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Acne treatment folk remedies

The popular treatment of acne

If your child was born acne vulgaris, in summer, let him drink an infusion of nettle. It is crushed, pour cold water and insist 6-8 hours, or just overnight.

And for outdoor use good help is the popular treatment of acne on the face. Wash well the horseradish root, grate it on a grater and then put the grated horseradish into the bottle so that it filled a third of the bottle. Then pour to the top with wine vinegar and let stand for ten days. Then the contents of the tank, strain, and pour into a jar of dark glass.

Moisten blackhead boiled water, and then wipe their infusion. Ten minutes later, rinse first with warm water and then cold. This recipe is for the treatment of acne on the face, I was advised one well-known cosmetologist.

Treatment of acne on the face celandine

If you are sixteen years old, the main problem in your appearance is acne. Every newly emerging pimple is not haunted, and becomes a real problem. But there is a very good, proven even by our grandmothers, a folk remedy for the treatment of acne.

You need to take four tablespoons herb celandine, previously you have to grind, and pour six cups of water. Then it all boil for five minutes. Put infuse for eight hours, then strain.

The solution which you have got to wipe the seat with inflammation. Also it is good if you're making lotion before bed. In four days you will see the effect.

Acne treatment dandelion

At sixteen my son had to face a lot of acne. We thought a lot how to get rid of acne scarsand decided to try to cure acne folk method, as no medication has helped. And the method is very simple. You need to pick a dandelion that grows in the yard, like a weed, and take the root.

Grind the root of dandelion, and one tablespoon of root to one Cup of hot water. To insist fifteen minutes, drinkone glass before bed.

Fresh crushed root applied to the face, securing with a bandage for ten or fifteen minutes, then wash the skin with water.

Black acne

Black acne is well treated with yarrow. To do two times a week mask and wash every morning with a decoction of dried or fresh flowers: 1 tsp in 1 Cup of boiling water. We need to insist in a thermos for twenty minutes.