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Treatment of malaria

Malaria treatment folk remedies

Along with the official medicine is widespread in the treatment of malaria acquired folk medicine. Recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of malaria based on the use of both exotic plants and plants familiar to our compatriots.

Treatment of malaria with an orange peel and willow bark

The peel of an orange. Pounded orange peels, according to ancient healers, similar to quinine, so it can be successfully used for the treatment of malaria during fever. To relieve symptoms enough to use powder on the tip of a knife every day for two or three times.

The willow bark. One teaspoon willow bark pour water (1.5 cups) and is evaporated on slow fire until the quantity of liquid is reduced to one Cup. To brew was not bitter, add honey to taste. Take folk remedy for the treatment of malaria for several days on an empty stomach before Breakfast.

Treatment of malaria using the bark and leaves of trees

Recipe 1. Young leaves of lilac in the amount of 12-20 pieces of boiled water and insist in a dark warm place for one and a half hours, after which the drug is filtered and give to the patient to drink, lying in bed. To drink the broth of 100 ml 2 times a day – morning one hour before Breakfast and evening after dinner for 10 days, three times a day before meals in 100 ml. traditional medicine recommends this recipe for the treatment of malaria the most chronic forms.

Recipe 2. Folk treatment of malaria with the use of lilac may be another way. For this 20 well-washed lilac leaves are placed in a quart jar along with 2 g of wormwood, taken fresh. In a jar add 1 g of eucalyptus oil and 1 liter of vodka. 14 day infusion leave in a dark place. According to the testimony of quacks, one small glass of infusion of lilac, adopted before the beginning of the attack 1 times per day, helps relieve the symptoms of malaria. If the disease doesn't yield infusion, one glass 2-3 times daily before meals.

Recipe 3. It is known that the classic treatment for malaria is quinine. Folk medicine recommends several recipes from the bark of this tree.

You can give the patient the powder of the Cinchona tree in an amount of 0.5 g for 4 hours before the attack, the second time the powder is filled in the sunrisesun. This mode of treatment should be until, until retreating attacks, and then within a week the patient give one powder at sunrise.

Recipe 4. Another one recipe of traditional medicine for the treatment of malaria recommends the use of the pouch with quinine, which the patient must lay on his chest while lying in bed. 10 g of quinine from the bag after 3-4 hours penetrate through the skin of the patient in his body, after the procedure the patient can get out of bed. In the Middle East such folk method of treatment of malaria is considered the most reliable means of healing from disease.

Treatment malaria garlic, star anise and mustard

Garlic. One head of peeled garlic, covered with a single film, it should be crushed, pour a glass of cold boiled water and leave for 12 hours. Make an infusion of garlic need lying in bed at the first signs of incipient attack 3-4 SIPS. After taking the drug must be cover with a warm blanket and stay in bed. During the day Cup of infusion drink as a whole, the treatment is carried out for about five days. In addition, three cloves of fresh garlic folk medicine recommends to treat malaria consumed daily.

Star anise. Four teaspoons of the roots of star anise, pour one Cup of boiling water. This decoction is recommended not only for malaria but also for pain in the abdomen and fever. Drink the broth 2-3 tablespoons three times a day.

Mustard. 1/2 teaspoon mustard pour a glass of wine, add a pinch of salt. The mixture relieves malarial fever, if it take three times a day.

Treatment of malaria sunflower, radish and licorice

Sunflower. Crushed sunflower flowers insist on vodka. To prepare the tincture one-third-liter bottles filled with flowers, two thirds fill with vodka. The infusion is aged for at least 8 days, but preferably 30 days in a warm place in the sun. For the treatment take polruki liqueur and topped up with water to the brim. Drink cure for malaria in 5 hours before attack every day until complete healing. After the disappearance of all symptoms of malaria infusion taken in one week.

The juice of black radish. Another onefolk treatment of malaria using vodka involves the use of black radish juice. You need to mix half a Cup of juice and the same amount of vodka. The tincture is divided into three parts and take during the day one third. The next morning, it is recommended to drink a glass of the mixture as a whole. Usually after taking such a dose, the patient starts vomiting, and vomit colored green. After that, the disease is quite.

Licorice. In the treatment of malaria helps and licorice decoction, for the preparation which is taken as one part of the grass and ten parts water. Chilled and strained broth to take one tablespoon three times a day.