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Thinning of the blood

Ways to thin the blood

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blood thinning:

Blood, as internal environment of the body, is the connective element that carries information about the state of all organs and tissues, ensuring their coordinated work. If failures occur in this system is evidence of the General distress and approaching disease. First and foremost, they are manifested by thickening of the blood, which is the basis of all further pathological changes. Therefore, it is important to maintain coagulation homeostasis stable.

Juices to thin the blood

Drinking the juice significantly reduces blood viscosity. For these purposes perfectly fit a variety of fruit and vegetable juices. Their positive effect on the clotting is caused by the high content of vitamins and microelements responsible for the balance between coagulation and anticoagulation systems. Besides water, which in a significant number is located in any, even very concentrated juice, to replenish the fluid deficit in the body. Daily consumption of one glass of fruit juice is enough for positive changes in the hemostatic system.

With regard to the specific kinds of juice, they can be very diverse, containing in its composition components of one or more fruits. It is desirable that they were not canned but fresh.

Very well it reduces the clotting of blood on the background of a systematic method of orange, cranberry, lemon, carrot, Apple, peach, pineapple, pomegranate, banana-strawberry, currant and various other types of juice.

Be sure to try a mixture of grapefruit, orange and a little lemon (but can do without the lemon, if you don't like it). This drink is not only thins blood and cleanses the liver and the entire lymphatic system!

We should also mention the exclusive benefits of tomatoes and the pulp. This juice can be drunk in large quantities. In addition to anticoagulant effect, and it is an excellent antioxidant. The same effect is characteristic of fruits and berries, which are the juice: gooseberry, raspberry,BlackBerry.

Important! Only fresh juices have a healing effect on the body! Store-bought juices is only going to harm your health.

Soda to thin the blood

About this tool lately, saying more and more often. Recorded a positive effect of soda practically in the majority of diseases and pathological abnormalities in the body, intoxication, obesity.

Harm. Of course, not worth much to experiment and to be zealous in this regard. All in one voice say about the benefits of alkalization of the body, but it's hard to understand what it involves. After all, the environment should be neutral or slightly alkaline, and it changes in both the acidic and the alkaline side can cause irreparable harm. Therefore, soda as natural remedies for blood thinners to be used, but only under the close supervision of your condition. Sometimes the body does not need the bases and their additional administration does not add health, provoking the development of the syndrome of a ricochet.

Especially often it happens in people with stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer with increased secretion of hydrochloric acid. Just might wear a protective nature, ridding the body of excess lactic acid build-up. The use of soda brings short-term effect relief of the condition, which is why its popular. Thus there is a normal chemical reaction in which the acid and the alkali just cancel each other out with the fall of the pH, without bringing any benefit. In response, begins an even greater extent to produce acid, which only aggravates the underlying disease of the stomach. It must be taken into account before using the soda as the anticoagulant.

Use. But we can not say about the positive aspects, which are fixed at both inner and outer use of soda in solution. One of them is krivorozhye. This is because after absorption of bicarbonate from the stomach and intestines, it focuses directly in the blood, shifting the pH to the alkaline side. In such an environment shaped elements have a tendency to repel each other, which significantly reduces its density and the risk of blood clots in blood vessels.

In order not to hurt the body needs to listen to what he says. So before drinking soda is better to check the pH of the blood. If you find that he seeks toacid side, it is safe to begin the alkalization. Another important point in the appointment of such anticoagulant therapy – the confidence that she needed. Indeed, humans may have a slight acidosis (acidification), but there are problems with the coagulation system in the direction of reducing this ability.

The article in the subject treatment tea soda, which by the way helps with Oncology

If there are no contraindications for alkalinity of the body, krivorozhye the effect of soda can be achieved in two ways:

  1. A daily intake of soda in aqueous solution. This is mixed 1/5-1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water and after mixing thoroughly drunk. It is better if this procedure will be carried out on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening;

  2. Course reception in the background of fasting. The method is rather aggressive and should be used under strict control. The meeting is necessary for 3-5-10 days on the background of relative fasting to make a solution of baking soda 10-12 times per day in the calculation 1/4 tablespoons to 250 ml of water. Independently conduct such procedures not worth it, especially if you have never engaged in medical starvation!

Aspirin to thin the blood

The effect of aspirin to thin the blood proven for a long time. Today, this drug is a means of first aid in case of such dangerous diseases as myocardial of the heart muscle and pulmonary embolism. Every heart patient needs to carry, together with nitroglycerin. So he quickly begins to act, that under emergency after a few minutes can be recorded a positive effect in terms of blood thinning.

The mechanism of action of the drug lies in its antiplatelet abilities. This means that once in the bloodstream, it affects the blood cells, responsible for the launch of clots – platelets. Influence on blood coagulation factors is not fixed. It thrombocytic hemostasis is lightning-fast nature in the case of violation of the integrity of the vascular wall, which is possible with rupture of an atherosclerotic plaque. Thanks to the timely taking aspirin it will be greatly delayed.

How to take aspirin? All depends on the purpose of his appointment. They can be preventive and curative. In the first case is the systematic lifetime or term use of the drug. Better if it will be bedtimeassociated with increased risk of thrombosis in the night. The standard dose is 75-150 milligrams of the substance. Increasing the dose does not cause improvement effect traversiere, but is able to trigger the development of complications. In the case of emergency treatment, indications for taking aspirin it dose the same preventive. But it is permitted to increase up to 300 mg. the Pill needs to be chewed and placed under the tongue for quick absorption.

The harm of aspirinas its use. One of the most striking adverse effects – irritation of the stomach and duodenum. Often, especially if the violation of recommendations on receiving the drug.

This may occur erosion, ulcer, gastroduodenitis, ulcer bleeding. They can cause surgical treatment and even death. Due to the high risk of these complications the drug is banned in many Western countries.

Other side effects are less relevant, as it does not cause serious deviations on the part of the body.

Acetylsalicylic acid

Acetylsalicylic acid - the active ingredient of aspirin. Because of the significant side effects of pure acetylsalicylic acid, leading to stomach irritation, systemic administration of it in pure form is not recommended.

The most popular drugs of this series today:

  1. Cardiomagnyl;

  2. Aspirin-cardio;

  3. Aspirin;

  4. Aspecard.

The special features that are very important to keep taking these drugs include:

  1. Daily intake rates or permanently. Episodic effect brings;

  2. Make the preparations better in the evening;

  3. Before receiving the drug should be eating. It is enough to eat a small piece of bread;

  4. Periodic monitoring of blood coagulation, although it is not regulated by the international protocols.

What water will be able to help better than any medicine? Find out now!

Apple cider vinegar

Many consider this productindispensable for the maintenance of health, systematically using it for. Similarly, we can say that Apple cider vinegar harm the body seriously. Therefore its use can be attributed to relatively safe activities. Fixed a lot of its positive effects on the body, one of which is the decrease in blood viscosity.

The mechanism of this action can be attributed to its slightly acid reaction, caused by natural useful components. Their intake promotes the excretion of toxic acidic compounds are active ingredients of Apple cider vinegar. It helps to eliminate metabolic acidosis in the blood, which contributes to the acquisition of more liquid properties compared to the original level. Naturally, to achieve this effect is a systematic reception of a substance that can replace the daily consumption of pills with the same effect.

Proper intake of Apple cider vinegar must be conducted in the morning hours. This is a very important condition, because at this time the body is most able to reset the oxidized products. The recipe of preparation of an aqueous solution consists of a Cup of warm water and two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar. A single daily reception is sufficient. The course duration is from 2-3 months to a year with 10-15 day intervals every 2 months. The only contraindication are gastroduodenitis, peptic ulcer with increased acidity of the stomach.

Flaxseed oil

Another natural protevorevmaticescoe tool with a variety of other positive effects. Its uniqueness in the rare composition, which represented the majority of polyunsaturated fatty acids (Pufas). They are essential and must come only from the environment. There are not many foods that contain them. Flaxseed oil is one of them. The importance of Pufas in last time is very often discussed by the public, in connection with the creation of a variety of drugs based on them. But to match the effect with natural compounds no chemical.

The positive properties of linseed oil against blood clotting related to the fact that it normalizes lipid metabolism. Thus there is a decrease in the atherogenic properties of blood by inactivating the excess of cholesterol particles and triglycerides. There is a saturation of blood lipids that contribute to maintaining it in the liquid state, reducing the developmentatherosclerosis and blood clots in areas of existing atherosclerotic plaques. As a consequence – reducing the risk of developing a heart attack , and ischemic stroke.

Right flax seed oil should be that way. Better if you drink one tablespoon of oil in the morning on an empty stomach. Failure to do this can be taken after a meal. admission is strictly daily. You can take small breaks between courses. It is important to take into account contraindications, which include cholelithiasis and a penchant for the diarrhea. For people suffering from constipation, the oil will be not only a means to thin the blood, but also a great laxative drug.

Products for blood thinners

The most common foods that reduce the viscosity of blood include ginger, cranberry, garlic and lemon. Slightly weaker effect have seafood, vegetables and fruits, fish, greens.

  • Ginger. Medicinal properties the root of this plant. It is used in food seasoning mostly in powder or raw form. Characterized by a rich chemical composition, in which the most important place in terms of thinning the blood belongs to the natural antioxidants and lipids. For the reception you can prepare tea of half a teaspoon of grated gingerthat is infused in one liter of boiling water. This is the daily dose. It is not necessary to exceed it due to the high activity of ginger, which is contraindicated when taking of the most heartfelt and krovanistaya drugs, severe lesions of the liver and kidneys, the presence of sources of bleeding, increase in temperature, and in hot weather.

  • Cranberry. A great berry with wonderful properties, one of which is the decrease in blood viscosity. Are mainly used the berries of this plant, both in fresh and in dried form. You can take whole fruits, and you can include them in the composition of juices, fruit drinks, infusions. Valid trade teas and fruit drinks that contain only cranberries or its combination with other components. The only contraindication for admission serves as gastritis and peptic ulcer with high acidity due to the high acid content in its composition.

  • Garlic. Applies to products with strong krivorozchskiy properties. Used raw, and as preservatives for foodproducts. Eating one clove of garlic a day has a very good anti-coagulant effect. Contraindicated for use can be gastritis, hemorrhoids, heart disease, pregnancy and breast-feeding.

  • Lemon. One of the few products that has no contraindications. Beneficial effect of fruit lemon. The active is both the flesh and peel. Toxic properties have only bones. Make the lemon can be in any form with honey, tea or plain water.

Herbs for blood thinners

Considering the issues of traversiere not to mention medicinal plants. Similar properties have many of them, but the most active are the white willow and clover.

White willow bark to thin the blood. The anticoagulant effect of this plant due to the presence in its composition of salicin which is a precursor of salicylic acid. As you know this chemical compound has good anti-coagulant abilities. Unlike salicin white willow-chemical analogue is that it practically does not cause violations of the gastrointestinal system, and does not provoke the onset of bleeding. The combination of these properties with excellent anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect allows its use even in pediatric practice.

Method of administration depends on the release form. If it is the pill, the recommended adult dosage is 2-3 tablets (1 at reception). This is sufficient to maintain blood in good condition. In case of purchase of dried bark from her Cup of tea. Side effects are extremely rare.

Clover. Medicinal properties have leaves and flowers of this plant. Along with the healing properties inherent and toxic. So taking this plant needs to be agreed with the doctor. It is better to use the pharmacy forms of plants, as there are many subtleties of its collection and processing, with which compliance is mandatory. It krivorozhye the effect is so strong that in the gathering with some plants it can cause the appearance of menstruation with prolonged amenorrhea.

It is best to prepare an infusion or tea made from chopped parts of dry plants. It is possible tofor two hours, infuse a teaspoon of herbs in a glass of water, then cooled to room temperature. After straining take 0.5 Cup 2 times a day. Tea is brewed 30 grams of flowers or leaves in one liter of water. Contraindications occur with heavy menstruation, chronic hemorrhoids and other diseases with risk of bleeding.