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Treatment of otitis media in the home

Otitis media is an inflammatory disease of ear bacterial, rarely fungal nature. Suffer from otitis media usually small children up to 3 years, they are also faster and easier to cope with illness. But for an adult ear infection can be a real disaster, and improper treatment can become chronic, worsening of hearing or even cause deafness.

The following types of otitis media:

  • Otitis externa – is the result of neglect of personal hygiene or microtrauma of the ear canal. In the first case, accumulated cerumen microbes provoke a local inflammatory process, and the second a hotbed of bacterial or fungal infection becomes wound or scratch inside the ear. Ear cleaning with the wrong tools or children's habit of putting in the ears, foreign objects often ends external otitis;
  • Otitis media – occurs on the background of infectious diseases (sinusitis, tonsillitis, acute respiratory infections, influenza, measles) and is its complication. In this case, the bacteria strike the ear, not outside, but inside, coming from the bloodstream;

  • Internal otitis is a dangerous condition that is the result of improper or late treatment of otitis media. Infection goes way back, and to avoid catastrophic consequences, it is necessary to resort to complex antibiotic therapy.

When the first symptoms of otitis media (pain, shooting in the ears, feeling of stuffiness, crackle when swallowing) you must immediately pay a visit to the ENT doctor. Only a doctor will be able to correctly determine the type of the disease and prescribe adequate treatment. To treat otitis carelessly impossible, because the ear canal is in close proximity to the brain and is associated with the most important functions of the human body – hearing.

In this paper, we present the most effective folk remedies for the treatment of otitis media, but do not forget that consultation with a physician is the first thing that you should do!

Attention! If you have otitis media with pus or other complications, you will need antibiotics, be sure to visit a doctor!

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Treatment of otitis media green paint

Alcoholic solution of brilliant green (colloquially "green") has warming and antiseptic action. For treatment of external otitis, it is necessary to impregnate a brilliant green cotton swab to gently scroll it in the affected ear and pass out. In the beginning of the procedure appears a feeling of warmth in the ear passage, and a few hours later it starts itching. This itching is a symptom of the therapeutic action of green fodder.

Enough for 4-5 treatments, and the symptoms of external otitis is significantly reduced. Effective in the treatment of acute forms of the disease, and for the relief of chronic otitis media.

Source: Paul A., reader of the site

Treatment of otitis boric alcohol and Dimexide

These two tools are always recommended by doctors are "old school", especially if we are talking about a pregnant woman antibiotics drinking is prohibited.

Alcohol solution of boric acid – a proven remedy for the treatment of inflammation of the ear canal. Its action is to disinfect and warm up the ear passages. Dimexide – antibiotic possessing excellent anti-inflammatory action. He is a local analgesic actions, good penetrating through the skin.

To use these tools, they need to mix in proportion 1: 1 and wet in this solution a cotton turundy. Then the cotton a little squeeze, so she was well hydrated, but it didn't drip, and placed in the ear canal. The tool recommended to warm up before using, but it should not be neither too cold nor hot.

Turundy placed in the ear for one hour, repeating the procedure three times a day. The course of treatment lasts for weeks. If pain during this time, do not pass, then further treatment requires the use of more powerful drugs.

A decoction of Bay leaf for otitis media

Bay leaf, familiar to all as a condiment for first and second courses, has healing properties. Its beneficial effect on treatment of many diseases due to the content of essential oils, microelements, vitamins.

Useful properties of Bay leaf:

  • Enhances immunity;
  • Helps to eliminate toxins;
  • Effective against fungal infections;
  • Stimulates digestion and appetite;
  • Diuretic and hypoglycemic effect;
  • Helps against insomnia.

When you use Bay leaf need to comply with the measure, because in large doses it is poisonous. It is not recommended to use for the treatment of pregnant and lactating women, as well as for the treatment of patients with cardiac, hepatic and renal failure.

Cooking broth Bay leaf for the treatment of otitis media:

  • Pour 200 ml of water 5 leaves, boil.
  • Insist broth in a thermos for 2 hours.
  • Instill 3 drops of the decoction in sore ear 3-4 times a day.
  • At the same time take 1 tablespoon 3-5 times a day.

Treatment of otitis media hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a chemical widely used in medicine, as a disinfectant against the pathogens and the drug, saturating the tissues with oxygen. Produced by the pharmaceutical industry in liquid form with different concentrations: 3%, 6%, 9%.

How to use hydrogen peroxide?

This tool is used only for the treatment of external otitis, using the hydrogen peroxide with caution.

Treatment of otitis media hydrogen peroxide:

  1. Dilute the peroxide boiled or distilled water (25 ml water – 15 drops of H2O2).

  2. Lie on your side and drip in the auditory passage 5 drops of the resulting solution.

  3. Stay in this position for 10-15 minutes.

  4. Tilt your head the other way, bringing the remnants of liquid from the ear.

  5. Blot remaining moisture and softened the ear wax with cotton swabs or tips.

An alternative to this method is the insertion into the ear canal with a small cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide of the above-mentioned concentration. The treatment is carried out during the week if it's inefficient – use medications from other pharmaceutical groups.

Is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide with a cold?

Treatment of otitis external auditory canal with hydrogen peroxide can be carried out without restrictions.

In complicated cases, there are contraindications for treatment with this tool:

  • Perforation of the eardrum. The penetration of hydrogen peroxide through the punctures or holes in the eardrum is causing mastoiditis, or inflammation of the middle ear, and isthe source of much pain.
  • The use of peroxide during the early middle ear inflammation, especially if infection occurs close to the eardrum, in many cases leads to complete or partial deafness.

You should not rely solely on the use of hydrogen peroxide if the patient is diagnosed with external otitis middle of gravity it purulent or chronic form, and to ignore the purpose of the otolaryngologist.

What are the traditional methods of treatment of otitis media can hurt?

Otitis is a very serious disease, for which treatment must be approached responsibly. Traditional recipes can help to get rid of the disease and to cause severe complications if used incorrectly. The same tool using different methods gives different results. But one popular recipe that is suitable for the treatment of acute external otitis, can only aggravate the situation and purulent, and chronic internal otitis.

To avoid errors, follow a few rules:

  • Don't bury in the ears alcohol! Tincture of juniper and other alcohol solutions is the first tool that usually comes to mind when the word "otitis". But pour the alcohol in the ear canal in large quantities is not recommended for several reasons. First, excess heat and humidity allow bacteria actively multiply. Second, alcohol burns mucosa and is not suitable for the treatment of external otitis, accompanied by damage and ulcerations. And thirdly, for advanced forms of purulent otitis the tympanic membrane may be weakened and partially thinned, and then pouring rubbing alcohol will result in its perforation;

  • Do not wet warm compresses purulent otitis! Put on sick ears warming alcohol compresses is downright Russian folk tradition. This treatment relieves pain and helps to cope with uncomplicated external otitis, but does not fit with the average, domestic and septic type of the disease. If the patient has high temperature, in principle, any counter-warming treatments (inhalations, compresses, baths). Alcohol compress in purulent otitis media in General can have disastrous consequences – opening the abscess, the pus entering the brain, hearing loss.So warm compresses, first, cannot place at home without medical supervision, especially for the night, and secondly, it is better to replace them with dry heat, if temperature and no suppuration. To warm the ears with otitis media perfect linen bags of hot sand or salt;
  • Do not pour into the ears undiluted aloe juice, onions and garlic! Another popular folk remedy – juice of potted agave, or aloe. It, like onions and garlic, recommended for all catarrhal diseases, from the common cold to sore throats, but such advice is not always appropriate. First, the freshly pressed juice of these plants irritates the mucous membrane of the auditory canal, and the uncontrolled and frequent use can cause damage to the eardrum. Second, pour the juice in the ears in large quantities is impractical because in the conditions of high humidity, the bacteria will only grow fast. Second, the onions, garlic and aloe is not as strong natural antibiotics to prevent them. Thirdly, if you decide at your own risk to use these tools, it is best to use for the treatment of otitis juice, diluted with distilled water in the proportions 1:1, and moisten it with a cotton swabs, and then pressing them and set in the ear canals for short periods (30-60 minutes).

Antibiotics and drops into the ears for otitis media

What exactly not to do with otitis media?

Some actions with otitis media can be not just harmful, but even dangerous. That's why repeat, when the first symptoms of otitis need to seek help from a doctor, not sitting at home, braving the wild pain and trying to dispose of the materials at hand. Without proper treatment otitis inevitably becomes more dangerous, chronic or suppurative form, and to cope with the disease, it is necessary to expose the body long-term, damaging effects of combined antibiotics. If otitis media persists for weeks, despite treatment of folk remedies, continue to ignore the problem and avoid a visit to the doctor is simply unacceptable!

In purulent otitis media is strictly forbidden:

  • To open abscesses, and attempt to squeeze out the pus. You certainly will only add to the inflammation stillbacteria. To carry out this procedure only sterile instruments;
  • To pierce the eardrum to through the hole to drain the pus from the middle ear cavity. Such barbaric manipulation almost inevitably end partial hearing loss or complete deafness. Even if you see that the tympanic membrane is already perforated to drain the pus from the ear is not self, must be done by a doctor. Wrong actions will lead to the leaking pus even deeper inside. In General, perforation of the eardrum – a reason for immediate treatment of a qualified health professional. But with timely treatment this would not have happened!

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