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Cleansing the blood of folk remedies

Tincture of horse chestnut has saved his father

Five years ago my father became very ill. He got leg. He began to limp. As later turned out there was a blockage of blood vessels of thick blood. He was treated in hospital. After treatment he was discharged, but the limp has not gone. Systematically tortured pain.

In that time my husband became interested in medicinal herbs. Vasily, with whom he was friends, for a long time was engaged in folk medicine. He recommended infusions and decoctions of herbs. At home we did it all ourselves. My dad took a course to cleanse the blood folk remedies, what was my amazement, as the doctor, he felt much better, the pain didn't bother limp stopped. To walk it was like before the illness.

The recipe of this liqueur accessible to everyone. For its production will require the fruits of horse chestnut. The chestnuts are ground in this way - wrapped dry fruits in cheesecloth and crush with a mallet. Next, stack them in a container so they took three-quarters of this capacity. Fill it to the brim with vodka. Tightly close. Leave in a dark place for 21 days to brew. After 21 days, this infusion of strain, take a spoonful with the addition of water – 3 times a day before meals for one month.

To prevent dad once a quarter or once a year uses this tincture of horse chestnut during the month. Feels great.

How to clean the blood and the lymphatic system

In order to get rid of harmful microorganisms in the lymph system and clean the blood from them, you need to grate three garlic cloves, pour one Cup of milk, leave to infuse for 7 minutes, add one tablespoon of buckwheat honey. Take this tincture in the morning on an empty stomach for one week.

In order to thoroughly cleanse the lymph for the second week, apply this folk remedy: 1 tbsp of magnesium sulfate in 1 liter of melt water (in the evening put the pan in the freezer this morning to defrost but not completely). Formed on the pan of ice to throw, pour in the juice from two grapefruit, one lemon, put 5 tablespoons of honey. Throughout the day, this drink should be drunk. In the evening to do an enema, using boiling water. This procedure must be performed once a week until complete healing.

National blood purification

Dr. joy Gardner expressed his point of view that very effectively cleans the blood of such folk remedies, as products of a red color; cherry, cranberry, red grapes, beets, red cabbage. Whenever possible, include them in your menu daily. Also to cleanse the blood is very good to take tincture. There are two very easy recipe.

1) two cups honey, one Cup of crushed fennel seed, two tablespoons ground Valerian root, all this pour two liters of boiling water and insist in a thermos night. After that, strain and drink one tablespoon thirty minutes before meals during the month.

2) grind one teaspoon of nettle, pour a glass of boiling water, cover, to insist 45 minutes, drain. Use one tablespoon for half an hour before morning and evening meals for a whole month. This infusion besides cleansing the blood and restores the disturbed metabolism.

Folk remedy for cleansing the blood and strengthening of bones

For purification of blood and strengthening of bones, especially in old age, effectively this means of traditional medicine. Five tablespoons of chopped pine needles pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes cover and leave to infuse for 20 minutes. In this case the infusion should be crimson.

Take 2-3 SIPS before meals and after meals, in between meals. It is very important this broth to drink during the day. Do it every day for weeks.

Also perfectly cleanses the blood regular consumption of horseradish. For this horseradish root mince to use one teaspoon a day. Also this folk remedy can dry, salt and add to dishes as seasoning.

Drink tea with milk

Here are some ways to clean the blood which contribute to the strengthening of the body and heal from different chronic diseases.

To do this, 1/5 of the Cup filled with milk, and the remaining space to fill with tea brewing. The solution is to drink 2-4 times a day. At the same time until 15.00 add to it a pinch of salt, after 15.00 add two teaspoons of honey. If for six days to drink this tea, some of the blood washed out all the salts. It is considered to be General cleaning, for this reason, in order to remove all eye-catchingslags every day is necessary to do enema.

You can also clean the blood so here's a popular method. In a jar with a wide mouth to mix the juice of 24 lemons and 400 grams of garlic, tie the neck with gauze for 24 days leave to infuse. Use; 0.5 cups of water dissolve one teaspoon of the mixture to drink before meals. Be sure to shake before using. Thrombophlebitis and during menstruation, this remedy is contraindicated.

Vegetable broth cleanses the blood

Prepare one potato, one carrot, one parsley root and one root of celery of equal size. Potatoes are well rinsed, but not cleaned, carrots, parsley and celery peel and grate on a coarse grater.

To nicipality 0.5 liters of water, put the grated vegetables. Leave to boil for another 10 minutes. Then remove from heat and add one tablespoon of flax seed pre-ground in a coffee grinder, one tablespoon of bran. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes, then strain. Take once in the morning.