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Treatment of meningitis

Treatment of meningitis folk remedies

Treatment of meningitis poppy

Meningitis always be treated in hospital conditions, under the watchful supervision of physicians. But as tools you can also use traditional medicines. One of the folk methods of treatment of this disease is the infusion of the common poppy. In the evening poppy seeds carefully grind in a mortar, pour the hot milk and leave in a thermos overnight. In the morning you can already take the medicine. Use it three times a day for a spoonful before a meal (about an hour). The dose for children is one tablespoon for adults 70 g infusion. In the preparation of medicines it is necessary to consider that the dose for children is 1 teaspoon of poppy seeds in half a Cup of milk; for adults – a tablespoon of seeds per Cup of milk.

Before taking this infusion is necessary to consult a doctor.

Treatment of meningitis lavender medicinal

Lavender officinalis is often used in meningitis as a sedative, analgesic, diuretic, anticonvulsant. Use it as a tincture of the flowers: 3 tablespoons dry raw pour two cups of boiling water.

Lavender is a component of the potent herbal collection: its flowers connect with primrose root, peppermint leaves, rosemary leaves and root of Valerian (for 20 g all of the components), crushed and 20 g this mixture, pour a glass of boiling water. Drink the infusion twice a day – morning and evening – a glass.

Also in convulsions it is recommended to do a sick wrap. In warm water add salt and vinegar and soak in it a sheet. Then it is drained, wrapped and well insulated. The procedure lasts an hour, after which the patient change into dry underwear.

Remember: the patient should always be surrounded by absolute tranquility and good care. Due to the high sensitivity to light and sounds requires that the room was dim and quiet.

Treatment of meningitis chamomile and mint

Goodfolk remedy against cramps and General sedation the patient is chamomile. In meningitis it is also used in the form of tea or used for baths. Suitable for baths and extract of pine needles: they can soothe, relax and strengthen the heart.

One of the symptoms of meningitis is a severe headache. Under the supervision of a doctor to eliminate it, sometimes hold one-day hunger strike, put the enema in the morning and before bed.

For drinking in meningitis it is recommended that peppermint water, teas of grass camel hay and barley. Mint decoction prepared in the proportion of 1 tablespoon of leaves per Cup of boiling water. The remedy soothes, reduces inflammation, helps to eliminate cramps.

Another of the mint prepare alcohol tincture: mint leaves mixed with lemon balm leaves and fruits of coriander (for 20 g each ingredient), pour the diluted alcohol (100 ml 96% alcohol 20 ml water). Means insist two days and apply as a compress to neck and temples: it relieves headache.

Treatment of meningitis Linden and rose hips

Linden flowers possess analgesic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic. In meningitis to soothe headache and convulsions, used lime tea: a quarter Cup of lime-colored brew in a liter of boiling water and insist 10-15 minutes.

Rose hips in meningitis is used as a vitamin remedy. Headaches relieves strong green tea with rose hips. It also can strengthen the body to overcome weakness and exhaustion. The decoction is prepared as follows: a tablespoon of berries pour 400 ml of boiling water over low heat and boil for another 10 minutes. Day insist under the lid, strain and give the patient 2-3 times a day, a quarter or half Cup.

Treatment of meningitis needles and cranberries

Cranberries have antipyretic and analgesic action, so long since they were cooked up and given to febrile patients. To prepare cranberry infusion is very simple: 10 g berries and leaves pour a glass of boiling water and insist in a thermos for four hours. The cure is good then filtered through a double layer of cheesecloth and drink three times a day for 100 ml.

Purify the blood and relieve headache and muscle pain will help the needles of fir, its needles and buds prepare water infusion. Pine needles in the form of extracts and infusions are used for calmingbaths. But remember: they cannot be conducted in the period of exacerbation of the disease!

About the use of any folk remedies for the treatment of meningitis requires consultation with your doctor.