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Gout treatment folk remedies

Gout is one of the few threat heterogeneous disease. It is quite common in the prevailing majority of older people. Before this disease suffered only for men, today, gout often manifests itself in women.

The clinical picture is largely incorrect insertion the emergence of a kind of salt growths on the bones. Externally, these growths look like acute arthritis. Gout is treated even at home. Patients do not have to go to the hospital to get rid of this problem.

Recipe №2. Common spruce cones will help great to clean the joints. This unopened Bud with seeds pour 1.5 cups of hot boiled water and left overnight. The decoction should be taken 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The procedure should be repeated until complete recovery.

Recipe No. 3. Also recommended for cleaning joints Bay leaf. 5 grams of Bay leaves, pour 1.5 cups of water and boil for at least 5 minutes. The dishes should not cover, because the leaves contain essential oils, which adversely affect the kidney in gout. The resulting broth is removed from the plate, wrapped in a towel and leave for at least 3 hours. After insisting composition should drink during the day.

Recipe No. 4. Boiled rice is also a positive effect on cleansing the joints. 2 tablespoons of rice, flush with water several times, then pour in half-liter jar, pour water and leave overnight. In the morning rinse again and put to boil. After boiling, remove from heat, rinse again and again bring to boil. This procedure is repeated 4 times. When done, the rice is washed for the last time and eaten without salt and butter. After taking this "medicine" you can't eat or drink for four hours. In the evening, repeat the procedure. So should be done within 45 days. Through long-term irrigation of bean starch disappears. And at the repeated boiling formed cells. Due to this the rice does not settle in the stomach and quickly passes into the duodenum. There are already cells work and take away the toxins, thus cleansing the entire body.

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The black radish juice to dissolve the stones and remove salts

The juice of black radish is one of the most powerful juices for the removal of salts from the joints (includingcrushing of kidney stones and other bodies) and strengthen blood vessels.

Applies only freshly squeezed juice of black radish. Start with approx 1 teaspoon an hour after eating (can be diluted with any other juice to your taste). Every time we increase the dosage, brought first to 1 tablespoon of juice to 0.5 cups used at a time. This is in order not to harm your body, at the same time to check for side effects, especially pain in the liver area on the right. If pain occurs, reduce the dosage or even taking a break.

During treatment should abandon acidic and spicy foods. The course of treatment continues as long as the total is not going to drink at least 3 liters of juice of black radish.

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Recipes from Newspapers in folk medicine

  • The roots of the madder red. You need one teaspoon of these roots, pour a glass of boiling water and allow to stand, and better to boil in water bath for 10 minutes. Take the infusion should be morning and evening half a Cup.
  • An external agent. You need to start to mix 3 vials of pharmaceutical tinctures of Valerian with a bottle of eau de Cologne and leave to infuse overnight. Now this mixture needs to at night to lubricate sore spots, that is, the protruding bone, using fleece. Top to attach polyethylene and tie-something warm. After a few days the joint will begin to twist, the skin will turn white, [they may start itching.

  • Saline compress. Pour into the pan 500 grams of iodized salt, a little fill it with water and boil until the water evaporates. When the water will come out whole, you should add 200 grams of medical vaseline or chicken fat, mix everything and make this solution a compress on the night. The solution is better to put on woolen cloth, and secure with a bandage. But, except for external use ointment, we still had to drink a decoction of lime.
  • Fish compresses for gout. You need to take 2 pounds fish trimmings to separate meat from the ridge, the ridge to throw. All meat is divided into 10 parts, to fold the bags and put in the freezer. Before going to bed to thaw one bag. To wear a bag of fish on the leg, from top to wear warm socks. The next morning wash your feet, and fish to throw out or give away the cat. After 10 days the pain will stop.
  • The cold and heat. This method was developed in Japan by doctor who first decided to use for the treatment of joints, heat and cold. You need to prepare in advance 2 of the vessel. In one pourcold water with ice, and the other put the grain of any cereal and fill with boiling water. In the result, the grain needs to steam and stay hot enough, so that the joint can be omitted in them. Now lower the patient's joint first in a bowl of cold water for 3-5 seconds, and then immediately into a container of grains. If aching joints in the hands, knead the grains with your hands, this procedure delivers a lot of pleasure. Thereafter, the hand or other diseased joint need to tie a woolen scarf to warm up the joints. Do so daily for two to three months. Treatment long, but productive.

  • Fat. Buy regular bacon and cut it so that it was possible to put on every finger small pieces of bacon. And now every piece massage into the skin as long as these pieces will be quite small. After this procedure, used pieces of fat should be thrown out. But if you are plagued by constant pain, then put the slices of bacon to the sore spot for the night, securing the bandage. The next morning you get a noticeable improvement. It is also recommended during the week to eat wheat porridge with butter. It will help to get rid of salt in the joints. But after the first week, you can eat porridge.
  • Ointment of butter. You need to bring your unsalted butter and the same amount of alcohol. Oil start heating until the foam appears, after turning off the gas and pour the oil with alcohol. Caution should ignite the alcohol, and when alcohol burns, the ointment is ready. Fold it in a jar and store in the refrigerator. The dishes can use any that is not pity such as an old frying pan. Apply the ointment you need in a warm place near the stove or fireplace, wrap not required. RUB until then, until the pain.
  • Iodine baths. From the growth on the bones, you can also do foot baths in the evenings. 3 liters of water you need to add 9 drops of iodine solution and 3 teaspoons of baking soda. The result will not keep itself waiting long. After 10 nights will be the result.
  • Onion soup. Wash 2-3 onions and pour a liter of water. Cook together with the husk until then, until the onion will not fall apart. Should take a glass of this decoction 3 times a day before meals. Treatment of gout is 10-15 days.

  • Mustard against gout. For the preparation of a slurry of mustard, take 1 tsp of honey, mustard powder and regular baking soda. The components are thoroughly mixed, the resulting mixture is applied tothe affected jointswhich have been pre-steamed. On top of the limb wrap any plastic film and secured by bandages. This unusual poultice should remain on the skin throughout the night. The full course of treatment should be at least two weeks of daily treatments.

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Tips for treating gout

For successful treatment it is extremely important to follow the simple rules of healthy eating. A few recommended to limit the consumption of meat and fish, cauliflower and sorrel, and not to eat spinach. Berries, chocolate, figs, coffee and a very strong green tea should be consumed in small quantities and preferably in the morning. Also, be sure to exclude from your daily diet of beer and wines. Instead, it is recommended to significantly increase the number of drink pure water.

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You can drink fresh juices and not too sweet fruit drinks, as well as alkaline mineral water. With this diet, the patient begins to lose weight, which is beneficial to the treatment of gout.