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The purification of the blood leeches

History of leech therapy

Most people like only to hear about the leeches frown in disgust. From childhood leech associated with Duremar from the tale of Pinocchio, the Association is often quite negative. And a very good reason. Thanks to the leeches can cure if not all, from so many diseases and problems. Even lose weight, the trouble with the skin and shape will also help to get rid of the leech.

Treatment with leeches – or also called the leech therapy or bailoterapia (from the Latin "girudo"and the Greek"bdel" - leech) comes to us from ancient times. This method of healing entirely undeservedly forgotten, now finds its second birth. The founder of this method – Nikander of Colophon (200 – 130gg.BC) the authors of the first books on the treatment was Hippocrates, Galen, Avicenna.

In those days treatment for any disease begins with the setting of leeches. In Russia in the 18th century, is annually used by approximately 30 million. Leeches were used not only for the treatment of various diseases, but also for cosmetic purposes. In Russian history there is a known fact, before the ball lady of the Royal blood, put leeches behind the ears, in order to their cheeks glowed with a natural blush, and tirelessly to dance the night away.

The therapeutic effect of hirudotherapy

The beneficial effect of cleansing the blood by leeches is formed from several factors: reflex, mechanical and biological.

A reflex action of leech therapy: leech bites through the skin in biologically active points (acupuncture point). A similar effect can be obtained with acupuncture. The principle of operation is manifested in the discharge of regional blood flow. Biological effects provided by the leech saliva, which contains a lot of biologically active substances.

Hirudin slows down blood clotting, not only in the site of the bite, and throughout the circulatory system. This reduces thrombus formation and blood viscosity, increases the current in the entire body, with the lymph flow also increases, it exerts its effects on metabolism and burning fat. In addition, leeches also affect hormonal processes, forcing the endocrine system to work and correcting her "flaws", and this is particularly important in elementary obesity.

Leeches have, taste, smell and touch, most of these senses are developed at the anterior end of their body, there are many sensitive spots. Hungry leeches react very quickly to blood. If capacity with hungry leeches to pour a little blood, they will startthe front end to move quickly and look for a place where to stick. And leeches, used in medicine, feel even the smell of the skin of those creatures, whose blood they drink. Again, in a container of leeches, if you throw two tubes, one of them held in the hands or under the arm, people can see how they will attach it to the cork.

But leeches don't like strong-smelling substances and are trying to escape from them by flight. For this reason, before a session of hirudotherapy is not advised to use perfumes, deodorants or other scented substances. Before leech to put in the right place the doctor rubs it with alcohol and then wash it, otherwise the leech does not attach itself to the right place, and crawls.

Diet in the treatment of leeches

Since leeches begins cleaning the blood during the treatment very strongly suggest you follow the detox diet, rich in vitamins and trace elements, eliminate heavy, hard to digest foods, smoked meats, canned food, it's good to limit consumption of sugar, sweets and flour.

Thus the need to drink as much as possible, in particular plain drinking water because hirudotherapy strengthens water metabolism in the body. Very good to drink tea from the leaves of nettle, as it helps to purify and refresh the blood.

Hirudotherapy is very well struggling with excess weight and cellulite especially when combined with different cosmetic procedures aimed at the correction (hardware cosmetology, mesotherapy).

It is impossible to put leeches after a heavy meal, in a crowded bowel. Very well when the session girudoterapii emptied the bowel, and before the course of purification of blood thorough colon cleanse.