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Treatment of folk remedies vaginitis

People's treatment of vaginitis plantain

There are many misconceptions that male disease called "vaginitis"is not able to cause the partners of any problems and health complications. But really everything is different.

Vaginal environment is not sterile on the inside, and if a woman does not hurt, and harmful microorganisms a little. In this case, fungi and bacteria do not develop, but at the slightest disruptions in the body bacteria immediately begin to multiply, and this raises the severe inflammation of the mucous membrane, which is called"vaginitis".

In this disease the patient will feel a burning sensation during urination can be observed swelling, itching, discharge. This happens sometimes due to taking antibiotics or eating disorders, which leads to changes in vaginal flora. The disease can also occur when non-compliance with basic hygiene. If you notice any symptoms, both sexual partners must be examined, to be tested and the detection of disease treatment. If left untreated, women may develop adnexitis, men have prostatitis.

There is also one folk remedy treatment vaginitis on the basis of plantain. Plant helps with women's diseases such as vaginitis, bladder inflammation, vaginitis. To prepare the medication take the same amount of plantain leaves and chamomile blossoms. Two tablespoons of this composition pour boiling water (two cups) and let it brew broth for one hour. This tool is intended for irrigation. Course national treatment of vaginitis should continue until recovery. Here are three more national funds intended for irrigation in the vaginitis.

1) is Very good at helping St. John's wort in the form of douches. To do this for twenty minutes to boil St. John's wort (two-three tablespoons) in two liters of water.

2) You'll need forty grams of oak bark, twenty grams of yarrow, twenty grams of rosemary leaves and sage leaves. All the ingredients necessary to pour three liters of boiling water and simmer on low heat for five minutes under a lid. Then the broth strain. Decoction to spicemania.

3) Hot bath: take one hundred grams of pinetwigs, pour ten gallons of boiling water and boil on low heat for half an hour. Then let it brew broth for one hour.

Treatment of vaginitis herbs

In order to do swabs and irrigation, you'll need thyme, oak bark and chamomile blossoms. Take everything in proportion 3:5:5. This composition, you need to pour one liter of boiling water and allow to steep for twenty minutes.

For irrigation you need fifty grams of leaves of walnut. Pour one liter of water, boil for fifteen minutes, then strain. Printouts according to the composition twice a day. You can also use St. John's wort: take three tablespoons of the herb and boil in two liters of water for twenty minutes, then the broth needs to cool down and it should drain.

You can also use calendula, witch hazel, sage, mallow and nettles.