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Treatment of injuries of folk remedies

Treatment of injuries with oil, vinegar and water

There is one proven . It is very simple and, most importantly, after using you will not have edema or accumulation of fluid, for example, if you hurt her knee.

To prepare the medication you'll need vegetable oil, boiling water, vinegar. Take one tablespoon and mix.

Soak in this solution a cotton cloth and place on the sore spot. On top lay the cellophane and tie it with a handkerchief. After several such procedures will be bruised.

Warming and bruises ointment bruises

One old grandmother told a folk remedy that cures injuries. When all the houses were still the stove at the time was treated for severe bruises so: stoked the stove with birch wood, after that, it was Golden brown the heat. It scraped on zinetac, laid the sick man beside him on the couch. And thus wound is heated by the heat within the hour. But we need to make sure that there was a burn.

Also put ointment on the sore spot. For preparing ointments, take spruce resin, birch tar, unsalted pork fat – all in the same amount. Put the components in a pot of clay, well, close the lid and cover it with a thick layer of dough. Then put the pot in the oven after it had baked bread. Leave the ointment so to stand during the day. The oven will cool down along with ointment. Then put the ointment on a cloth and apply to the affected area. Every time you do bandage, to warm up the ointment and the bandage dry heat of the oven.

This recipe helps from severe injuries, when there is damaged bone and suppuration occurs.

Ointment for bruises, inflammations and wounds

Folk remedy for all afflictions: wounds, bruises, cuts. Take fresh roots of burdock – seventy-five grams, wash and dry them.

Pour olive or sunflower oil in the amount of two hundred milliliters. Then allow the composition to stand for a day and heat on a slow fire fifteen minutes, but that medicine did not boil. Then strain and put in storage in the refrigerator in a jar of dark glass. Apply the ointment to the affected area immediately after injury, injury.

Other prescription ointments.Take the black soap and chop it, then add ammonia and camphor powder – thirty grams. Pour into this mixture a glass of oil for the lamps that you want to take in the Church, and one glass of white turpentine. Mix everything and this ointment lubricate the bruised place.

Treatment of injuries herbs

Here are a few old folk remedies for the treatment of injuries. Our grandmothers have long known that when injury you need to put this place badyagu or copper coin, then there will be a bruise. Also helps the wormwood. Grind this herb and juice, which she gave, lubricate the affected area.

Fresh leaves of wormwood, which have much grind, are a good tool and sprains of tendons, sprains.

You can also grind to a fine powder of oak bark and add the crushed dried flowers of the Daisy – all in the same amount. One tablespoon of this mixture pour a glass of boiling water and let stand for half an hour. This infusion soak gauze and apply two coats to the affected area.

A simple method of treatment of injuries

When injury you need to take any plant is dark green and RUB it in your hands to get the juice. This juice should be applied to the wound, a bruise, a burn or a cut.

A green pigment called chlorophyll, which is contained in green plants to cure all wounds and bruises. The blood stops and a few seconds will be severe pain, then everything goes.

And pain at the injury takes a good vinegar. Dilute in one liter of water two tablespoons of vinegar, or two teaspoons of the essence. Soak in this solution the cloth and place it on the injury. Do these procedures several times a day and all will be well in a few days.

Tinctures and compresses of pads

Often after an injury or wound on this place a few years formed a tumor of a malignant character. This can be avoided if you use a folk treatment of injuries. For example, good help's a tincture. Take two heads of garlic and RUB it on a grater, then pour six percent Apple cider vinegar in a container made of dark glass with a volume of 0,4–0,5 l. the Dishes should be closed and put in a cool place for a week. Once the tincture is ready,you can RUB it into the sore places for ten minutes twice a day. This tincture can be used for six to eight months after its preparation.

If you hit the eye, then apply to eyelid warm compress of this tincture thirty minutes, about six to eight days. The cloth for the compress should be natural.

Also, if you are injured or hurt, to quickly relieve the pain and prevent the swelling or bruise to make the pain. Can be used for these purposes, dried or fresh grass.

If you hit a nail

When the injury nail need just to make it to the gauze, pre-folded in half. Then dip the finger in ice water and hold him there for about five minutes. Repeat every fifteen minutes for one hour.

Treat with iodine the diseased nail in order to not get infected, and treat the whole finger. From injury the nail may turn black, avoid this impose on injury iodine mesh. Then apply a compression bandage on the injured nail.