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Hair treatment at home

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With the problem of hair loss a person can face at any age. Causes of hair loss can be hormonal changes in the body (hair loss in women during menopause or after childbirth), genetic predisposition, endocrine diseases, intoxication of the organism.

Folk remedy for hair loss make them more thick and healthy, even if there is no way to affect the cause of baldness. For this purpose, hot pepper, black cumin oil, onion juice, and other means of stimulating the nutrition of the hair follicle and strengthen the hair structure.

Hair treatment tincture of Cayenne pepper

Hair follicles are not always in phase of activity – some of them are temporarily not used and Wake up later when it stops the activity of the other. Stop their activity can also occur due to mechanical damage in the injury of the scalp due to hormonal disorders and other reasons. To awaken hair follicles and stop hair loss helps tincture of hot pepper.

Red pepper contains capsaicin, which is in contact with the skin stimulates blood circulation in tissues, contributing to the awakening of dormant hair follicles. The impact of the capsicum tincture ranges from a mild warming effect to a strong burning sensation at the site of application. To control it diluting the tincture with the oils and using it in masks.

For long-term application it is advisable to prepare a tincture yourself – so you will get a large amount of money, saving you time and money.

Recipe tincture of hot pepper

Seven small pods of red pepper cut into floor with a width of 0.5-1 cm and load in a glass bowl, add 0.5 liters of forty degrees of alcohol or vodka. All manipulations with the pepper carried out with gloves, because the skin and mucous membranes it can cause a strong burning sensation.

Insist two weeks in a dark place, shaking every three days. The received quantity of tincture will last for a full course of treatment of hair lasts for two to three months.

Recipe of the mask with a burning pepper

Castor oil and capsicum tincture are mixed in the ratio of one to one and before applying to the roots of the hair is slightly warm – it enhances its action. Distribute the mask on the hair roots using cotton swab, roll up a head wrap for the sauna effect and wait 30 minutes. In strong pain sensations, immediately wash off the mask and use it in greater dilution. Pepper tincture can be diluted to 1/10 of the total volume, for application to the entire scalp missing two tablespoons of the finished mixture.

If you use once a week, the tincture of hot pepper helps make the hair thicker and healthy, if you want to prevent hair loss it is used two or three times a week for six weeks. The treatment of alopecia requires daily use for several months.

Effective mask for hair growth on the basis of Cayenne pepper

Mask from mayonnaise treatment hair

You can name several negative factors acting on the hair, which is why they become unhealthy dryness and breakage. The deterioration of the hair may occur after dyeing unprofessional means, too frequent hot air drying, burning in the sun, hypothermia in the cold. To return the health of the hair helps proven folk remedy – mayonnaise mask.

Of course, a rather unusual use for cosmetic purposes by the food product. But those at least slightly versed in cooking, it is no secret that mayonnaise is made from components that contains a lot of useful hair substances. Moreover, the effect of the use of popular sauce as a cosmetic mask can be significantly enhanced with additional ingredients.

Important points when using the mask:

  • The finished mask based on mayonnaise need to distribute on all length of hair.
  • Your hair demand special attention as it is dried, brittle and break off in the first place.
  • To improve the effect of the mayonnaise mask head need to insulate at the time of its operation, covering the hair with plastic or towel.
  • Standard the retention time of the mask on the hair for about 40 minutes.
  • Despite the fact that at the time of the procedure, the hair are insulated, rinse the mask to lukewarm running water. From too hot water, the mayonnaise may curdle and adhere to the hair, which will have to spend extra time combing the mixture.
  • The use of mayonnaise is such a negative effect asthe unpleasant smell. To hide it or completely remove the need, not sparing, to be used for wash-not shampoo and conditioner for hair.
  • Regular use mayonnaise mask is carried out twice a week is the optimal mode of recovery, which gives the strongest effect.

Important! Store-bought mayonnaise is not suitable for making the mask, as it contains food additives: preservatives, flavorings, colorings, stabilizers and other.

Popular mask based on mayonnaise:

  • Mayonnaise mask for dry hair. To prepare the mayonnaise, the essential ingredients such as: olive oil, egg, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and sugar. The yolk separated from the protein and whipped with a mixer or blender. Into it add half a teaspoon of salt and sugar. To this mixture with slow stirring poured 0.5 liters of oil. The sauce is almost ready, only after its solidification should add a teaspoon of organic acid – vinegar or lemon juice. You can also stir in mayonnaise mustard, which further stimulates hair growth.
  • Mayonnaise mask for hair restoration. After aggressive staining, hard water or frequent rich formula of hair can become dull and lifeless. To restore Shine, strength and elasticity, use a mask with mayonnaise and juice of fresh aloe (you can use crushed fresh stems). For additional power add to the mix a teaspoon of honey.
  • Mayonnaise mask for hair loss. Mix mayonnaise (1 tbsp) olive or other vegetable oil (1 tbsp), 1 egg yolk, honey (teaspoon). Mix thoroughly. Add a clove crushed into a paste of garlic, distribute the mixture on the scalp and left overnight under thermocompact. In the morning wash off using a shampoo and conditioning remedy.

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Treatment hair decoction of nettle

Nettle is often included in cosmetics for hair can be used in pure form or as a decoction to make them Shine, prevent breakage and strengthen growth. Vitamins and minerals contained in the nettles, easy to digest and stimulate the hair follicles.

Useful components in the leaves of nettle:

  • Vitamin K – improves microcirculation in the scalp, strengthens the capillaries, contributing to the nutrition of hair causing them to become morestrong and shiny and growing faster;
  • Vitamin B – takes part in metabolic processes of skin tissues, stimulates the hair follicles, preventing hair loss;
  • Vitamin C – its content nettle ahead of such Champions of the plant world as the lemon and currant. It is necessary for the synthesis of collagen and structural proteins, in the presence of this vitamin hair grow thicker and resilient, be resistant to mechanical damage;
  • Beta-carotene stimulates the regeneration of the scalp after damage by restoring the activity of hair follicles after the injury;
  • Tannins have anti-inflammatory effect, soothing the scalp and normalize the secretion of sebum, preventing oily hair and dandruff; the scales smooth keratin, causing the hair better reflects light and becomes shiny;
  • Bioflavonoids, organic acids and essential oils of nettle leaves have a complex effect on the scalp and hair, enhance metabolism and prevent the dying of hair follicles.

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A decoction of nettle leaves

Hair treatment should start with making a decoction of nettles, which you can use the leaves fresh or dried herbs that can be purchased at the pharmacy. Most useful nettle flowering period from may to June, its leaves accumulate a large number of biologically active substances, micro - and macroelements. Freshly dried plant within ten days, after which it is possible to do a decoction.

A decoction of the nettle hair is rinsed three or four times a week, after every wash. After a course of opolaskivanie nettle, which is a month, make a break for a week, and then to consolidate the result, it is possible to repeat it.

The decoction is prepared as follows:

  • The fresh nettle leaves collected in dry weather, separated from stem and washed, pour hot water of 70-80 degrees, and insist hour in a warm place. After straining the broth, you can use when opolaskivanija to clean hair, rinse it with water is not necessary.
  • Chopped nettle leaves pour boiling water three tablespoons of dried plant to 0.5 liters of water, then boil in water bath for twenty minutes. Insist for one hour and filtered through cheesecloth or a tea strainer. This broth can be diluted with warm water, if the hair after rinse bad comb, use a decoction in a larger dilution or pre-applyair conditioning.

The benefits of nettle for hair

Black seed oil hair loss

Black cumin is rich in biologically active substances, phytohormones, phytosterols and bioflavonoids, vitamins and minerals necessary for nourishment of hair follicles and amino acids for the synthesis of new proteins. Healing properties of black seed oil has found wide application not only in folk medicine but also in cosmetics – it is added to factory-made hair masks and shampoos, this oil enriched cream with antiage components.

The active components of black seed oil is not only effectively treat hair loss any stage, but also protect your hair from falling out, helping to strengthen them since the hair follicles and to the tips.

Home application of black seed oil gives you noticeable results after the first two weeks of treatment of the hair, but use it for more than six consecutive weeks is not recommended. This is a potent agent can cause the accumulation of hormone-like substances in the body. For this reason, black cumin oil is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation. In other cases (except individual intolerance, allergic reactions) cumin oil can be used not only topically in masks, but also take internally a teaspoon per day.

Attention! When using black seed oil in the composition a hair mask or oil mixture for external use, its share should not be more than 20% of the total.

Efficacy of black seed oil:

  • Strengthens the hair structure, making them more dense and elastic to the touch;
  • Protects the hair from mechanical damage, preventing their damage in the process of laying;
  • Is an effective natural UV filter, protects hair from exposure to sunlight;
  • Nourishes hair follicles with minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, bringing them into a phase of activity;
  • Neutralizes the damaging effects of the chemical components of cosmetics for hair.

Hair mask with black cumin oil:

  • Mask with coconut oil. At the first stage on the roots of the hair mask is applied to pepper in a more comfortable breeding. After 10 minutes, the hair is washed with warm water and put the melted coconut oil with oil of caraway, stand 30 minutes and wash off.
  • the Mask for strengthening hair growth. Olive oil (100 ml) and caraway oil (1 tablespoon) mixed and heated for a few minutes in a water bath, add onion seeds. Spread evenly on hair roots and can withstand 30 minutes under a warming cap, then wash off with warm water.
  • Mask against dandruff. Half a Cup of yogurt is heated, add a tablespoon of black seed oil and some essential oil of tea tree. The resulting mixture is applied to the hair roots and leave for half an hour for exposure, wash off with shampoo.

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Onion juice is an effective remedy for hair!

Despite all the inconveniences of the use of onions for the treatment of hair, the chief of which is its haunting aroma, trichologists agree that this is one of the most effective means of combating baldness. Moreover, the onion flavor is an indicator of the presence of sulfur compounds is an important component of its effectiveness.

Sulfur is an essential trace mineral involved in many processes of the biochemistry of the body, and onions, contain it in an easily digestible form and in record numbers. Sulfur is necessary for collagen synthesis providing firmness and youthfulness of the skin, also plays a role in the synthesis of proteins that make up nails and hair. Therefore, the appearance of such features as peeling and dryness of the skin, its withering and loss of skin tone, brittle nails, dandruff and hair loss – include in the diet foods that contain sulfur, and primarily onions.

External use of onion for hair treatment is recommended because its juice is rich in natural keratins are proteins involved in the structure of the hair. The destruction of the keratin layer of the hair becomes very vulnerable to mechanical impacts and, eventually, begins to split or even breaks off. The chronic course of the process so you can lose a third of the volume of hair, but when you consider that they can break off at the roots, the situation is quite sad. To prevent this and to restore the keratin layer of the hair helps the onion juice that is applied on the hair roots.

Hair treatment onion at home effective for people regardless of the etymology of baldness – the hereditary, hormonal, age, etc. But depending on the severity of hair damage and condition of the body may require a long course of treatment – from three months.

Recommendations for hair treatment onion:

  • You should notoverdo the onion on the skin, so as not to burn – rinse the mask after 30 minutes or earlier if she gives pain;
  • Frayed bow leaves a stronger and more delicious flavor than onion juice, so it is best to filter;
  • Treatment hair masks with onion is two to three months. A one-time process will leave only an unpleasant smell, which for a long time does not erode and does not show the effectiveness of funds;
  • The onion scent from the hair will grow when they are wet in the rain or from sweat, even if on dry hair it is absolutely not noticeable. This should be considered in the treatment process, if you are worried about the reaction of others.

Recipes medicinal hair masks based on onion:

  • Wrap head with a hot moist towel to prepare the scalp for treatment with mask for ten minutes before its application. Peel a medium onion and chop it in the blender. Onion juice strain through cheesecloth and apply to the roots of the hair with fingers or brush. After half an hour wash off of the water.
  • To strengthen the effect of onion mask, you can use pepper tincture. To do this, add in the filtered onion juice dropper full of tincture of hot pepper, it can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepare a red pepper yourself. This mask stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and improves the nutrition of the follicles, causing the hair starts to grow better, become more strong and healthy.
  • Mask with onion and garlic – chop a medium onion with grinder or blender, add a couple cloves of garlic, mashed to a pulp. The resulting mixture apply on hair roots and leave for 30 minutes. Phytoncides of garlic successfully remove the fungus that causes dandruff healthy scalp. Garlic helps treat seborrhea and baldness, onions stimulates the nutrition of the follicles.

How to get rid of the smell?

A persistent characteristic aroma is the main drawback in the treatment of hair and scalp onion. Unfortunately, to solve this problem completely is impossible, so you should be prepared for the fact that when wet the hair will have an onion smell for a few months.

To mitigate this effect and is more likely to get rid of the aroma will help the following recommendations:

  • After you wash off the mask with onion, apply it on your scalp diluted white or blue clay for cosmetic use. Clay has strong absorbent properties and pulls all the smells. After 10-15 minutes rinse with warm water.
  • Rinse hair with Apple cider vinegar not only facilitates combing and makes the surfaceeach hair more shiny, smoothing her scales, but also reduces the resistance of the onion smell.
  • Aromatic oils when added to the mask with onions help to soften its flavor or even drown it out. For this purpose, well suited rosemary, citrus, nutmeg, cinnamon or lavender.

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