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How to put an enema

Some people don't know how to put an enema and how to do an enema at home. The first thing you need to decide before to put the enema is the presence of indications for performing this procedure. You do not need to be an expert in order to assess the need for it:

  • Constipation and fecal obstruction accompanied by abdominal pain or without them;
  • Procedure within treatment programmes at obesity;

  • Introduction of medicines or cleansing the body from toxic compounds external and internal origin.

Phase 1

To do this, hang a mug Esmarch higher, pre-filling it two liters of water. Open a faucet and keep open until all the air. After you close it.

The injected solution. This can be either 100-150 grams of sunflower or olive oil, or 2-3 liters of clean boiled water. Their temperature depends on the purpose of an enema. If it is constipation with impaired motility of the large intestine, the solution should be cool that will stimulate the reduction and motility. Spastic pain, the opposite – warm water or oil which will relax spazmirovannah the intestines. Water may be simple, but you can add a bit of salt (a full teaspoon in one liter of solution);

Devices for the introduction of the prepared solution. It all depends on the volume of the enema. If this is an oil enema, it is quite a small pear with a tip. In the case of large enemas need 3-liter rubber hot water bottle or mug Esmarch adapter long hose and nozzle. The adapter is placed the device overlap its lumen. Have to be vaseline or any oil to lubricate the handpiece when it is introduced into the rectum;

Stage 2

Lie down in the tub, the feet to the wall, shoulder-width apart, at an angle of 90 degrees. Can you lift up your pelvis, and insert the rubber tube into the anus to 4-5 cm After you open the tap.

The advantage of this posture is that water gets into the intestine, including hard-to-reach. If during the procedure you will be hurt or experience pain, close on time, the faucet, halting the ingress of water. Breathe deeply, move your belly up and down and you will feel better. When the pain will go away, reopen the tap. If the bowels are extremely busy dry stool, it needs more effort for its erosion. Maybe the intestines will not be able to keep this amount of water. Then the water will simply spill out.In this case, continue the procedure for as long as possible.

Step 3

After you close the tap. It is desirable to lay – to until urination in the toilet will not be unbearable. At this time, turn on your right side and leaning on bent at the elbow, lift the knees bent legs. The abdomen will SAG, and water will be better. Only after that, go to the toilet.

The only exceptions are those cases when person can not hold the liquid in the rectum. After 20-30 minutes, you can make attempts at defecation. This should come out in the stool with the entered solution.

After the enema is treatment of used tools by washing with soap and boiling. This will allow you to use it repeatedly if necessary.

How to put an enema to a child?

According to the latest findings of paediatricians enemas in children should be performed in extreme cases and are forced measures. The less age the child is, the more we have to abandon this procedure. Especially if it is a enema with the introduction of large amounts of fluid. Because together with the stool washed out beneficial intestinal bacteria that can cause dysbiosis. Therefore it is not necessary to appoint an enema to small children.

You can carry out this procedure at home, but only after doctor's recommendations.

Children enema can be administered for the following purposes:

  • Cleaning the intestines of stool with persistent constipation, which cannot be resolved by other means;
  • Detoxification in the intestinal infection, food poisoning and intoxications, acetonemic syndrome;
  • Introduction of medicines, as locally to the inflamed intestine and to the body as a whole;

When indicated enema the child is placed in such sequence:

  • To determine the composition of the injected solution and its temperature. It can be pure or with the addition of salt, soda, decoctions boiled water, vegetable or olive oil, glycerin. The composition of the enema better coordinate with the specialist. The temperature imposed to the child solution depends on the presence of abdominal pain and cramps. If they are, it is better to use a well heated, but not hotsolutions. In all other cases the temperature should correspond to the child's body temperature.
  • To determine the volume of an enema. The allowed amount of fluid that may be introduced during the enema depends on the age and given in the table.

  • Children up to 6 months

    6-12 months

    1-2 years

    2-5 years

    5-9 years

    10 years and older

    From 30 to 60-70 ml

    120-150 ml

    180-200 ml

    250-320 ml

    370-430 ml

    Half-liter and more

  • To prepare the necessary tools. In children's rubber bulb corresponding to the quantity of solution volume. Only children of secondary school age can be used a rubber hot-water bottle. The tip is chosen of appropriate length and diameter for insertion into the rectum;
  • Direct the procedure of enema. Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water. Pure tools are filled with a solution, puts on the tip. You must completely fill in the lumen there was no air. The tip is lubricated by any oil solution and gently inserted into the anus of a child to a depth of about 5 cm should Not make any sudden movements and efforts. By squeezing the pears put liquid. After that, gently remove the tip;
  • After the enema the child should is at rest, better in horizontal position. After half an hour you can put the child on the potty in the case of cleansing enemas or to allow it to move while healing its forms;
  • Pear with the tip washed with warm water and boil. They can be reused.

aria Alekseeva Y., physician