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Purification of lymph and blood

The effect of Glauber's salt

For a thorough cleansing of lymph and blood in the morning fasting drink a Cup of solution: one tablespoon of Glauber's salt (sodium sulphate), stir in a Cup of warm or cold water. However, we do not pursue the goal of purgation, and trying to remove your body of accumulated toxins and waste.

The impact of this solution on the toxic lymph and the above waste like the effect of a magnet on nails or metal shavings. Thus, after collecting them, we relieve the body of toxins by purgation.

The scheme of purification of lymph and blood juice

The number of output sewage sometimes up to three, four or more liters, it can lead to dehydration. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to fill the liquid by drinking two liters of fresh citrus juice, diluted it with two liters of water to ensure that the liquid is faster absorbed by the body.

This mixture is prepared as follows: four large or six medium-size fruit grapefruit squeeze the juice, we do the same with three lemons of medium size, add more orange juice in such quantity that the total volume was two liters. Then add two liters of water. The prepared mixture starts to drink 30 minutes after ingestion of a solution of Glauber's salt, then continue to drink every 20-30 minutes until then, until all 4 liters not over.

This whole day should be nothing there, but if the evening hunger becomes unbearable, you can eat some of the fruit of grapefruit, orange or drink the juice of celery. Before bed two litres of warm acidified water to make the enema as a acid to use the juice of one or two lemons. This procedure we remove from the folds of the large and small intestines there may accumulated wastes.

The result of purification of lymph and blood

Like cleansing the lymph it is necessary to conduct three consecutive days. In the end, the organism will be about 12 liters of toxic lymph and replaced with the same amount of alkalizing liquid. On the fourth and the next days it is necessary to take vegetable juices and eat raw vegetables and fruits. In the case of the appearance of weakness during the procedure or after it is not necessary to worry especially - is a temporary phenomenon, as a result, you will gain a fit and health.


This method of cleansing the blood and lymph is strictly contraindicated in patients calculous cholecystitis, in case the inflammatory process in the gall bladder combined with the formation of gall stones. Even calculous cholecystitis is called cholelithiasis, but it however may not be accompanied by inflammatory process.