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Intestinal cleansing herbs

Attention! Before using herbs, make sure to read the list of contraindications in our Travnik! Otherwise you risk to get complications

For people who do not have the ability to clean the bowel with enemas, there is a very good opportunity to carry out intestinal cleansing herbs.

Herbs for bowel cleansing

The first day before the start of purification: up to 21 hours to prepare powder from the seeds of these ingredients in equal parts in one teaspoon of: fennel seeds, fennel, coriander, cumin, anise. All seeds grind in a coffee grinder into flour. In case of fennel seeds is not found, then replace it with two doses of fennel ( Foeniculum fennel is more powerful).

Dill, fennel, coriander, cumin, and anise is a plant with pronounced "windy" properties. This means that they add and excite rotational – vibrational energy in the body. It makes the bile more fluid, and it forces the liver and gallbladder to contract stronger, and throw away the bile along with the toxins.

The seeds of these plants have strong anti-bacterial properties and strong effect on pathogenic microorganisms inhabiting the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gallbladder, and the bile.

Take five teaspoons of Senna leaf, and grind in a coffee grinder, 8 teaspoons rhubarb is also grind. Rhubarb can be replaced by buckthorn.

Intestinal cleansing herbs

All the herbs thoroughly, then grind in a coffee grinder, pour into a glass and cover.

In 21 hours, one teaspoon of the powder, dilute in 50 ml of tap water and drink immediately. Drink 50 ml of raw water.

The prepared powder is enough for three people. The remaining powder can be saved and give people suffering from constipation, one teaspoon in the evening.

These herbs treat the stomach, intestines, and without the help of enemas to cleanse the bowel.

Herbs expel harmful colonies of microorganisms that promotes healing of the stomach and intestines. The intestine is cleaned, because aktiviziruyutsya and directed in the right direction of energy, thus increases peristalsis.

The second day of treatment. Although this day is impossible, but I still suggest to eat a little light food, it will give you energy and good mood, and it is so necessary for a successful liver cleanse.

Only strong people can starve. For the rest, a light Breakfast and lunch will not be superfluous, but on the contrary will help to clean the liver. It is tested in practice.

Morning after natural defecation makeenema 1-1,5 liters of water.

Regimen herbs

Then take powder of herbs for a thorough cleansing of the bowel is one teaspoon per 50 ml of raw water on such a scheme: at 8 o'clock, 10.30, 13, 15.30.

At 17 o'clock to drink a warm decoction of grass seed which we cook in the morning. Buckthorn bark – 1 tsp, eucalyptus leaves – 1H. tablespoon chamomile flowers 1 tablespoon Helichrysum 1 tablespoon.

After taking the powder in 8 hours, a mixture of herbs pour 400 ml of boiling water. 5 minutes of boil over low heat, then remove, wrap in a thick towel and leave to stand for up to 17 hours. Then strain and drink (in 17 hours).

The flowers of chamomile, immortelle is a special herb, very good for the liver, support it.

Buckthorn bark – stimulates relaxation, peristalsis.

Eucalyptus leaves, because of its peppermint properties – it thins the bile, opens the bile ducts that accelerates the current of liquids.

To clean the liver, in 18 hours consume 120 -150 ml of warm olive oil with grapefruit juice or lemon juice ( as you want). Then apply a warm but not hot heating pad and lie on your right side or just relax.

Despite the fact that you took the herbs for bowel cleansing, I highly recommend you pre-prepare for the liver flush. This is good to warm it with a heating pad, taking warm baths.

23 hours again to do what he did in 18 hours ie olive oil 120 – 150 ml, juice and warmer. After that, you can go to sleep quietly, the procedures are completed.

Recovery after bowel cleansing and liver

The third day for recovery. Morning after natural bowel movement take a cleansing enema, repeating it 2-3 times every hour. If the chair is a natural, then do a enema after each stool. It is better to cleanse the intestines, reduce toxicity due to re-absorption of bile toxins.

After the first enema to drink 150-200 ml of potato juice ( best raw, pink potatoes) and 30 minutes just to lie. Potato juice is to drink it in the morning for another 6 -7 days. After that, you can drink juice or carrot juice or a mixture of Apple with red beet in the ratio 5:1.

All of these juices good effect on the mucous membranes of the body and a good influence on the liver. In 14 hours I can eat, but for weeks well diet. The menu should consist of: cereals, juices, mashed potatoes, sour milk food, vegetable soups, and vegetable oil. On the first day, recovery, very good to drink herbal tea with honey.

For seven days after cleaningthe liver, the body needs rest. All procedures should stop. Digestion should recover.