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Treatment of pneumonia

Treatment of pneumonia with folk remedies

Treatment of pneumonia should be under the supervision of a physician, in most cases, the patient requires hospitalization, especially in acute disease. Folk recipes for the treatment of inflammation of the lungs can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine, some of them will benefit patients suffering from a chronic form of the disease, during remission.

The treatment of pneumonia balms and mixtures

Recipe 1. This folk remedy is effective in pneumonia, bronchitis and even tuberculosis. For making balm you will need three tablespoons of elecampane and one tablespoon St. John's wort. Grass pour 500 ml of boiling water and leave for 30 minutes on low heat, ready broth cool and strain. While preparing the drug from the herbs, you can do honey. Two glasses of lime honey mixed with a glass of warmed olive oil. Thick honey must be previously melted in a water bath to a liquid consistency. To the strained decoction prepared from herbs immediately pour the mixture of honey with oil, the composition is stirred and allowed to stand for two weeks, putting the drug in the refrigerator. Before applying the medicine must shake, and drink a balm to one teaspoon five times a day, 30 minutes before a meal. The course of treatment is 15 days.

Recipe 2. This balm is based on a mixture of expensive wine and honey, taken in 500 ml and 350 g accordingly, also for this recipe you will need leaves of aloe 250 g. Plant before Stripping off the leaves is recommended not to water for two weeks before chopping the leaves, wipe the dust, but do not wash. Finely chopped raw material is placed in a glass dish and pour wine and honey, then mix. The drug is insist two weeks in a cool place, then filtered and squeeze raw materials. Balm take one tablespoon three times a day. The drug strengthens the lungs in various diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Recipe 3. For the treatment of pneumonia is recommended to drink a mixture, which includes 300 g domestic pork fat, and six large green apples. Apples with the skin crushed and mixed with chopped lard, the composition is heated on a small fire. It is important notlet the mixture burn. 12 egg yolks rubbed with a glass of sugar and mixed with 300 g grated chocolate. Put through a sieve mixture of apples and bacon mixed with eggs and chocolate, then cool it. The finished composition is used in the form of paste, spreading on bread. Sandwiches recommended to drink warm milk, preferably goat. This treatment will help to quickly restore health.

Treatment of pneumonia with apples, onions and oats

Black elderberry. Four large umbrella flowers plants pour 500 ml of vodka and insist for two weeks at room temperature. Take one tablespoon 30 minutes before eating three times a day, drinking for one course, half of the volume of the finished product. If necessary, repeat in a month.

Inhalation with onions. This popular recipe for treatment of pneumonia can be successfully used in cough, sore throat or bronchitis. Bandage piece with a length of 10-15 cm is rubbed with onion and put in a special container for conducting inhalation, it can be purchased at the pharmacy. Inhaling essential oil to 6-7 times a day, placing each procedure in 8-10 minutes.

Oats. One tablespoon of kernels of oats boiled for hours in a liter of milk on low heat, making sure milk does not burn. You can put the oats in a thermos, pour boiling milk and let stand for one hour. Tool filter and drink during the day, storing in the refrigerator.