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Treatment of convulsions

Treatment of seizures folk remedies

Treatment of convulsions a decoction of medicinal herbs

To get rid of the cramps you will help the infusion of Adonis. For this ground, the Adonis of boiling water. Take the tool 40 g three times a day. Children under two years let's get 6 drops, up to six years – 15 drops, up to twelve – 20 grams several times a day.

Will be effective the following decoction: to a Cup of boiling water brew birch buds. Drink the entire infusion for 2 days.

Get it from broad-leaved Ragwort.

Method the first. Cover the roots with boiling water. Take up to 40 drops for every day.

The second way. Make an alcohol tincture. To do this, 25 g of roots pour 100 ml of vodka. Take 30 drops daily, repetitive seizures three times a day.

For the treatment of seizures folk healers recommend bloodroot goose. Prepare a decoction Potentilla and take three times a day.

Good help decoction of lime color. 50 g of crushed Linden flowers pour boiling water, insist 20 minutes. Take decoction of lime filtered, 40 g three times a day.

Anticonvulsant action has a decoction of the collection of herbs: walnut, Lily of the valley, mistletoe, common Heather, barberry, fennel, hawthorn, hops, blackberries, thyme, Melilotus officinalis, chamomile, Valerian, oregano, black elderberry.

The muscle relaxation promotes the following decoction. Mix up the fruits of anise, fennel, cumin and mint leaves. Pour a mixture of boiling water, let stand. Take small SIPS, filtered, throughout the day.

Try to treat convulsions wormwood.

Method the first. Pour the crushed seeds of wormwood in olive oil. Let stand 8 hours. Take 2 drops with sugar.

The second way. The roots mugwort pour half a liter of beer or water, a little boil. Take three times a day for 40

Use for the treatment of convulsions a decoction of chamomile. Dry chamomile flowers pour boiling water, boil briefly. Tool take strained one third of a Cup after meals three times a day.

When complaints of cramps will be a useful decoction of prickly Thistle. 20 g of Thistle cover with boiling water. Take three times a day for 20 g.

Sedative and anticonvulsant properties has the common thyme.

Method the first. Pour boiling water 15 g herb thyme. Take 20 g three times a day.

The second way. Prepare alcohol tincture. For this, 10 g of thyme, pour 100 g of vodka.Allow to stand for. Take 15 drops three times a day.

If worried about seizures, are treated with a decoction of poppy. Dry the petals of poppy, grind into a powder. Decoction prepared with milk and honey. Take for weeks. Use poppy petals can also be in the form of tincture on alcohol or vodka.

Honey is considered a medicine against convulsions. Take 30 g of honey before Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The course of treatment – a week.

Treatment leg cramps with ointments

In convulsive contraction of the muscles RUB the sick area chamomile oil.

As an external remedies you can apply mustard oil.

Against cramps of calf muscles is necessary in the morning and before bed to lubricate the soles of the feet of fresh lemon juice. Do not wipe, wait until dry and then wear socks. The course of treatment – up to two weeks.

Prepare the ointment of egg whites with the saffron. For this small amount of saffron, mix with three egg whites. Spread the medicine on the towel and tie to your forehead.

To have seizures, RUB the affected area with cork from wine bottles. Undergo even the most excruciating leg cramps, if bottlecaps strung on a string and tie around the calf below the knee.

Treatment seizures garlic

Try to treat seizures garlic.

Method the first. Chopped garlic fill the bottle a third, fill it with vodka. To insist you need 2 months in a dark place, shaking every day. Take the infusion diluted in a spoonful of cold water, 5 drops three times a day before meals.

The second way. Mash the garlic to a medium size. The resulting slurry was put in a glass jar, pour a glass of unrefined sunflower oil. Steep in the refrigerator for days. Method of use: garlic oil need to drink on a teaspoon together with freshly squeezed lemon juice half an hour before meals three times a day. Make the tool should be no more than three months. After a break of one month course of treatment, repeat again.