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Burn treatment folk remedies

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The treatment of burns oil

This method has cured a lot of people. One person is very badly burned, almost all of the body burned, back and arms. But thanks to this national recipe he quickly recovered.

Here's the recipe: one hundred grams of butter, but unsalted, and twenty grams of linseed oil and forty grams of wax must be mixed and put on the fire for twenty-five minutes. Allow the ointment to cool slightly, then evenly apply on the cloth from natural fibers and attach to the place that have you amazed. Bandage. Apply this ointment until until your wound is completely healed, dressing changes, it is necessary once a day.

From sunburn there are other recipes.

Treatment of burns by oil and beeswax

A very good remedy for external treatment of burns.

Mix vegetable or sunflower oil and beeswax in the proportion of three to one, and then to heat both components, but do not move away from the plate, otherwise the mixture will run. After that, cool the medication and place it in gauze. Put the mixture need spoon stainless steel gauze put on the burn. The pain when the burn takes place immediately when applying ointment. Medication can be stored in the refrigerator.

A burn from boiling water at one time cured egg oil

The case of life. Little boy accidentally severely burned with boiling water, home of the adults only had an older sister at the age of 13 years. She didn't know what to do with her little brother how to treat a burn at home. She muzzle, waving to the pain subsided, but she did not abate. And then when my mom came, she said that you need to take some eggs, boil them and yolks to make the oil.

Recipe 1. For oil, the yolk need to hold on a fork over the flame of a candle or spirit lamp, produced a drop of oil off a teaspoon. With one yolk turns one teaspoon of the oil.

While cooked eggs, the hand of the boy is turned into a piece of red meat, the skin burst. Mom smeared the burn chicken feathers with this oil. The pain quickly left, and after a while the burn is completely healed, not even any scars.

Recipe 2. In the formation of blisters after burn, all the same egg. Taken protein, mixed to a state of emulsion with pure butter ( preferably real village). This emulsion lubricated blisters. Within 10 days there will be no trace that the blisters were. And no scars!

Beeswax for the treatment of burn

This recipe is very quick to heal burns, while the affected part is not even the scars.

In order to prepare the ointment, you need to buy beeswax, it needs to be clean. You'll need fifty grams of this product. The wax should be crushed and put in a jar with a volume of two hundred milliliters, and then to heat the contents of the jar in a water bath, then take fifty grams goose fat or fifty grams of butter, which should be unsalted. Add it to the wax and mix everything with a stick of wood. You should get the mass of uniform composition. It is not necessary to overheat the part.

Then remove the jar from the water bath, put a fresh egg and again stir. Put ointment on a bandage and apply to the affected places. Keep it during the day. And when you remove the bandage, you need a weak solution of manganese to treat burns and sprinkle streptocidum powder, that is to crumble one tablet, then cook the cream and apply it on the wound. The burn goes away quickly.

Ointment burn

One woman was on holiday there and got burned badly. The doctor could not, since she was in a strange city. A neighbor advised her method of national treatment of burns, whom she subsequently cured severe burns in just four days. To prepare the mixture, it is necessary to buy at the pharmacy twenty-five grams of a five or ten percent of liniment of syntomycin (it is sold in tubes) and five vials of novocaine. Mix these components in a container made of glass, using a stick of wood.

Smear this ointment burns can be an unlimited number of times, thus cannot be applied on the affected area the bandage, because the fibers from the fabric remain in the wound, also absorb all of the ointment and therefore burns long time to heal. The medicine should be stored in a sealed container, and if the ointment was still thick, add one ampoule of novocaine.

Source: Newspaper a healthy lifestyle, the all-Ukrainian newspaper-healer "Grandma"