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Blood purification in the home

Tibetan method of purification of the lymph

Tibetan doctors advise cleansing the lymph using such a method. For this we need to prepare 150-200ml of freshly squeezed juice of carrot or Apple with beet, in the ratio of 4:1, to drink them before meals every day.

Along with this, to use alcohol tincture of celandine strictly on such a scheme.

Before Breakfast – 1 drop,

Before lunch – 2 drops,

Before dinner – 3 drops and so on until the amount of drops will not reach 15 drops. Then you must begin to reduce to 1 drop.

In order to prepare this tincture it is necessary to take the herb celandine, grind and squeeze the juice, strain it through a thick layer of gauze and for every 450 mg add 70 ml of rubbing alcohol. This infusion stored in the refrigerator.

Besides cleansing the lymph, this procedure is very good for the body in hypertension, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, psoriasis, hemorrhoids, low back pain.

Blood purification in the home

Generally, skin disease is consequences of contamination of toxins the blood, therefore the blood should be cleaned.

In order to carry out blood purification in the home, very well taken three times a day for 2 grams of ginger powder. In addition, you must have dried a little bit, not ripened black mulberry jam from the berries of the black elderberry, with food to eat, more garlic.

Perfectly purifies the blood barberry, red currant, dogwood, black chokeberry and sorrel, so they also need to include in your menu.

Tibetan recipe for purification of the whole vascular system

A wonderful product which deals with the cleansing of blood and lymph, and in the home, absolutely safe, familiar to all – garlic. The garlic is doing very well in cleansing the blood and the cardiovascular system. This recipe I recommend all the distinguished donor. Apparently, she has problems with the blood condition, and condition of the vessels. As thick blood promotes deposition of cholesterol plaques.

Recipe: Clean 350 grams of garlic, puree them, pour 200ml of alcohol. All this is poured into a bottle made of dark glass tightly closed, wrapped in dark paper, insist 10 days at room temperature. Thenthe resulting mass squeeze through cheesecloth. The resulting thick, sticky juice leave to stand still for two days. Take drop by drop, stirring with boiled cooled milk.

Regimen: first Day: Breakfast one drop of alcohol dripping garlic in 50 ml of milk, lunch, 2 drops, 3 drops dinner. Second day: Breakfast – 4 drops, according to this principle, increase with each drop until you reach 15 drops. The tool is always taken 30 minutes before a meal.

Then start to move in the opposite direction until you return to the original dose ie one drop. Then continue to take 25 drops for the same 50 grams of milk. Until the mixture is finished.

Such a course can be repeated after 5 years. Of course you can before, but it is generally believed that thanks to this course, the vessels remain clean for 5 years. By 5 years of extended youth and health.

Cleansing of the lymph through the juices with honey

Take: 2 kg of beet (borshchova), 2 kg carrots, 2 kg of pomegranate, cranberry 2kg, 2kg of lemons, honey (to taste). Of each component separately, squeeze the juice, then to mix them. The beet juice to cook for 3 to 4 hours to mix, close with a tight lid, put in refrigerator for 3-4 hours. Honey should not be heated. The finished mixture is stored in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed container. Drink 50 ml of the mixture, thus diluting it with warm water on an empty stomach for 10 days, then 5 days break.

This course of cleansing the blood for 15 days, and perform it until then, until the mixture is finished. To clean the lymph recommended 2 times a year, fall and spring.