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Treatment of angina folk remedies

Treatment angina garlic, honey and lemons

Take five heads (not cloves) of garlic, a litre of honey and ten lemons. All you need to clean, and lemons and squeeze the juice. The juice should be poured into the honey, peeled garlic crush it and put it to the same. Leave the mixture for seven days in a sealed container in a cool and dark place.

Medication to use to every morning on an empty stomach, two tablespoons once a day. Between taking spoonfuls should go 1-2 minutes, with no rush, slowly dissolve the honey in the mouth.

Treatment of angina should continue until until everything is done the tool.

Treatment of angina pectoris lemon

One woman became ill with angina and went to the doctor. He did give her a pill that the woman took long enough, and then could not recover. But it would be okay if she helped these pills, but that didn't happen.

And so her friend advised fairly simple treatment. Angina you just need to eat before your every meal peel from a whole lemon. It will take only one week and you will be surprised how you will become much easier. Also worth a special diet: do not eat anything fried, eat only liquid, for example, soups.

Treatment angina aloe

You got angina pectoris? Then the treatment you are quite simple. You will need al three to five leaves, but the plant should be at least three years. Just squeeze the juice from the leaves. You will need a Bank in which you place the aloe. Also in a jar, add juice of a couple lemons and half a kilo of honey. Close the jar lid. Put a jar in the fridge on the bottom shelf.

To use makeup you need one tablespoon before meals, about one hour. And so should be treated a year, taking breaks for one month. You have about four courses of treatment.

Treatment angina garlic

You will need ten lemons, garlic, honey. You need to squeeze the juice from 10 lemons, minced 5 garlic heads (not cloves!), put in a glass jar. Then in a jar you need to add 1 liter of honey, allmix thoroughly. Infuse the mixture for one week in a cool dark place but do not put the jar in the fridge. She needs to stand for seven days, and don't forget though occasionally to stir contents of the jar.

Method of use: before meals you need to dissolve in the mouth 3-4 teaspoons of this mixture 1-2 times a day. Once the Bank is empty half, it will become much easier.

How to strengthen heart

Cure angina following folk remedy. which consists of two parts. To prepare the first part of take half a kilo may of honey and half a liter of vodka. The mixture is mixed and heated on the stove until smooth.

For the second part take one liter of settled water, it must boil. One teaspoon take motherwort, chamomile, cottonweed swamp, knot-grass, Valerian root. Herbs need to pour water that you have boiled, and let stand for one hour, then drain and add to the first part. The medicine is supposed to stand still during the week.

During the first seven days take one teaspoon, for example, morning and evening. The second seven days, drink one tablespoon, and so on until the end of the course folk treatment of angina. Treated during the year at intervals of ten days. You will be atherosclerosis, hypertension, arrhythmia, angina, and you will feel good.

Treatment of angina hawthorn

Cure angina will help You fairly simple folk remedy treatment – tea from hawthorn.

For this you will need the actual hawthorn. It can be stock up in the summer, to collect, and then dried in a dark place. After this winter without angina provided. Just brew tea: one liter of boiling water you will need four tablespoons of hawthorn. Recommended brewing in the thermos, as it will retain more nutrients.

Simple methods for the treatment of angina

There are many different methods of treatment folk remedies such diseases as angina.There are many different teas that you can help. Here, for example, was such a case that the strokes helped tea from peppermint. In addition to this advantage in this tea there are still many positive sides – for instance, it helps also for heart pain and lung diseases.

To prepare this tea, you will need to take four tablespoons of dry mint one liter of boiling water, after which the composition should insist a couple of hours. You can also add in peppermint tea Valerian root, it will produce a calming effect on the entire body.

To relieve pain in the heart, in the palm drip six drops of fir oil and massage into the heart area. You'll feel better after the first rubbing. To prevent strokes it is recommended each day to RUB 2-3 drops of fir oil. During an attack you can drink the brandy with the sugar, but only twenty grams. This will relieve the pain.

Funds from angina of herbs, tinctures, etc.

Let's define what is angina. With time or under certain external factors do you have a narrowing of blood vessels. These vessels are located close to the heart, that is in the chest area. In this case, patient feels pain in the chest area, the pain is like pressure. This is the disease angina. We must warn you that the pain can be the last feeling in your life. The disease is treated with nitroglycerin, but there are many useful and, importantly, efficient methods of treatment of angina.

For example, angina can be cured by infusion of such herbs and berries as berries of hawthorn and Valerian. Herbs should be mixed together in equal quantities, for example, mix by weight. Also, to make the mixture more effective, it is possible to add the rose hips, it will saturate the beverage with vitamin C.

In order to properly brew the infusion, you need to grind all the ingredients, and then seven tablespoons to put in the jar in which you intend to brew. These seven tablespoons you will need seven cups of boiling water. Then the Bank should wrap and leave alone for one day.

As soon as the tool rises, it should pass through the mesh, thereby ridding it of herbs. To use it is a glass three times a day during meals. The same should follow an appropriate diet, for example, to avoid foods like cakes and drinks like coffee. Useful will be beef liver.

Pharmacy tincture from angina

If you have suffered such a nasty disease like angina or arrhythmia, that can help you with fairly simple tools, which are sold in any drugstore and are quite cheap.

You should buy at the pharmacy tincture of hawthorn, motherwort and Valerian. All these infusions must be mixed together. Usage is simple: eat in the morning before Breakfast three teaspoons of the mixture. After a couple of days you can take an infusion not only morning but also night.

But if you want better treatment, to prepare the tincture you will have. This is simple enough. You will need three jars. In every put of the ingredient, then pour in each can of alcohol – this medical. So, in a dark place these jars should stand within two weeks after each infusion should pass through a mesh to remove the grass. Take the infusion should within thirty days, then ten days need to take a break.