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Treatment of the neuroses folk remedies

Treatment of neurosis raw egg and sugar

You will need one hundred grams of red wine, one raw egg and half a teaspoon of sugar. All carefully mix to a homogeneous mass. The following method of use: twice a day, morning before eating and at night before bedtime, to drink it all. So you need to do three days, followed by a break for two days, then you have to repeat the course . Also you can help rubbing red wine.

Many scientists came to the exact opinion about the fact that can help with mental disorders, but one of them has been proven that eating the bulbs of onions in the morning on an empty stomach helps with nervous disorders and neurosis, psychopathy. It was also noted that garlic is also able to soothe the nerve cells. Garlic can increase the specific action of vitamin and form a substance that helps dissolve fat. These two are folk remedies will help you in the treatment of neurosis, so include them in your daily diet.

Of garlic you can make butter, or just buy a ready-made garlic oil in the pharmacy. Garlic oil has some healing properties in neurology and disorders. Dilute the oil with cognac and lubricate the forehead and temples with this ointment. Brandy will help to preserve all the useful properties of garlic.

Sleep help Valerian

One woman very often begins anxiety. And, as a rule, all this was accompanied by sleepless nights, tears. She went to the doctor and she was prescribed expensive drugs like antidepressants.

The woman tried a folk remedy for neurosis. You will only have Valerian in liquid form. One bottle should be enough. As soon as you feel that you begin to overcome those thoughts that you don't want to think, just to inhale the smell of Valerian from the bottle. As soon as you begin to inhale, you'll be much better. When you go to sleep, too, take this treasured bottle. When xanax to sleep hard enough, and therefore, once before you sleep again, you start to be tormented by doubts of various kinds, then inhale again the smell of Valerian. You can inhale one nostril, then the other, making it in turn. You will not notice how asleep. It is necessary to warn that drinking more Valerian 60 days is discouraged, as it causes disorders of the intestine.

Treatment of neurosis

Take in such proportions as 10:4:3:3:3:2:2:2:1 the following plants: origanum grass, cudweed, St. John's wort, hawthorn berries, buds of lilac, elecampane root, flowers of mullein scepter-shaped, cones of hops, grass plantain.

You need to carefully chop, stir until homogenous and brew in the evening three tablespoons in half a liter of boiling water. As soon as you get up in the morning, a little warm broth – so it was not cold – and drink half an hour before meals. As will be 60 days – you need to relax a bit, you can then begin the popular treatment again. If you have a certain disorder of the stomach, it is recommended to add to the herb buckthorn bark.

Make geranium oil

For this folk remedy you'll need essential oil of geranium. To find it almost impossible, so we will be cooking ourselves.

You'll need fragrant shoots of geranium. Now you need to find junk kettle, preferably old, as in old teapots a relatively narrow spout, which we need. A half-liter of water you will need a glass of chopped leaves of shoots of geranium.

Also you need to find a hose or flexible tube, preferably of rubber, to slip on the spout. Put the kettle on the fire and dip the straw into the glass, which should stand on the ice, that is refrigerated. It may take about a couple of hours and you will get quite a bit of what we wanted in the first place. This is a very useful oil.

Grandma's recipe from neurosis

You will need half a kilo of lemons and 12 kernels of the apricot. The nucleoli of apricot crush. Lemons should be grate unpeeled, add the kernels of apricot and a little honey. All must be thoroughly mixed.

Take part in the course of a month, in the morning and before going to sleep one tablespoon.