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How to treat a cough at home

Goat fat. Goat fat can significantly ease the cough.

Recipe No. 1. It is recommended three times a day to drink a drink made of 1 Cup of warm milk, one teaspoon of goat fat, 1 egg yolk, a pinch of sugar and half a teaspoon of honey. When you cough caused by pneumonia, this remedy drink a week.

Recipe №2. The initial symptoms of cold 1 tablespoon of the fat melt and give the child drink at night, can be melted in milk.

Recipe No. 3. From a prolonged cough, such as bronchitis applied ointment on the basis of goat fat. For this mix 1:1 fat and honey. This lineup lubricate abundantly compress paper, put on his chest and wrapped in warm cloth.

Recipe No. 4. If the cough is frequent for a child in goat fat is added propolis. Fat melt in a water bath, add 20 ml of tincture of propolis and RUB the chest, back and feet of the baby before going to sleep.

Goose fat. Goose fat is an excellent expectorant that has a rich yellow color, has a "soft", easy to melt in "water bath" for 3-4 hours. With a strong cough they RUB the area of the chest and neck, and in the morning on an empty stomach give to the child to eat one tablespoon of fat. Procedure use goose fat is not pleasant measures, so the healers recommend the use of a decoction of lemon. Lemon boiled in a little water for 10 minutes, cooled, peeled, squeeze the juice into the broth and mix with two tablespoons of goose fat. admission is strictly before meals for 1 tablespoon, until the child recovers.

If the cough is too strong and doesn't allow the child to sleep, you need to mix 50g goose fat with two tablespoons of vodka and RUB the part of the chest and neck wrap.

Pork fat.

Recipe No. 1. Internal 200g pork fat and 100 grams of butter, melt, add 200 g of liquid honey, 2 tablespoons of cocoa. Mix everything carefully. To give the children 3-4 times a day for 1 teaspoon, melting in a glass of hot milk.

Recipe №2. 5 pieces of unsalted pork fat mixed with 1 part of propolis, hold on a water bath. After the mixture is homogeneous, remove from heat and RUB the chest of the child.

From prolonged chest cough help rubbing the chest, back and feet child dry interior pork fat.

Visceral fat. Visceral fat is often used as a remedy for cough in children.Is the name common to the fat of any animal, not nutria. Interior named due to the fact that it is removed from the inside of animals or birds, it attaches to the internal organs.This is typically with a crumbly texture and bright white color rolled mesh animals and soft formation of yellow color in birds.

Only visceral fat has healing properties, any other fat such qualities has. Usually the fat melt in a warm oven or in a water bath until then, until the mass becomes homogeneous. Store the received medication in a tightly closed glass jar in the refrigerator.

Effective cough medicine

The excellent properties of different effective remedy for cough that is used for centuries. To prepare it take one lemon, boil for 10 minutes. Then it must be cut in half, squeeze the juice and combine with 2 tablespoons of glycerin. After thorough mixing, you need to add this amount of honey to a glass filled almost to the brim.

It's incredibly tasty and healthy. The finished cough syrup with rare seizures, give the children 1chajnoj spoon several times a day. If the cough bothers in the night, you can give 1 teaspoon before bedtime and one during the night. Bad cough treated according to the scheme: 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach, at noon before eating and after dinner before bed. Decreasing the number of cough bouts number of techniques of therapeutic mixtures should be reduced.