HDL levels rose by 0.1-0.6 mmol/l, while the control group showed only a gradual decrease in the level of "good" cholesterol, preventing atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases.

Scientists discovered the properties of magnesium allow for the inclusion of its products in the course of non-drug therapy of hypertension to prevent crises and relapses after recovery. In addition, maintaining a high level of magnesium in the electrolytic balance of the body enhances the effectiveness of medication, traditionally used against hypertension and helps to reduce their dosage to avoid potential side effects.

It is worth noting that taking magnesium preparations for medicinal purposes can only under the doctor's supervision, as the required results are achieved by increasing dosages of 400 mg and above per day. It is much more convenient just to enrich their diet with foods with a high amount of magnesium in the composition. In this case, the required effect is achieved only after a month and a half, but a positive result is more sustainable.

What foods contain magnesium?

  • The richest source of minerals in foods – seafood. The palm among all the inhabitants of the sea the abundance of magnesium keeps the sea urchin and its ROE. One hundred grams of this strange animal can be more than three daily norms of magnesium for human – 1016 mg. a Variety of dishes with sea urchin is popular in Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine.
  • Extremely magnesium-rich plant foods such as wheat and rice bran – 600 and 780 mg/100 g, respectively. Pumpkin seeds and watermelon contain magnesium at a concentration of 500 mg/100 g of product. Thus, to get the daily requirement of this mineral can simply daily using 50-70 g pumpkin seeds.
  • Sesame and flax seeds is respectively 640 and 400 mg of magnesium per 100g product. Almonds, cedar and cashews have an average of 300 mg/100g. But Brazilian nuts are best not to have Affairs – they're rich in selenium, when used in the quantities necessary to obtain magnesium, can trigger toxicity.
  • Natural cocoa black chocolate and in the form of a drink known as the downward pressure of the tool. Last but not least this effect is achieved due to the high content of magnesium, about 25 mg in a tablespoon of powder.
  • In addition to the exotic magnesium in different concentrations is found in such animal products as eggs, milk, cheese, saltwater fish, and meat (beef, Turkey and homemade chicken).

okolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor of naturopath, and Maria Alekseeva Y., physician