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Pills for vomiting and nausea

Nausea and vomiting accompany the diseases of various organs and systems, as well as such conditions as motion sickness, it is transferred with great difficulty. Nausea – a feeling of discomfort, manifesting itself in unpleasant sensations in the mouth and digestive tract, where they can occur separately or together.

Signs associated with nausea:

  • A feeling of weakness;
  • Increased salivation;
  • Strong perspiration;
  • Dizziness;

  • Deterioration in General health.

Vomiting – ejection through the mouth of gastric contents. This process is always preceded by nausea.

Types of vomiting:

  • Half-digested food;
  • The mucous contents of the stomach;
  • Bile (disease of the gall bladder and pancreas);
  • "Fecal vomiting" in intestinal obstruction.

Complication of vomiting is dehydration, i.e. loss of mineral salts and fluid in organs and tissues.

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Why am I feeling sick and vomiting?

  • The first trimester of pregnancy for many women is marked by the appearance of toxicity, symptoms of which are nausea and vomiting. The cause of the problem lies in the restructuring of the immune system of the expectant mother, the body's reaction to foreign protein.
  • In inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, but also in tumor processes, the breakdown products of tissues, of life viruses and bacteria irritate the vagus nerve, and, as a consequence, nausea and vomiting.
  • Increase in blood pressure in hypertension, vegetovascular crises of the system while increasing the rate of intracranial pressure and disease of the inner ear is also often the cause of nausea and vomiting.

  • Irritation of the meninges and the semicircular tubules for motion sickness nausea and vomiting caused by irritation of the Central nervous system.

Classification of the causes of vomiting:

  • Viral infection – enteroviruses, hepatitis;

  • Bacterial infection – Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Clostridium, Vibrio cholerae, Escherichia coli, Yersinia producing toxins;

  • The influence of the toxins of alcohol, various poisons;
  • Overdose or side effects of drugs (cytostatics, narcotics, cardiac glycosides, Aminophylline);
  • Pregnancy;
  • Pain in the abdomen and thorax (in peritonitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, heart attack);

  • Bowel obstruction, which developed as a result of intussusception, tumors, exposure to foreign bodies, Crohn's disease;
  • Obstruction of target Department of a stomach, arising after cicatricial stenosis, tumors;
  • Of metabolic disorders and pathology of the endocrine system (hyperthyroidism, Addison's disease);
  • Radiation sickness;

  • Pathology of the Central nervous system: infection, irritation of the vestibular system in motion sickness and Meniere's disease.

Pills for motion sickness and nausea

There is a large category of passengers by land, air and water transport, suffering from the so-called "sea sickness". For effective help with motion sickness developed a special group of drugs.

  • Blockers M-cholinergic receptors. For example, Aeron – the drug is opposed by the activity of the vagus nerve, provoking salivation, nausea and vomiting. Part medications include scopolamine and the mixture of camphor salts. Aeron begins its action in 30 minutes after taking, is effective for 12 hours. Side effects: tachycardia, dry mouth, vision problems.

  • Benzodiazepine tranquilizers, the overwhelming sense of fear, nausea, and vomiting:

  • Diazepam;
  • Lorazepam;
  • Seduksen;
  • Prazepam;
  • Relanium;
  • Rudotel.
  • Inhibitors of H1 receptors of histamine:

  • Bonine;
  • Pipolfen;
  • Betagistin;
  • Dimenhydrinate.

Histamine transmits nerve irritation to the centers of the autonomic nervous system from receptors in the inner ear responsible for balance. If these receptors to block the above antiemetic agents, the negative symptoms can be minimized.


The cost from 650 to 800 rubles. The active ingredient promethazine hydrochloride starts to work 20 minutes after application, the effect remains for a period of 6 to 12 hours.

Indications: allergic, sedative effect after surgery, the negative effects of motion sickness.

Contraindications: children under 6 years of age (for oral administration), the neonatal period up to 2 months. (for parenteral administration), simultaneous use of MAO inhibitors, alcohol intoxication or sedative, angle-closure glaucoma, lactation, pregnancy, sleep apnea.

Application: for the prevention and elimination of negative symptoms, 25 mg I/m or in the form of tablets 1 time, you can take an hour to travel the 25 mg once, repeated application is possible after 8-12 hours.

Side effects: palpitations, dryness of mouth, nose, throat, decreased blood pressure, confusion, dizziness, blurred vision, disorientation in space, cholestasis, allergic urticaria, increased sweating, ringing in the ears.


Analogues: Beaver from 140 to 200 RUB, Magista – from 100 to 120 rubles., Betahistin from 30 to 50 rubles., Betaserc – from 500 to 600 rubles., Vestibo – from 200 to 300 rubles, betahistine hydrochloride, Vesical, Danois, Betacenter, Wasserk, Microser.

The action of the drug similar to the effect of histamine, it reduces the pressure in the semicircular canals of the inner ear, improving the blood supply to his maze.

Indications: dysfunction of the labyrinth, Meniere's disease, dizziness, tinnitus, nausea.

Application: 1/2 tablet for 1-2 days before the trip 3 times a day.

Contraindications: childhood and adolescence to 18 years, pregnancy. The drug is taken with caution in peptic ulcer of the stomach and intestines.

Side effects: diarrhea, allergic reactions.


Analogues: Dramina in price from 100 to 150 rubles for 5 and 10 pieces, Ciel, Aviaman.

The drug starts acting after 15 to 30 minutes after intake, effect lasts about 6 hours. Designed to reducevertigo, relief of nausea and vomiting.

Indications: symptoms of disorders of the vestibular system and the labyrinth of the inner ear, Meniere's disease, motion sickness in air and sea transport. Not is used to relieve vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

Contraindications: breastfeeding and expectations of the child, children under one year of age, hypersensitivity to the drug, epilepsy, dermatitis.

Use: children from 1 to 6 years – 1/2-1/4 pieces for the reception, children from 7 to 12 years – 1/2-1 PCs for reception children over 12 and adults: 1-2 PCs for the reception. The tablets take 2-3 pieces a day, before meals, 30 minutes before travel.

Side effects: palpitations, weakness, dizziness, decreased blood pressure and appetite, rash, insomnia, drowsiness, weakness, angioedema, difficulty urinating, anemia.

Homeopathic pills for nausea and vomiting Air-sea

Indications: the drug reduces the negative manifestations of "sea-sickness": nausea and vomiting, dizziness, excessive sweating.

Contraindications: children up to age 6 years, during pregnancy and during lactation should be used with caution after consultation with your doctor.

Application: the first dose one hour before travel, then again every half hour throughout the trip.

Side effects: not available.

Homeopathic tablets, Vertigoheel

Indications: vestibular disorders occurring during a trip in transport.

Contraindications: pregnancy and breast-feeding, child before age 12 years (oral use prohibited up to 4 years), gepatozy different etiology, alcoholism.

Application: the drug is produced in tablets start to take one hour before the trip in 1 piece, then an hour on 1 piece per day no more than 3 pieces, drops – 10 drops in the first hour and then every 15 minutes during the period of poor health.

Pills for nausea during pregnancy

Early morning sickness lasts throughout the first trimester of pregnancy and is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. In some cases, these symptoms bother women throughout the waiting period of the child. Morning sickness mild (nausea and vomiting repeated up to 5 times per day) treated on an outpatient basis, average formtoxicosis (vomiting up to 10 times per day) and severe degree (uncontrollable vomiting more than 20 times per day) are treated only in a hospital. The choice of drugs for nausea and vomiting should be performed only by a physician, since during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy there is a risk of teratogenic effects of drugs – the occurrence of deformities and abnormalities of fetal development.

Safe medications for pregnant women:

  • Bonine (meclozine hydrochloride) exerts its effect an hour after ingestion, the effectiveness of the drug can be felt within days. Dosage from 25 to 50 mg per day. Could be dry mouth, drowsiness, fatigue. Contraindications – children up to age 12 years.

  • Cocolin – homeopathic lozenges cost 180 rubles. per 30 PCs.

  • Allergy– the drug based on the extract of artichoke leaves cost from 400 to 700 rubles., the dosage is 2 tablets dissolved in water should be taken before meals 3 times a day.

  • Splenin – solution for I/m injections, produced from a spleen of cattle used within 10 days once.

  • Sedatives and fees – are made of a mixture of lemon balm, calendula, motherwort, Valerian, Hypericum, peppermint.

Similar symptoms, diagnosed in the late stages of pregnancy, talking about the emergence of late toxicosis (gestosis). Nausea and vomiting in conjunction with high blood pressure is preeclampsia, a life-threatening mother and child. Late toxemia of pregnancy is treated only in the intensive care unit of the gynecological hospital.

Pills for nausea and vomiting associated with gastrointestinal diseases

Unpleasant symptoms that occur during or intestinal toxic infection, it is advisable to treat preparations, concurrently acting on the pathogens of the disease and eliminate toxins in the stomach and intestines.

  • Nitrofurans – Nifuroxazide (Stop Diar, Enterofuril, Ercefuryl), Furazolidone have roughly the same effect. Furazolidone it is recommended to take adult patients, provided that they do not have diseases of the pancreas. The tool helps with vomiting and diarrhea, if taken three times a day 2 tablets. The minimum period of therapy is 5 to 7 days, maximum 10 days. Suspension Nifuroxazide are used in the treatment of children.

  • Antibiotics – Azithromycin (Sumamed) macrolides and Ciprofloxacin of cephalosporin used in the treatment of intestinal infections.

Symptomatic agents fromvomiting, with pathologies of the digestive tract:

  • The bromide prifinia (But-spasm, Riabal);
  • Metoclopramide (Reglan);
  • Known as hyoscyamine butylbromide (Buscopan);
  • Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine, Dedalon);
  • Domperidone (Motilium).

Metoclopramide – Reglan

The drug cost from 30 rubles (Metoclopramide) to 130 rubles for 50 tablets and 250 rubles for 10 vials Cerucal.

This drug belongs to the group of prokinetics – blocker of dopamine receptors. It reduces the peristalsis of the duodenum 12 and the output section of the stomach and reflux of bile from intestine to stomach that prevents vomiting bile. The drug is used in the form of tablets and intramuscular injection

Indications: gastrointestinal inflammatory and infectious diseases, conditions after operations on the organs of the digestive tract, gastroparesis in diabetes mellitus, nausea and vomiting, hiccups of various etiologies.

Contraindications: children under 14 years of age, pregnancy (1 trimester), with 2-3 trimester to be taken with caution, high blood pressure, advanced age, asthma, bleeding of the gastrointestinal tract, and bowel obstruction.

Application: the drug is taken 1/2 tablet for children older than 14 years to 1 tablet adults 30 minutes before meals. Children take pills 2-3 R/day, adults – 3-4 p/day.

Side effects: diarrhea, shaking limbs, elevated blood pressure, dryness of mucous membranes, menstrual irregularities, depression, drowsiness.

Known as hyoscyamine butylbromide – Buscopan

The cost of the 20 tablets of the drug from 250 to 340 rubles, 10 candles – from 300 to 380 rubles.

Drug from the group of blockers M-cholinergic receptors effectively relieves spasms of the digestive tract.

Indications: colic of the kidneys, gallbladder, intestines, treatment of ulcerative lesions of the stomach and intestines, biliary dyskinesia.

Contraindications: children up to age 6 years, myasthenia gravis, megacolon.

Application: tablet 10-20 mg three times a day, candles in accordance with the instructions.

Side effects: anaphylactic shock, palpitations, allergies, urinary retention, dryness of the mouth.

Domperidone – Motilium


  • Motilium in the form of candles – from 330 to 400 rubles, in the form of tablets – from 500 to 600 rubles. per 30 PCs., in the form of a suspension from 450 to 500 rubles.,
  • Passaic – 80 roubles for 10 pieces
  • Domperidone – 70 rubles,
  • Domperidone Teva – 140 RUB.

Indications: dyspepsia with symptoms of vomiting and nausea, heartburn, vomiting of various etiologies, including infections, organic and functional causes.

Contraindications: Ketoconazole, Erythromycin, pituitary tumor, weight less than 35 kg, bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

Application: depending on weight 2 to 4 times a day.

Side effects: diarrhea, cramps, drowsiness, anaphylactic symptoms with respiratory distress, angioedema, rash, pruritus, nervousness.

Tablets vomiting in children

The appointment of children of drugs for nausea conducted exclusively by the pediatrician. Vomiting, almost always accompanies nausea, in children in no time in danger of dehydration.

Parents if you experience sudden vomiting, the child should observe the following sequence of actions:

  • Call the emergency ambulance. It is possible that an attack of vomiting accompanied by severe pathology such as intussusception of the bowel, irritation of the meninges, pyloric stenosis, appendicitis, intestinal infection (in children up to a year), traumatic brain injury, requiring immediate hospitalization.
  • Intestinal infection in children older than one year, occurring in the form of light, accompanied by occasional bouts of vomiting requires a medical examination by a pediatrician, bacterial sowing of feces on the definition of the pathogen. In most cases, children are assigned an antibiotic for a week or Nitrofuran.

  • Is the restoration of lost fluid and mineral salts solutions Gedrovica, Regidrona in combination with 5% glucose at a ratio of 2:1. This solution is watered at least every 5 minutes on a teaspoon. In the first 6 hours the amount of liquid should not be less than 100 ml/kg of body weight. Next you need to wipout the number of solution not less than 100 ml/kg for the remainder of the day.
  • Children older than 6 years are Reglan in pill form, to children under this age have injections of the drug at 1-2 ml/m.
  • Take the suspension of Motylium in an amount of from 0.25 to 0.5 ml/kg body weight 3-4 p/day.

Vomiting due to pathologies of CNS (with increased ICP), cropped Diacarb, intramuscular injections of magnesium sulphate or Dexamethasone. Vomiting "fountain" in infants are likely a sign of pyloric stenosis (congenital defect of the outlet of the stomach) or pilorospazme (narrowing of the hole). Pyloric stenosis is treated surgically, pilorospazme eliminate the introduction ofAtropine or drugs with extract of belladonna.

Cancer patients

Drugs for nausea or dizziness you need to patients with a history of Oncology pathology. These unpleasant symptoms are often manifested as effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

  • Buscopan tablets or in the form of candles – remedy for vomiting;
  • Reglan (Metoclopramide) for oral administration or for injection, long used prokinetic;
  • Trifluoperazine, Haloperidol – have an impact on the vomiting centers by blocking Central dopamine receptors;
  • Amend – antagonist prescriptions neirokinina (price of 1 capsule is – from 1300 to 1600 rubles);
  • Diazepam, Lorazepam – drugs from the group of benzodiazepines simultaneously with the relief of vomiting and nausea eliminate anxiety;
  • Ondansetron, Zofran, Latran, Tropisetron, Domegan, Granisetron, Tropindol, Indentor, Navoban – antagonists of the serotonin receptor in the form of suppositories, solution for injection, tablets to be taken for the blocking of the vomiting center;
  • Navoban, Kitril, Zofran blockers of serotonin receptors are used in pediatric Oncology.

Tropisetron (Navoban)

The cost of 5 ampoules of 5 mg, from 1000 to 1200 rubles.

Indications: nausea and vomiting during anticancer therapy after the surgery.

Contraindications: children under 2 years of age, lactation, pregnancy, individual intolerance of the drug components.

Dosage: in the 1st day administered intravenously 5 mg, children 0.2 mg/kg body weight, from 2 to 6 days the drug is taken orally, washed down with orange juice. The maximum dose for children is 5 mg/day.

Side effects: Allergy, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, pain in the epigastric region.


Analogues of the drug:

  • Latran – 10 tablets cost from 400 to 500 rbl., 5 vials for injection at the price from 400 to 600 rubles.
  • Emetron – 5 vials for injection cost from 1200 to 1500 RUB
  • Zofran – 5 ampoules for injection from 850 to 1000 RUB, 10 tablets from 2300 to 4000 RUB., 1 suppository cost from 850 to 1000 RUB.;
  • Ondansetron – 2 suppository price 250 RUB., 5 vials for injection at the price from 1600 to 300 rubles.

Indications for use: nausea after chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy.

Contraindications: children under 2 years of parenteral and oral, lactation, pregnancy, children rectally.

Dosage: the daily dose for adults is 8-32 mg, the drug is used in different forms (syrup, tablets, suppositories for rectal administration, ampoules for intravenous or/m introduction).Overcoming postoperative nausea or condition vysokopatogennogo after chemotherapy, it is advisable to stop the injection dosage up to 24 mg with a parallel intake of Dexamethasone.

To prevent nausea before a moderate emetogenic chemo - or radiotherapy, are taking syrup or lozenges (8 mg) 1-2 hours before the procedure and the same dose after 12 hours.

Relief of late nausea that occur after hours, dose is 8 mg 2 p/day for 5 days.

Nausea after tablets

Irritation of the vomiting center occurs after the application of cytostatics, drugs, Aminophylline, cardiac glycosides, provoking lesions of the stomach, liver, pancreas.

Medication vomiting caused by pharmaceuticals:

  • In case of poisoning derivatives of Morphine take Reglan;

  • In the use of cytostatics in parallel, taking the blockers of the receptor of serotonin. Tropisetron – 5 ml/day intravenously on the day of administration of the cytostatic drug, followed by oral at the same dosage. Granisetron – 3 mg/day intravenously along with a cytostatic drug, followed by oral at the same dosage. Ondansetron – 8 ml 3 R/day intravenously on the day of administration of the cytostatic drug, followed by oral at the same dosage;
  • In case of overdose of Aminophylline – Thiamin chloride and potassium Chloride intravenously in large doses;
  • Overdose of cardiac glycosides excitement that accompanies vomiting, remove the following drugs: 1% p-p Promedola – 1 ml 2.5% p-p of Chlorpromazine – 2 ml 2.5% p-p Diprazina – 1 ml of 0.25% p-p of Droperidol.

Self-diagnosis and self-treatment of such serious symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, are strictly not allowed, as they may be signs of serious diseases. Only a doctor's consultation and the implementation of its recommendations will help to avoid the consequences of dehydration, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, and various tumors.