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Dandruff and itchy scalp

  • What causes dandruff? Why it appears again and again? The majority of scholars are of the opinion that dandruff is caused by individual predisposition to it. Exfoliation of the particles of the dermis is a natural process that is designed to update it. In some people this process happens faster than others, which is why they can't get rid of the problem forever.

    After people with individual predisposition refuse to use tools to slow down the division of epidermis or particles capable of dissolving the formed flakes, dandruff will once again become visible. In this case the only solution is to use a special shampoos and conditioners on a regular basis.

    In addition, studies have been conducted that have established the relationship between dandruff and excessive dryness of the dermis of the head. This is due to the use of cleaning agents that are included in most shampoos that manufacturers recommend for daily use.

    To the skin has been updated normally and does not cause discomfort to its owner, it must have a certain level of humidity ensured by a thin fat layer. Otherwise, the process of shedding particles of the epidermis is disrupted. For the production of fat responsible the sebaceous glands. Frequent impact on the dermis aggressive detergents is washing away the protective fat layer. Dry skin starts to divide more rapidly, the particles increase in size this causes the appearance of the visible dandruff, which was invisible earlier.

  • Dandruff is associated with a fungus? There is a definite relationship between fungal infection in his scalp and dandruff. In this respect, the danger of mycotic organisms of the type Pityrosporum. They inhabit the hair of the person and the epidermal layer of the skin. In this regard, to get rid of dandruff are shampoos with antifungal component.
  • Dandruff contagious? It is transmitted from person to person? Do not worry about the fact that dandruff is contagious. Even the fact that it is sometimes caused by mioticescimi organisms, is not a cause for concern. The fact that these fungi in the rule exist on the skin and hair of most people, however, dandruff is a.
  • Why in addition to dandruff, I have itchy head? There is a perception that the emergence of a sense of itching may be due to a microscopic fungi of the genus Malassezia. To himto get rid of, no special action needs be taken. It will be enough to undergo treatment for dandruff and itching will resolve itself.
  • How to choose a good shampoo "every day"? It is important that the shampoo that you want to wash your hair every day, not have such a component as sodium lauryl sulfate. It and its derivatives have a drying effect on the dermis of the head. Therefore, if there is a need for frequent hair washing, it is preferable to use shampoos, which include less aggressive cleaning components: S. (sodium) Cocoyl Isethionate, or S. dodecyl sulfate, or S. Isethionate, or Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate or Cocamidopropyl Betaine.
  • Do I need a special shampoo for dandruff for men? No, special means to buy does not make sense, since the formation of dandruff in men and women is triggered by the same factors.
  • Is it possible to cope with dandruff with herbal oils and medicinal herbs? That there is any effect from the use of oils in respect to get rid of dandruff no data available. We are talking about olive, castor, burdock oil. A study was conducted in respect only of tea tree oil in 5% solution. It is established that it is able to reduce the amount of discharge of particles of the epidermis. But this progress is not enough to recommend this oil as a medicine. As for the popular herbs used for getting rid of dandruff, for example, burdock, calendula and others, and in this regard, clinical trials have not been conducted. There is information regarding the activity of the leaf extract of Aloe Vera against fungus causing dandruff. However, these data were obtained after researches carried out in the laboratory. It is not known whether this feature also work when it is in the shampoo.
  • Does dandruff rinse hair with vinegar or baking soda. Clinical trials on this account also not carried out. However, it can be assumed that soda can not only get rid of the problem, but aggravate it. The fact that in contact with the dermis, sodium bicarbonate creates an alkaline environment. However, even a normal process the detachment of the epithelial cells is disturbed. If it is broken, this process will be more intense. You can assume that the vinegar will not give the desired effect. Although it is essentially an acid, but its structural formula has a fundamental difference from gidromolot, which could be useful in a particular case.
  • That could mean the dandruff in ears? When the auricles are foundparticles of epithelium, it is reasonable to assume that they got there from the head. If this is possible, then their presence in the ears may be a symptom of the true seborrhea.
  • That could mean "dandruff" on the body? When the body spots appear on certain areas of the skin, and on top of them holding up the scales of silver color, it requires immediate treatment to the dermatologist. A similar phenomenon can be a symptom of diseases, such as seborrhea or multi-colored lichen. In addition, there are many other diseases of the dermis, to determine who may be a doctor.
  • That can mean profuse dandruff in a child or teenager? When it detects such problems, consultation of doctor is required. Perhaps the child has a serious infection of the skin, e.g., ringworm. This condition requires emergency treatment.
  • That could mean the dandruff of a newborn child? Part newborn babies susceptible to the formation of flakes on the head. They have a yellow-brown color, in medicine this condition is defined as children's seborrhea. Parents should not be afraid of this phenomenon. It is because the cells of the dermis infant sharing way too quickly and don't have time to slushayutsya. To produce flakes, which can be detected not only on the head, but also on the face. This condition will resolve itself as the growth of the baby. Most often this process of becoming a fully regulated in a few weeks. Sometimes it can take up to 8 months. Scales from the skin of the child can be removed. They need to be greased with a little oil, but only for children, and no ordinary plant. The latter is not applicable, as the triggers the growth of fungal flora. Several hours later, the crusts gently removed using a soft brush.
  • That could mean severe dandruff for an elderly person? Most often this phenomenon indicates seborrhea (read: seborrhea - the causes and symptoms).

  • What to do if a lot of dandruff on your head? If the head is dandruff, then a visit to the dermatologist should not be delayed. A large number of scales indicates the activity of the process of delamination, and it may be caused by serious diseases and problems in organs. To determine the pathology can only be a specialist. If disease is possible, it is recommended the use of therapeutic shampoos based on selenium sulfide and ketoconazole.
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    Traditional ways of getting rid of dandruff include the use of shampoos that contain in their composition antimycotic component. To choose a suitable tools, you should visit a doctor-trichologist. The fact that dandruff can be a symptom of serious irregularities in the human body.

    Most likely, the patient will be encouraged not only to use shampoos, but correcting the way of life in General (after will exclude other serious pathology). It is necessary to reconsider the diet, increase in the content of foods rich in fiber. In addition, for the period of treatment should abandon effects on the dermis of the head of any aggressive substances, in particular, this applies to the chemical coloring, blow-drying, use a flat iron, Curling iron, etc.

    Anti-dandruff shampoo

    Everyone, without exception, the patient will be assigned to the use of shampoos and lotions with antifungal agents.

    The name of the shampoo



    Ichthyol (shampoo Dermasence)

    • Has not only an antiseptic, and analgesic effect;
    • Relieves inflammation;
    • Normalizes the rate of cell division, produces less formation of scales, thereby eliminating the problem.
    • Contains sulfur, which has exfoliating properties.
    • Improves metabolic processes.
    • Does not contain antifungal component;
    • May develop allergic reactions such as rash and redness of the scalp.
    • Cannot be used in case of hypersensitivity to the ihtiola.

    Clotrimazole (shampoo Cloderm)

    • Stops the growth of fungi and contributes to their destruction;
    • Has a wide range of not only antifungal, but antibacterial activity;
    • Is not absorbed into the bloodstream when applied to inflamed skin.
    • May develop allergic reactions with the skin, rash, itching, peeling, swelling and feelingsburning.

    Bifonazole (shampoo Bifon)

    • Has a high antifungal activity, destroying the cell wall of the fungus, contributing to his death;
    • It is possible to use in infants under medical supervision;
    • Valid for two days after use.
    • May develop adverse reactions – redness and burning of the skin;
    • There is the likelihood of allergic reactions.

    Ketoconazole (included in shampoos, too bad, Parkhotel, Mycosoral and Nizoral)

    • Has an antifungal (fungicidal) activity;
    • Helps stop growth of fungi;
    • Effective against some bacteria (gram positive cocci).
    • Banned for use during breast feeding and during breast-feeding;
    • May develop allergic reactions;
    • The main active ingredient – ketoconazole has a large number of side effects, so it may not be used without medical advice.

    Zinc pyrithione (shampoo friderm Zinc)

    • Has an antifungal effect;
    • Helps to relieve inflammation, eliminate the symptoms of dandruff;
    • Has antibacterial activity;
    • Perhaps the use during pregnancy and lactation;
    • Has no side effects if use of the drug in accordance with the instructions.
    • Prohibited for use in the presence of hypersensitivity to the components included in the composition.

    Such as octopirox (seborin)

    • Has fungicidal effect;
    • Harmless the local application.
    • May develop allergic reactions, in the presence of high sensitivity.

    Ciclopirox (shampoo Sebiprox)

    • Has a high antifungal activity.
    • Forbidden to use before the age of 10 years, during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
    • May develop local reactions in form of itching skin, burning sensation;
    • Prohibited for prolonged use (moresix months).

    Salicylic acid (shampoo Salicylic)

    • Has an antibacterial effect;
    • Has anti-inflammatory effect;
    • Provides a keratolytic agent and an action;
    • Is antiseptic;
    • Inhibits the secretion of the sebaceous glands.
    • It may cause itching and burning sensation;
    • Possible redness of the skin;
    • Possible allergic reactions;
    • Cannot be used in children up to 3 years.

    Extract of Quassia Amara (part of Quasix cream)

    • It has antimicrobial, antifungal properties;
    • Helps to relieve inflammation.
    • May develop allergic reactions;
    • The active substance is of vegetable origin, scope of application of which in medicine is limited.

    Medical tar (shampoo friderm Tar, SABATON, T/Gel)

    • Improves metabolic processes;
    • It has antiseptic properties;
    • Reduces peeling of the epidermis.
    • Not be applied in violation of the integrity of the skin;
    • May develop allergic reactions;
    • May develop contact dermatitis;
    • Forbidden to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    Selenium sulfide (shampoo SULSENA)

    • It blocks cell division of the epidermis;
    • Reduces the production of corneocytes.
    • May develop allergic reactions;
    • It is not excluded, local alopecia, change color of hair;
    • Prohibited for use in exudative dermatitis and injuries to the skin.

    The higher the therapeutic activity are able to show the funds, which include not one but several existing active substances. It tools such as:

    • Keto plus based on the ketoconazole and zinc pyrithione;
    • Alopex-based tar and salicylic acid;
    • Kelual DS ciclopiroxolamine, zinc pyrithione and celanidum;
    • Phytosylic with oils of cypress, frankincense and teatree and salicylic acid;
    • NodeDS with climbazole, zinc pyrithione and salicylic acid.

    Best shampoo for dandruff

    SULSENA paste 2% is a tool for effective elimination of dandruff. Included in its composition of selenium disulfide acts in such a way that not only eliminates visible flakes of epidermis, but eliminate the causes themselves of their active division. Among the positive effects of SULSENA paste:

    • Helps normalize the sebaceous glands, ridding the scalp of excess fat.
    • Has a prophylactic effect and prevents the formation of dandruff.
    • Allows you to get rid of the itching caused by dandruff.
    • Contributes to the revitalization of hair follicles, strengthens hair shaft.
    • Helps stop destructive processes in the area responsible for hair growth.
    • Has an impact on cell renewal of the epidermis.
    • Improves nutrition of hair follicles.
    • Unlike most remedies for getting rid of dandruff, That has a pleasant smell of herbs and does not require subsequent weathering of the hair.
    • During use, the paste head can be washed less often, which is associated with the normalization of the sebaceous glands.
    • During the treatment you can use other cosmetic products for hair, as there is no evidence of incompatibility of That with any substance.
    • Be removed not only visible, but also invisible tiny flakes of exfoliated dermis.
    • The paste can be used as necessary, as it is pH neutral.
    • The tool helps to eliminate toxins being released into the scalp from the external environment, that is an obstacle to their destructive action on the root apparatus of the hair.
    • Has a prolonged effect.

    Regular use of SULSENA paste allows you not only to get rid of dandruff, but also to increase hair growth, ozdorovit the dermis of the head and hair follicles. Recommended use as a preventive.

    Drugs used for normalization of lipolysis

    In order to normalize the process of breakdown of fats into component fatty acids it is possible to useRiboflavin (involved in the process of fat metabolism, normalizes the process of their oxidation and reduction) and Methionine (regulates the synthesis of phospholipids from fats).

    In addition, patients with dandruff can be the recommended restorative treatment. It is important to get rid of immunodeficita, dysbiosis and deficiencies. With this goal vitamin and mineral complexes, Immunostimulants and probiotics.

    Getting rid of dandruff is impossible without correction of lifestyle. It concerns the emotional sphere, General physical condition, and diet. If you are unable to cope with stress, psychoses and neuroses of their own, you should consult a therapist. Perhaps that will be sufficient to receive mild sedatives, for example, Persen.