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Intestinal cleansing on Malakhov

In order to carry out a colon cleanse on Malakhov, you will need a mug Esmarch rubber pear in the volume not less than 100 milligrams. In order to avoid different complications and troubles, the colon cleansing is best done using a normal urine.

Mug Esmarch (you can use a rubber bottle) pour 1 or 1.5 liters of urine, to carry her to the height of half a meter from the floor.

Before you put the enematip is best to remove the hose tip to smear vaseline or oil. The liquid is not spilled prematurely pinch off the tube if you have a faucet, then close it. The most suitable posture for this procedure is the knee-elbow (the pelvis should be above the shoulders) tube is introduced to a depth of 10 – 15 centimeters. Then release the contraction, or open the tap allowing liquid to flow into the intestine.

Caution Malakhov

In the case where in the intestine are a pathological constriction, or when the bowels are full of fecal stones, the water, acting quickly can result back or to inflate the place of narrowing, it can be a pain. To avoid this, be careful, as the fluid flows, when you feel pain pinch the tube with your fingers. As you feel that liquid has gone on to gradually release the tube. Breathing should be slow and smooth, breathe deeply with your belly, while his bulge on the inhale and retract on the exhale. By following these simple steps, you will avoid many of the complications or troubles when performing this procedure. When your colon is cleaned, then two liters of liquid will be poured into it for 30 – 40 seconds easily and freely.

The nuances of purgation on Malakhov

Once all the liquid is poured, lie on your back and lift your pelvis. If you can, then do stand on the shoulders ("Sarvangasana") or do a pose ("Plough") ie put your legs behind your head. Stay in this position for 30 or 60 seconds.

During exercise, try to involve the stomach. This ensures that the fluid from the descending part of the colon is in the cross. After, slowly, lie back, roll over on your right side. The liquid from the transverse division of the large intestine passes upward in a remote Department and then in the cecum. Using this technique, you can fully flush the entire colon.

Observing these details, which are tested in practice, you will achieve excellent results. Otherwise you will be clean and healthier is only part of Tolstoyintestines, will remain a hotbed of pathology and existing diseases in the caecum.

This image shows exercises that promotes a better irrigation of the colon after infusion of the liquid inside.

and — the usual knee — elbow posture;

b — after it to take a horizontal position;

in — raise the legs up for better passage of liquid in the ascending departments of colon;

g — this position is a lightweight version designed for the elderly.

Frequently asked questions on colon cleanse

What time is best to carry out the procedure and how to keep an enema in yourself? Enema is best done after a natural bowel movement in the morning or evening. Ancient healers recommended to do enemas from sunset until the first twilight, or evening.

What time to keep the liquid to yourself? Quietly lie down on your back or on your left side for 5 – 15 minutes, of course, unless there is a strong urge. After that, climb and walk. As soon as you feel the urge to the toilet, go to the toilet. The advantage Ugrinovich enemas lies in the fact that they keep inside the intestine exactly as much as necessary. Once you start, purgation urinalysi enemas, the urge arise quickly, and strong enough. As bowel cleansing liquid is kept inside longer. So don't worry about it, the body knows when it is necessary to release fluid, all under his control.

What is the amount of liquid needed for the procedure of purification? How frequent and how long is the course? As mentioned earlier, it is best to pour two liters of fluid at a time after the liquid is released, it goes well will repeat the infusion once or twice only after that, pour 1 – 1.5 liters of urine. Why the need for such dosage? This can be explained by the fact that the first 2...4 liters salted or acidulated with lemon juice (Apple cider vinegar) water washed only half of the large intestine, this does not affect its upstream division. After you check the correctness of this position. And only 3 to 4 enema with urine, can completely fill the entire intestine and thereby to heal him. This method gives the most pronounced effect.

Scheme one procedure looks like. For starters, do an enema of two liters of acidified water, see what it outthe case of strong contamination repeat procedure. If it is not heavily soiled, you can do urinovy enema. It can and lie down and walk. After emptying procedure is completed. Subsequent, pull off through the day. And so to repeat 5 to 8 times. On this cycle of cleansing procedures can be completed. A second course of enemas cleansing is best done twice a year, early spring and early autumn (in autumn most biorythmological active)


After follow the above procedure, a week to achieve a better effect can perform a course of purification using evaporated urine. To do a cleansing enema using evaporated urine can be as a separate course.

For cleaning enemas from evaporated urine, you need a rubber one hundred gramma pear. For the first enema will need one hundred grams of evaporated urine a day dose should be increased starting at 50 grams after 100 grams. Gradually increase the dose to 300 ...500 grams at a time. Such enemas should be done two to four, followed by the dose decrease on 50..100 grams until you reach the initial 100 grams.

Also using evaporated urine can do micro-enema 100...150 grams once a week or every two weeks. Repeat the cycle, spending at the same time, as described above. In the case of various complications dosage do not increase and do a few enemas with the same dosage, after starting to reduce. When conducting a repeated course, you will be all right. The main thing to consider is that these enemas are contraindicated for people with overexcited vital principle of "Wind" and pregnant women.